32 Photos Of In-Person Learning That Teachers Wish Everyone Could See

American society is having an important debate over schools. Parents, kids, teachers, and government officials are trying to decide when to open, how to open, and if they should open at all.

These talks were only intensified when a suburban Atlanta county opened its schools amid controversy and a growing case count, giving a preview of how difficult the school season could be. A week later, nearly 1,200 students and staff members in the district were ordered to quarantine. On Tuesday, one high school closed its doors until at least August 31. A second followed on Wednesday.

In the midst of it all, teachers all over the country started posting photos of what in-person learning looks like from their point of view, asking everyone to consider their perspective as well. I think we can all agree that it's only fair, right? Continue scrolling to check them out.


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No playing. Masks all day. Six feet apart at all times.

School seems like a frightening place, when you read about all the safety measures kids will have to adhere to this year.

Thankfully, there are educators, like Jennifer Birch Pierson, a Kindergarten teacher from Texas, who are making lemonade from some very sour lemons and making their classrooms as welcoming and comforting as possible for our littlest learners.

Check out how she set up her classroom desks to look like a bunch of trucks on the road. She even makes the required desk shields look like windshields.

Those students who enter her classroom may have a tough time, but clearly they are in the hands of a caring teacher, and that's something all parents can be grateful for.

Thank you to the teachers, who, like Ms. Pierson, are doing all they can and more to make our kids feel safe and happy.

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My art classroom this year looks a lot different

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My very depressing music classroom for up to 10 kids with Additional Support Needs.....Yes, a music room....and still expected to teach music.

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My “classroom”—teaching third grade in the chapel this year. Lucky to at least be able to distance the kids. Weird time to be an educator.

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