35 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today, I am turning 35! I’m feeling excited and grateful for another trip around the sun. For all of you who are nervous about entering your thirties, it’s truly been the best years of my life. For this milestone-ish birthday, I thought it might be fun to share some random facts about me. I personally love being nosey and reading about other people, so hopefully this is fun to read.


  1. I was born in Louisiana. I only lived there for 3 short months before moving to Orange County, California. I loved growing up in California and we still have family there today. I try to visit 2-3 times a year.
  2. I have 2 brothers. 33 and 22. I am the oldest. One lives here and one is in Lubbock at Texas Tech.
  3. I was a teacher for 6 years. I taught kindergarten for a year and first for 5 years. I actually loved teaching, but after talking to my teacher friends, I don’t think I would ever go back. Bless you teachers out there! Seriously, you are incredible.
  4. I think we are done having kids. I always thought I wanted 3, so did Austin. We both come from large families and it’s something I really thought would be in the cards for us. But truly, we both feel very content with our family of 4. There are many factors for this decision, both physical and mental. I had a lot of complications with Charlie’s pregnancy and delivery. It was a big source of anxiety and stress for me and Austin and I don’t know if I have it in me to do that again. I also know we are in a tough age right now, and I would never wish for that to go any faster than it already is, but the thought of adding another baby just seems really wild. I already struggle with balance (I think every mom does to a point) and I can’t imagine being able give everyone the attention they need and deserve if we were to have another. On the other hand, if God puts this desire in my heart over the next few years, I won’t dismiss it.
  5. I recorded a CD. I love to sing. When I was 16 and living in California, I recorded a CD at the same studio as Linkin Park (they were really popular at that time and I thought I was so cool). I actually have no idea where that CD is now….probably for the best.
  6. Went to college at Harding University and studied Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I got my Masters degree in Literacy. I really wanted to be a Reading Specialist, but when it was time for me to graduate, the recession hit and they cancelled the Teacher Job Fair in North Texas and cut back several Reading Specialist positions in the area I was wanting to teach.  I interviewed like CRAZY and finally got a job offer *the day of meet the teacher* (teachers, you know how crazy that is). It was very stressful, but thankfully my mom and new team helped me get everything ready.
  7. I met Austin my senior year of college. So, technically we “knew” of each other before, but I didn’t talk to him until my computer crashed during midterms. He was known as the “computer guy” and everyone told me he could fix anything. We were just friends for a few months, but I secretly had the biggest crush on him. I played it cool because I just finished reading this dating book that all my friends told me to read (“Why Men Love B*tches”) and refused to be “too available”. I hate relationship games, but this book worked. It was literally passed around my sorority weekly. Anyways, we dated for almost 2 years, got engaged and married 9 months later.
  8. I loved college. I wasn’t very confident in high school (is anyone?) and Idk what happened, but when I left for college I just felt like a new woman. I was confident, outgoing, and made an amazing group of friends. I was in a sorority (or social club is what Harding called it) and took on a few different leadership roles including VP during my senior year. I was passionate about teaching and took my school work seriously, but always had something going on the side with fashion and beauty. I dated around, but nothing serious other than the engagement (skip to #31). Me and my girl friends loved to go dancing on the weekend and just do typical girls night things. We watched The Bachelor religiously and I think we were also really into Grey’s Anatomy. I remember I loved to buy nail polish and painted all my friends nails. I would also do makeup and even colored their hair a few times (sorry, Mal). Even though I experienced some of my lowest moments in college, I still had the best time and so thankful for the friendships I made.
  9. Go to drink is a dirty martini or spicy skinny margarita with no agave and tajin on the rim.
  10. I was nervous to be a boy mom, but I absolutely love it. I think it was the fear of the unknown, but in reality, it came very natural to me. My boys are so tender and sweet right now. It’s hard to describe, but I am so fulfilled being a mom of two boys.
  11. If I wasn’t working as a content creator, I would love to own a flower studio or coffee shop. My dream would be to own a place that was a little of both. It would offer amazing coffee and have a little flower stand where you could build your own bouquet. We would have a few small tables for people to work on their laptop and a little bookshelf where I would feature products for sale from local vendors.
  12. I am launching a product this summer. I have been working on this for 2 years and I am over the moon with excitement.  My team and I have been pouring  so much time and effort into this. I can’t WAIT to share it with you. I use it everyday and I am truly obsessed.
  13. I’m a morning person. Austin is not.
  14. Austin and I will be married 10 years next week! 
  15. I prefer pool over beach…but think nice/resort style pool. Sand just gets so messy! I do however, love watching the waves and being near the water.
  16. I’m in the process of getting a breast reduction. I have wanted this since high school and finally in the right stage of life for it. I hide them well and I know how to dress my body, but truly they are quite large (I’m talking FFF/G status), heavy and have caused back and shoulder pain for years. I CAN’T WAIT. My goal is to go as small as possible and get a lift.I am in the process of going to meet with a few different doctors but will share more once I’ve found the right one and we have a plan in place.
  17. I love karaoke. My go to song is Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats”. I have a whole routine. I often try to get Austin to practice songs with me “just in case”. I feel like it’s just smart to have a karaoke song ready to go at all times.
  18. I’ve watched The Office 7 (maybe 8) times all the way through. It’s my favorite show to watch before bed or turn on while I’m cooking. I also love most reality TV (big RHOBH fan), Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries.
  19. Truffle fries are life. Pair with Champagne and we could be the best of friends.
  20. I’m most comfortable in a blazer and jeans. It’s my go-to for anything. I have several blazer outfits on here if you need inspo!
  21. I love to take baths and watch makeup tutorials. Literally my favorite form of self care.
  22. Thin Mints are everything and I can easily eat an entire sleeve in one setting. I feel like that’s not impressive, but its happened on many occasions unfortunately.
  23. Austin is a cyber security engineer. He loves his job and considers himself  to be a “good hacker”. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but he’s honestly incredible at his job. I’m very proud of him. And it doesn’t hurt to have 24/7 tech support.
  24. I have to make lists everyday. I have lists going on sticky notes, note pads, my journal…I should probably try to keep them on one page.
  25. I just got into a work out routine for the first time in my life. I’ve always done something active, but it was very minimal. A class here and there, the bike 1 day a week, but nothing really consistent. I told myself this is the year I get myself healthy, strong and make changes I’ve been wanting for a long time. I realized it was going to take work to see those changes. I met with a trainer in January and we see each other 3 days a week for hour long sessions. I also get in a 30 min walk or bike ride 2 days a week. It’s been 3 months, and this is the best I’ve ever felt.
  26. I have a bad habit of collecting candles (or hoarding as Austin would call it) I blame my mother.
  27. I worked at a beauty salon throughout high school and summers while teaching. It was one of my favorite jobs. I loved learning about new products and being in the beauty industry.
  28. I’m shy and reserved. I don’t love being the center attention and find it hard to come out of my shell when I’m with people I don’t know. It drives me crazy because I wish so badly I was outgoing. But I always leave those situations thinking, “yeahhh, that was not my best work”.
  29. l love Disney. Growing up in California, we went to Disneyland often (we lived 20 mins away) and it was such a special part of my childhood.  I can’t wait to experience that with the boys.
  30. I double pierced my own ears in high school. I just finished watching Parent Trap and I felt confident I could do it myself.  I’m not sure my mom even knows this? But it was with a safety pin and ice. 10/10 don’t recommend.
  31. I called off an engagement in college (well, technically he did) but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course at the time I was devastated, but we are both so much better off and I can’t imagine my life differently. There were several red flags that I ignored. Trust your gut, ladies! And know that marriage doesn’t fix everything. I could write and whole chapter on this. But bottom line, is trust your intuition and don’t dismiss those signs of doubt. And as cheesy as it sounds, IT WILL ALL BE OK and you will be better off.
  32. l secretly love McDonald’s Chicken nuggets and hot mustard. Don’t come for me!
  33. Red Licorice is my favorite candy of all time. We are a Red Vines family and I prefer if they have been “sitting out” for a day before I eat them. Have you lost all respect for me now?
  34. My best friend is Katey Hellman. We’ve known each other for almost 9 years and have been with each other through thick and thin.  I am the godmother to Harry and she is like the sister I never had. Everyone needs a Katey in their life.
  35. I got baby botox for the first time this year. It did not hurt near as bad as I thought and I love the results. I will probably go back this summer for another round.

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