75 Of The Best History Memes For Anyone Wanting To Learn More About Our Past (New Pics)

It’s no secret that humor helps us learn and remember things better—if you’re laughing and having fun, chances are that a fact will stick that much harder in your mind. And we find that one of the best formats for this is creating memes. If you’ve ever thought that history was a dull subject, you might just change your mind at the end of this article.

The r/HistoryMemes subreddit is a sprawling online community of millions of history lovers who create, share, and comment on a very wide range of memes about the past. We’ve collected some of the freshest pics to pique your interest, Pandas, so scroll down, enjoy, and we hope you’re taking notes because this will be on the test.

#1 Read A Fricking Book For Once!

Image credits: ABAokay32

#2 Everybody Needs Somebody

Image credits: RocketBoost

#3 How About Another 4 Years Of Delays?

Image credits: Key_Dealer_1762

The sub has been flourishing for more than a decade. Ever since it was founded all the way back in September 2012, it has grown by leaps and bounds. At the time of writing, the group was home to over 7.5 million members (or ‘History Experts’ as the community dubs them).

Members of r/HistoryMemes are encouraged to share memes about historical events, famous historical figures, and trends that were established at least twenty years ago. Moreover, the memes can be related to history class or “the application of the subject of History in real life.” The memes can also be tied to mythology or religious texts, or be ‘meta’ memes about the subreddit itself.

#4 Leave, We Don't Want You Anymore, Go Starve On The Desert

Image credits: EnzoRaffa16

#5 Some Names Were More Creative Than Others

Image credits: Hextor26

#6 Why??

Image credits: luanalovesyouu

The team running the entire community has outlined its extended rules in great detail. It’s probably best to give those a read (right over here) if you’re new to the community and want to start things off on the right foot.

For instance, some memes and formats are actually banned on r/HistoryMemes. This is done for the sake of maintaining a high level of quality. Some topics that are prohibited include British Museum memes, as well as images related to France supposedly surrendering all the time. These topics have been milked to death.

#7 Fly Pig Fly!

Image credits: TheCryptokenKeeper

#8 Ah Yes, The Ww1, The War To End All Wars!

Image credits: TheNiceWriter

#9 Supposedly, When John Hetherington Invented The Top Hat And Wore It In Public For The First Time, It Caused People To Faint From Shock And A Riot Broke Out. It’s Debatable Whether Or Not This Actually Happened, But I Want To Believe

Image credits: Goodbye-Nasty

Some other banned meme topics include US oil, nuclear bombs in Japan, Nazi scientists in NASA, and Hitler’s links to art school. Meanwhile, among some of the prohibited formats are Political Compass memes and fake caption-style posts where someone posts with a title that includes the name of an event, its date, and the word ‘colorized’ for comedic effect.

#10 Til The Tower In The 1990's Went Beyond The Limit Of 5.4° Of Lean Which Should've Had It Fall Over And Noone Knows Why It Didn't

Image credits: urmovesareweak

#11 The Struggles Of Anyone Doing Ancient History

Image credits: ActafianSeriactas

#12 Canadian History Be Like

Image credits: Upbeat-Fox7091

Other banned formats include ‘Those who don’t know/Those who know’ memes, as well as Boys vs Girls memes. The mods also ask the community not to start meme wars or incite drama on the subreddit. Moreover, the images and titles that people post can’t be low-quality. In short, internet users ought to put in some effort in what they share.

#13 The Most Fantasized People In History

Image credits: Wonderful-Plum4032

#14 Washington Washingdogs

Image credits: AnosmicDairy169

#15 Battle Of Dentists' Tooths

Image credits: Khantlerpartesar

And (though it’s common sense) redditors are urged not to deny or defend genocides and atrocities. Anyone going against this rule will instantly be banned, permanently. “Hateful historical revisionists are not welcome,” the mods explain. You’ll also get banned if you compare atrocities to one another. 

Again, this is all common sense stuff on what not to do, but if the rule’s there, it means that there are folks who consistently do the opposite.

#16 Worlds Oldest Complaint

Image credits: happymoron32

#17 Poor Germany

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Can’t Say It Wasn’t A Good Smart Decision

Image credits: HawaiianPerson

According to one thesis written by a senior student at Yale University, humor really does help us remember facts better. If factual information is paired with an especially funny joke (compared to a non-humorous one), individuals recall the fact better. However, what also helps is if the joke is relevant and somehow tied to the fact itself.

#19 Henry Avery Did Not Have The Most Satisfying Ending To His Plotline

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#20 Actually Fuming At All The History Books I Could Have Read Smh

Image credits: dasShambles

#21 Groundbreaking Stuff

Image credits: jamiedadawg

Meanwhile, Edutopia notes that humor activates the dopamine reward system in our brains which helps with “goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory.” Humor, when used correctly, can help students retain information better, whether they’re still in kindergarten or already in college.

#22 Fortunately, We Have Archeology, But It Will Never Be The Same

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#23 Your Religion Needs At Least One Flood Myth To Be Cool

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#24 The Monk Refused The Cleric's Offer Of Medicinal Herbs

Image credits: nepali_fanboy

Generally speaking, the average person won’t have the time and energy to check whether every tiny little piece of information that they come across on the internet is factually correct. So it’s best to be a bit skeptical of everything and to consider the source where the info came from.

“When looking at ‘mindblowing’ facts on the internet a healthy sense of skepticism is essential—as is looking at the source. Is this being claimed by Twitter user @fakefacts420 or a Professor of History at the University of Oxford? Are you reading this on a university website or an email your nan has forwarded you?" one moderator from another but related subreddit, r/AskHistorians, told Bored Panda earlier.

#25 Giga Chad Sam

Image credits: Jan_Mantania

#26 Mediteranean Banter

Image credits: edgewolf666-6

#27 What A Wonderful Time To Be Alive!

Image credits: mehmed2theconqueror

In other words, try to get your information from reliable sources and individuals. Now, this doesn’t mean that they won’t any mistakes ever (everyone’s human after all), but it would be naive to think that all sources are ‘equal.’ What you can do, if you’re particularly bamboozled by a fact or meme, is cross-reference the information from a few reliable sources. You can also check out some sites (e.g. Snopes) that debunk myths and fake news. 

According to the mod from r/AskHistorians, some time periods have an unusually large number of conspiracy theories associated with them. "There are probably dozens of potential conspiracies surrounding Sumerian agriculture, but that topic isn’t in the public eye in the same way that something like the Second World War or the Roman Empire is," they said.

Unfortunately, some individuals aim to “exploit past events to push a political point in the present day" by weaponizing history in a sense. 

#28 I Present You, Horse

Image credits: JaredTimmerman

#29 No, I Don't Believe You!

Image credits: Be_Good_To_Others

#30 China: Suffering From Success

Image credits: AdvanceAccording3149

Let us know in the comments which of these memes you vibed with the most, dear Pandas. Were there any that made you want to learn more about a time period or historical event? Feel free to share your insights and findings.

In the meantime, for some more r/HIstoryMemes goodness, take a peek at Bored Panda's earlier posts here and here.

#31 I Guess You Could Say It Was A Job To Die For

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#32 Tents Could Be Very Expensive And Most Peasants Which The Army Consisted Off Could Never Afford One, Only Noblemen, Kings Or Rich Knights Could

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#33 Ancient Civilizations Had Very Specific Hang UPS

Image credits: DrKillBilly

#34 The Race Was Held At 3:00pm On A Sweltering 32-Degree Celsius Day, And Took The Runners Over Dusty, Unpaved Roads. James Sullivan, The Chief Organiser Of The St Louis Olympics, Was Interested In 'Purposeful Dehydration' — An Ill-Advised Area Of Scientific Research At The Turn Of The Century — And Ensured There Was Only One Water Station On The Entire Course. Fourteen Kilometres From The Finish Line, American Runner Thomas Hicks Was In Agony. He Was Fading Fast From The Dust And Heat, And Tried To Lie Down On The Road. Hicks' Trainers, Who Also Believed That Water Diminished An Athlete's Performance, Gave Him Small Sips Of A Toxic Cocktail Which Included Strychnine (Rat Poison) To Stimulate His Nervous System. High On Rat Poison Which Was Mixed With An Egg White And Brandy, The 28-Year-Old Staggered Along For The Rest Of The Course While Hallucinating

Image credits: historyinmemes

#35 Udreeeea… My Dudes

Image credits: CardLeft

#36 Had Me At 360 No Scope

Image credits: historyinmemes

#37 Being Sent Overseas Was Often A Death Sentence

Image credits: wafflelegion

#38 I Just Hope The Man She Replaced Ended Up Working As *her* Maid

Image credits: office_cinderella

#39 Dod Funding Is The Best Kind Of Funding

Image credits: usefulrustychain

#40 The Last Guillotine Execution In France Was In 1977 And One Month Later Star Wars Was Released

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#41 This Came To Me At 2.30 Am

Image credits: Momalkav

#42 Fine, I’ll Do It Myself

Image credits: SYZYGYMD

#43 Real Duels Were Pretty Rare And Most Of The Time Problems Was Resolved In Alternative Ways

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#44 She Wasn't That Bad But She Could Also Have Been Better

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#45 Now The Bad Thing Would Be If You Were A Christian And The Secret Trap Door Opened

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#46 They Were Blamed For Everything From Economic Hardship To War And Plague

Image credits: ShattertheEmpyrean

#47 Insane To Think Charles Darwin And Steve Irwin Both Owned The Same Turtoise

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#48 I Mean, Yeah, It Is Possible That The Car Park Was Where The King Was Buried

Image credits: nickonreddit123

#49 The Soviets Did Not Fuck Around

Image credits: premeddit

#50 *change Team*

Image credits: Excellent_Fuel3124

#51 God Speaks To Me

Image credits: itoldyallabour

#52 Canada

Image credits: TurbulentWave51

#53 Adams Is Critically Underrated

Image credits: _Boodstain_

#54 Hey Drake, Where’s Jesus?

Image credits: BisonicLemur

#55 Have We Men Changed In 110 Years?

Image credits: ShinyHappyAardvark

#56 My Guy Tyr Was The Biggest Chad In Norse Mythology

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#57 Let's Be Honest, We Aren't Playing On The Same Level

Image credits: mehmed2theconqueror

#58 Just Don't Fall Into A Body Of Water Or Get Stuck In Mud And You'll Be Fine

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#59 This Is Why I Failed Chemistry

Image credits: robartino

#60 Elizabeth Bathory And Vlad III The Impaler Were True Monsters Of Their Days

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#61 Learn The Difference!

Image credits: mehmed2theconqueror

#62 There, I Fixed It

Image credits: DoomySlayer

#63 Same Thing For The Court Dwarfs

Image credits: mehmed2theconqueror

#64 Go Ahead Just Place It On The Scale

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#65 Sic Semper Tyrannis Is More A Rule Than A Saying

Image credits: Accomplished_Leg1079

#66 Poor Minotaur Has Got It Rough

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#67 I Mean It’s A Fucking Leaf

Image credits: PeDestrianHD

#68 It's A Stupid Argument

Image credits: Key_Dealer_1762

#69 “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, This Will Hurt Someone”

Image credits: Sk-yline1

#70 Downside Of Being A Brutal Killing Machine

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#71 10-Day War Be Like

Image credits: LukaMaki

#72 Visited Enough

Image credits: Twelve-Majestic-Lies

#73 Enter The Punic Wars

Image credits: ReflectionSingle6681

#74 Can't Have Myths Without A Storm God Fighting A Dragon

Image credits: Haryn1910

#75 Thought Some People On This Sub Needed A Clarification

Image credits: mehmed2theconqueror

#76 They Just Happened To Be Really Good At Colonising

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