117 Terrible Car Mods That Show What Stupidity On Wheels Really Looks Like

You can tell a lot about a person not only by their shoes but also by their car. After all, there are so many choices — some people prefer used ones, others opt for shiny autos rolled straight out of the dealership. But there’s a whole other category of enthusiasts who want their ride to stand out so much, they choose to do the most bizarre improvements money could buy.

And there’s an online group on Reddit dedicated to calling them out. Members of this community are on a mission to share pictures of terrible car modifications that show what stupidity on wheels really looks like. While we can agree that taste is subjective, some of these rides would have been better off the road.

From real pieces of junk to vehicles stuck in the plot of the first The Fast and the Furious movie, we wrapped up some ridiculous pictures from this subreddit for you to enjoy. So take a look below, upvote the ones that surprised you most and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

#1 It Looks Like Wall-E's Grandfather

Image credits: LordStigness

#2 Sliiiiiiiiide To The Left Take It Back Now Y'all

Image credits: ShoeLayce17

#3 Airbag Mod

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 Headlights Before Electricity Was Discovered

Image credits: jornadaa

#5 How Long Till They Go Flat?

Image credits: primter

#6 If I Crash Into It, Do I Get Invincibility And Super Speed?

Image credits: xjustinkase

#7 Found On Craigslist. This One Kinda Rules, Actually

Image credits: shrampo

#8 Sorry, I Can't Go Out With You Tomorrow. I Have To Mow My Van

Image credits: RedBanana99

#9 This Just Popped Up On The Fb Marketplace

Image credits: SxE_Harry

#10 Literally Why

Image credits: _peglegjeg_

#11 Let Me Introduce You To The Fordfordfordfordford F150f150f150f150

Image credits: Omaha419

#12 Leather Seats

Image credits: ServerZero

#13 What. Is. This

Image credits: CrazyGamerHD1213

#14 Gotta Love Grandma

Image credits: onewheeler2

#15 I Bet It Comes In Handy

Image credits: aiden66

#16 Lightning Mcmeth

Image credits: Aschynt

#17 Throwback To The Old Top Gear Days

Image credits: DandelionGaming

#18 Who You Callin Pinhead

Image credits: cheftmfrosty

#19 This Fake Rusted Mercedes

Image credits: lnvaderZim

#20 Basketball Taillight

Image credits: c0decat

#21 Today Was My Last Day At Work And This Is What Greeted Me In The Car Park. I Work In Automotive Engineering

Image credits: Chili-Rush

#22 I Don't Think You Can Get Any Lower....

Image credits: acemccrank

#23 I Have A Hard Time Calling This S**tty Because It's Done So Well

Image credits: natteulven

#24 The Car We All Drew In Kindergarten

Image credits: K0EN1G5EGG

#25 Overcompensating Much?

Image credits: G1prime

#26 If It's Stupid But Works, It Ain't Stupid

Image credits: RiCriostoir

#27 This Absolute Monstrosity I Saw At The Hospital

Image credits: ChiKrew

#28 This May Be The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Seen

Image credits: Ehvin21

#29 I Think We Can All Agree That Stance Builds Like These Are Incredibly Stupid

Image credits: drifkingg

#30 Looks Like A Cat In Heat

Image credits: DrugBanana

#31 Does This Belong Here?

Image credits: DesPaSooTi

#32 That Poor Door Hinge

Image credits: kidvange

#33 My County Is A Treasure Trove Of Sh**ty Car Mods And Of Course I Honked

Image credits: fuqurmouf

#34 Idk, I Think It’s Kinda Genius

Image credits: timwang6

#35 We Have A Winner

Image credits: SickZX6R

#36 GF Thinks My Car Belongs Here

Image credits: theitguy52

#37 I Would Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Want It

Image credits: Kconic

#38 If You Thought The Outside Was Bad

Image credits: FatFreddysCoat

#39 This Window Tint

Image credits: jaycinade

#40 Backseat Drivers Wet Dream

Image credits: Snowjoggs

#41 That’s Pretty Accurate

Image credits: LorenzoHD

#42 Just Let That Sink In

Image credits: Blackhat-420

#43 Silent Killer Mkii

Image credits: sickofyoursh*thun

#44 Russian Body Shop Put 13 Inch Lada Rims On This Hummer, And I Want To Gauge My Eyes Out

Image credits: VD3NFS1216

#45 Don’t Try This Caviler She’s Fast

Image credits: ImZillaKami

#46 If You Gonna Do, Do It Properly

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 The Ferrari Enzo Is Such A Stunning Creation

Image credits: K0EN1G5EGG

#48 How Is This Even Legal?

Image credits: GiddieOutMyWay

#49 San Francisco Studio Apartment, Only $3k Per Month!

Image credits: shefoundnow

#50 I Work At Uhaul And A Customer Tried To Rent A 6x12 Trailer With This

Image credits: lsfan01

#51 The Garbage You See In Memphis

Image credits: salhbanat

#52 Would Make Oil Changes A Breeze

Image credits: Lactose_D_Intolerant

#53 My Cousin’s Boyfriend’s Car. Everything’s Drilled, Glued, And Painted With Normal Room Paint

Image credits: OnlyForJordanReacts

#54 Regardless Of Politics, Why Ruin A Car Like This

Image credits: TheMaybeN00b

#55 Oh God

Image credits: stk58

#56 Lets Get This Bread

Image credits: Tp_potato

#57 You Have Mail

Image credits: Jon9715

#58 Damn Bro, Talk About A Crush

Image credits: killrbot3000

#59 A Whole Gas Station Of S***ty Car Mods

Image credits: WienerSchnitzel01

#60 Great News

Image credits: me_grimmlock

#61 I Live In My Car And When Sleeping I Did Know Whether To Suffer The Bugs Or Heat, So I Made A Magnetic Detachable Screen For My Window

Image credits: irishboy22697

#62 Jesus Lives

Image credits: spicymax123

#63 Police Crack Down On Slab Rims

Image credits: Asm-Vicros

#64 Family Roadtrip Lamborghini?

Image credits: amersadventures

#65 Ik There’s No Winning On This Subreddit, But I Think I Just Won

Image credits: SJeffyXC

#66 Had To Double Take This One

Image credits: boredrooster

#67 Just One More LED Bar

Image credits: conrick

#68 Honesty Is The First Step To Recovery

Image credits: ddh85

#69 This Guy Knows What’s Up

Image credits: do00d

#70 My Retinas! They Buuuuurn!

Image credits: luxulterior

#71 Are You Supposed To Put Cannon Balls In These?

Image credits: craigchandler0398

#72 “Tesla Cedartruck”

Image credits: fooknprawn

#73 Whatever The F This Is

Image credits: ZappBrannigansLaw

#74 So My New Neighbors Moved In.... I Can Tell Were Not Gonna Be Friends

Image credits: Gimgack

#75 Neighbor Is Painting His Red Car Red In The Snow. Some Masking But Not On The Wheels/Tires, Plus The Windows Are Open. It's Forecast To Rain All Day Tomorrow

Image credits: haulincolin

#76 I Thought I Was Having A Stroke

Image credits: i_keep_on_trying

#77 Since People Are Threatening To Post My Cars Here, Again, I'll Do It Myself

Image credits: De_Vermis_Mysteriis

#78 I Bet This Things Has Never Been Offroad

Image credits: K0EN1G5EGG

#79 Modified My Washer Fluid To Squirt Juice Into My Mouth While Driving

Image credits: herrodumpring

#80 Baja Miata. Honestly, I Love It, But It Might Be At Home Here Too

Image credits: sniperpenis69

#81 Seems Legit

Image credits: lil-rex

#82 Pretty Much Just Sums Up This Sub

Image credits: ThickAirBalloons

#83 Yes Officer, I Got Her Registered As A Boat

Image credits: Lactose_D_Intolerant

#84 Looks Like A Balloon Animal

Image credits: PitViperGT86

#85 Clearly The Work Of A Stable Genius

Image credits: cuzzintruck

#86 Oh Man Did I Score Today, Looped Around The Block To Get These Bad Boys. Even Got Busted By The Owner Taking Pics

Image credits: coreyyoder

#87 Legend Has It He’s Still Adding Exhaust Tips To This Day

Image credits: Jeezusyeezus

#88 Most Stuff Is Meh, But Doing This To Your Taillights Is One Of The S**ttiest Mods Possible

Image credits: mogto

#89 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present To You, Mesa Arizona

Image credits: yvngdvhlia

#90 This Is A Pontiac Aztek

Image credits: Meat_Samuri

#91 Someone Skipped Too Many Leg Days

Image credits: AstRayNine

#92 Very Expensive Heater

Image credits: ThePrancingHorse94

#93 Stay Vigilant In These Tough Times

Image credits: skillful_donkey

#94 I'm Not Sure How I Feel About This One

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 Sweet New Spoiler

Image credits: xWree

#96 He Wants You To Ask About His Mud Flaps

Image credits: GloryStays

#97 Yes Those Are Budweiser St. Louis Cardinals Beer Can Cut Outs Jb Welded To A Muffler To Pass State Inspections. No It Did Not Pass. Yes It Made My Day

Image credits: klumsy-jedi

#98 My Dad Bought Someone’s Mazda Mx-5 (2003 Model) And The Previous Owner Had This As The Gearstick

Image credits: ST-Parks

#99 My 89 Vette. Rebodied With Parts From 9 Other Cars

Image credits: Scifieartist909

#100 Did... Did You Cut Up Your Kid's Pool For Fender-Flares?

Image credits: marsmedia

#101 I’ll See Your S**tty Supreme Mercedes And Raise You A S**tty Supreme Tesla

Image credits: GoofyHighNga

#102 This Is My Best Friends Boyfriends Car, Should She Dump Him?

Image credits: homeohope

#103 Now What Is This

Image credits: ThorinMK

#104 What?... My Engine Blew Again? Why? /S

Image credits: LeGawdMod

#105 “I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy”

Image credits: MyFeelingsAreHurt1

#106 You Drive A Japanese Car, We Get It

Image credits: RCRZ

#107 Yeah Bro, My Car's Stick

Image credits: RCRZ

#108 There’s More Dumb Crap But This Is My Favorite Part

Image credits: jvaughn24

#109 Got A Switch And Made A Realization When I Got Home

Image credits: Sleepy_Venusaur

#110 This Viper Didn't Deserve This. No Viper Deserves This

Image credits: Faerco

#111 Lamborghini Sesto Excremento

Image credits: dokaxi

#112 In Someone’s Mind, This Is Cool

Image credits: NotUniqueUsernameee

#113 A Car Detail Person In Our Discord Just Got This Car In

Image credits: ZBoyz2

#114 Dude You Left Your Gas Cap Open... Oh Wait

Image credits: rktscntst

#115 The Mustang Equivalent Of Putting Fake M Badges

Image credits: coolcookiez

#116 So Lit Fam, This Is Supreme Car Mod

Image credits: reddit.com

#117 If You Say So

Image credits: 3PercentMoreInfinite

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