77 People Share What Baby Name Immediately Makes Them Think The Parents Are Stupid

Blame Hollywood A-listers or ingenuine parents willing to go far to make their kids stand out from the crowd, but unique baby names are getting more and more popular. Usually they are driven by a focus on individuality, with naming conventions thrown out of the window.

The result is Alchemy, Tansy, Kobe or Roch. Or Charmayanne and Antwohnette. What about Sincere and Precise? Yes, these are all baby names, for better or sometimes… worse.

So today we take a look at a couple of Reddit threads (this and this) where people share the most annoying baby names they have heard. Some sound somewhat strange, while others, they claim, they cannot stand at all. Let us know what’s your least favorite baby name in the comments!


Before my nephew was born, my sister sent me a text asking if I liked the name "Rylar". I sent her a list of questions to ask herself, and if she answered yes to any of them then Rylar would be a fantastic name for her child. The questions were:

1) Is he destined to be a lion tamer and/or magician?
2) Will he not have a last name, like Seal or Prince?
3) Is he going to have an ominous title like "The Terrible" after his name?
4) Is he a character in an RPG?

She named him Lucas.

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I was told when naming my daughter to say the following sentences out loud:
1) Please stand for the President of the United States, [insert name].
2) Gentlemen, dancing tonight on the main pole here at The Bunny Club, [insert name].

If #2 flows better. .pick another name.

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I understand there are a lot of different ways to spell Kaitlin, but the spellings that are like Ckaetlyin or KVIIIlyn or some c**p.

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Any normal name that is misspelled to make it 'unique'

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There is no such thing as a baby name; the name you give your baby is also going to be their adult professional name. Some parents forget to name their child accordingly.

But to answer your question, I dislike most names that involve some kind of universal virtue. Joy and Hope are acceptable, but Love is pushing it.


Ryvar (pronounced River). I'll never understand unique names that come at the expense of atrocious spelling.

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One of the girls in my daughter kindergarten class is named Quinsy. It’s a disease. There are two Dyxins with the same “unique” spelling and a Chacha, which is what I used to call my vagina growing up.


There was a girl in my class in Montreal named 'Asthma'. I s**t you not. I was 6 years old and that is my earliest memory of being baffled by humans.

Like, why not call your kid f*****g lymphoma? Hell, why not call your kid meningococcal meningitis?


I know someone who is about to name their baby Londyn. Why would you name them a word everybody knows, but not spell it that way? She'll spend her whole life correcting people.

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I worked at a summer camp and this family had 5 kids and 1 on the way but the 3 at my camp were named Integrity, Honesty and Rage. Ironically Rage was the sweet one. But we would always joke about what they would name the next kid. I liked the name Punctual.

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My friend's sister has three children - one girl and two boys. They are called Maisie Moo, Ryder Rae and Brooklyn Blu.

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My cousin has 5 children (all in State Custody) their names are: Akevion, Jazaraye, Dametreon, Chelcee, and Kerionnya

Elizreonna Kay is on the way.

PS: We're white.

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Guys, I was at Disneyland and would hear the most ridiculous children names. These were my favorite:

England and Scotland

Arrow and Quiver

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I met a girl and her name was C’mon. She got pissed when I didn’t pronounce Simone right.


Recently they made it legal in Poland to name your child whatever you want. So people are coming up with these appalling Polish-spelled versions of English names they know from the movies. The "Brajan" and "Dżesika" generation in coming. (That's Brian and Jessica. It's as if an American named their son "Stanni'suave", I guess.)

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I know a couple who named their daughter Khaleesi Danyris (that's how they spell it), but only the wife watches GOT. Guy has no idea.

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Jimothy. Yikes

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Product/brand names like Porsche, Chanel etc.

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The same first letter for all of the sisters and brothers. It's cute when it's two siblings, but if it's three it just seems like a gimmick.

Imagine being the youngest kid, knowing your parents didn't look at you and feel inspired to pick the best name, but were more like "gee, what starts with K that we haven't used up?"


These Hicks named their kid Chevy...and no not like Chevy chase, like the f*****g truck. He was this fat obnoxious 3 year old who would have smudged food and juice all over his face and would cry and smash s**t. nothing like oblivious parents. Shirts all stained and fingers all nasty.

If you can’t tell I really love children


Anything that's difficult to pronounce and/or difficult to spell. It's just cruel to the kid, not to mention everyone that will interact with them throughout their life. You can choose a unique name that everyone can pronounce and spell.


I was assisting a photographer during my son's picture day at his elementary school a couple years ago and there was a girl named Areola. All I could think was "why do the parents of this adorable little girl HATE HER??"

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Jkmnop - pronounced "Noel"


Girl at the gas station was explaining her daughters name to the clerk. She named her daughter "Anesthesia". Spelled exactly like the doctory drug, but pronounced Anastasia like the movie..

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I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee.


A girl applied at my work the other day with the name Precious.... My inner Phoebe thought, "ok I can't call you that."



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Anything that sounds like two normal names f****d and had a developmentally disabled offspring: MacKayleigh (f**k you for the spelling too), Jaxon (die and go to hell), BrennaLee (dafuq), etc.




I was volunteering at a middle school and a kid comes running up to me and says "My name is King" I thought ok but his middle name was Lucifer. I was speaking with King Lucifer.

Also my wife is a teacher and had students named Mi'Queen and Mi"king. What a time to be alive


I s**t you not I know a co-worker that named her daughter Elizabreth. Its just.....sigh.....I don't know man, yes it is a name but ....but....but...but why? Just why?!!!!!!

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Basically anything ending in 'ayden'. Things like Zayden and Rayden.

And not sure if it's real, but Traylor sound hilarious.

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I saw on Facebook one of the girls that went to my High School named her daughter Danyell. That's how she thought it was spelled apparently. I also live in a province where they don't fail kids anymore and you can get to grade 10 without being literate.

Edit: I guess the education system in Canada just sucks overall.

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My ex's sister named her kids Hunter and Fisher. Really?


I know a kid named Arwen-Liv, her brothers name is Kevin-Anakin...


I saw a girl on the news named Kim Wimberly.

Kimberly Wimberly.


I work for Santa taking holiday pictures, one year a mother looked me in the eye and told me her daughter's name was Princess.
She then looked embarrassed and repeated herself, "yes her name is really Princess".

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The parents named her for their favorite wine.

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source: that's my name

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I work at a restaurant and sometimes customers will bring in cakes for after their meal. A few weeks ago this mother gave me her daughters 16th birthday cake with instructions to light the candles and bring it out after the meal. The time comes, and I notice her name is Aslyng, kind of weird and I wasn't sure how to pronounce it. So the birthday party starts singing and her name is pronounced A*S-LING. Poor lil assling.


Xoe: pronounced Zoe.
Sophfia: just stop it with your stupid letter combos.
Neveah: straight to the stripper pole.



What kind of f*****g name is that.


I knew a kid named Da'Blessin

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When some people take random English words to name their children ! I know a nurse named, not kidding, 'Gracefully' and she named her child 'Early born'


"Hey, my name is Bretney."

"Hi, Britney."

"No, no. Not Britney; it is Brett, like the guy's name, then Neigh like the sound a horse makes."

"Ok, where are the towels, Britney?"


Names like “Destiny” or “Star”. No offense to anyone with those names. They just don’t sound like names.


I used to work at a museum. There was a boy there, about ten years old, whose mom wanted him to stop climbing on stuff, so she started yelling at him. Here is his first and MIDDLE name: Cayson Corn.


My friend's sister recently had a daughter and chose to name her Nevik. Reasoning was that the kid's paternal grandfather was named Kevin.

That kid is gonna grow up getting bullied and hating her parents.


So when I was pregnant, I think the hormones were messing up my judgement. I considered the name Saberwolf as a boy's name.

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I once met a woman named Vendetta. I'm pretty sure her parents had no idea what it meant.


The horrible made up names. One of my Facebook friends just named her child TayLaighia.

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Friend of mine named her daughter Knoxleigh. They call her Knock Knock as a nickname. It’s atrocious.

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Anything with a f*****g “y” or “yn” combination or adding an extra “n” that shouldn’t be there.

Just saw on Facebook a Brynnleigh. Braydenn. Londyn. WHY PEOPLE. SPELL IT NORMALLY. YOU’RE NOT UNIQUE FOR CHANGING THE “O” or “I” TO A “Y.”

Idk what it is with f*****g “y”’s just appearing in everyone’s name lately but it’s awful and trashy looking.


My personal pet peeves one is the recent slate of babies named "Khaleesi". Look, I know idiots will always name kids after pop culture stuff, but that isn't even her name! It's a freaking title!


Girl at Wal-Mart. Name tag: Aryan.

Me: Do you know what that means?
Girl: Eye roll.. yes.

She was also fair skinned and blonde hair.

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I know a kid named Echo. It annoys me.


Jaden/Jayden/Jaydon/Jadyn/Jadynn/Jaiden/Jaydyn/Jaidyn/Jaidynn/Jaydynn/Jaedyn/Jaeden/Jaedon/Jaedynn/Jeydan/Jeydon/Jeydyn/Jeydynn/Jadon/Jaedan/Jeiden/Jeidan/Jeydon/Jeidyn/Jeidynn/Jeighden/Jeighdyn/Jeighdon/Jeidon/Jadin/Jaydin/Jaidin/Jaedin/Jeidin/Jaydn/Jadn/Jaidn/Jeidn/Jaedn/J'den/J'dan/J'dyn/J'dynn/J'dynne/Jadynne/Jaydynne/Jaidynne/Jaedynne etc.

I know people under 13 don't realise this name is a recent invention, but it is. It started the much-hated recent trend of making up a name by rhyming it with the old names Aiden and Hayden. If you love to hate that trend, place the blame where it belongs.

Now the names Aiden and Hayden are sneered at as "made-up trendy names" while "Jayden" has defensive 15-year-olds (named Jayden) arguing that it *is so* a traditional name! Eg. this thread


My friend wants to name her soon-to-be son Ryatt. Riot but spelled differently.


I used to work in the sporting goods department of a Wal-Mart. A couple came up, dead of summer, dressed head to toe in full camp.

The names of their children, whom they were screaming at?

Remington, Winchester, and Marlin.


My boyfriend went to a mostly black school and knew a girl named Velveasha. Cheesiest name I have heard.


Met a kid straight up named Skyhawk, I'm pretty sure his parents were hippies


Here in Brazil 9/10 people are naming their kids either Enzo or Valentina. Seriously.. stop

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Saw a young cashier the other day named Taelyr. Felt kind of bad for her.


I wanted to name a boy Tristan after the amusing character in the James Herriott books. My BIL suggested I just name him, "Push-me-down-on-the-ground-and-beat-the-s**t out-of-me."


I know how fake this sounds, but I know a guy named Right Ball

His father's name is Left Ball, and his grandfather's name was Right Ball.

He's not the kind of guy you'd make fun of his name either, kind of a tough motorcycle biker kind guy, really nice if you're his buddy although a little psycho. Pretty sure he'd punch you in the teeth if you'd laugh about it, and seems proud of his name because it's his grandfather's name.


I could actually provide proof, but that'd be really bad on a number of levels.




Brook Lynn.

It sounds stupid. Nobody from New York City is going to think you're cool. It's about as dumb as naming your child Ella Noy.


Pretty much any of them. You're not doing your kid a favor. At least let them get to the job interview before I find out that they're an absolute f*****g idiot. Name your kid a normal name.




My dumbshit cousin named her daughter Annastyn. I assume it’s “Anniston” but I read A-Nasty-N every time.


A couple of high school kids named their baby Sha'. They pronounced it sha-comma-to-the-top. I couldn't make this s**t up on my most creative day.


My teacher's son is named Zzyzx. He was named after a road in California.


George Costanza's favorite name "Seven"


Harley really grinds my gears


Sssst pronounced forest... I s**t you not


Went to my younger brother's school play or whatever. In the program there was a kid with the name Kawaii.


One of my colleagues is named Spike...a name which I have only ever thought of as being a dogs name...


My cousin just named their son Pyro Mykonos. I don't usually hate names but that is just so bad.


Kid in my daughter's preschool class was named Haakon (pronounced Hawken). It always reminded me of the sound made when you have extra phlegm in your throat.



Apparently it's a carpet.


There is a black girl in my sister's class named 'CinnamonPearl.'


A girl I used to work with named her baby Khinzzly.


The Jaylynns and Tydenn and Kamdenns and Erynns and Taylees and Maiylees.
In my experience, parents who choose these names are almost always the kind of white people who mock "black-sounding" names like Lakisha or Deshaun


A co-workers cousin named her son Chaos and her daughter Hawk. Worst f*****g names ever.


I watched a maury episode where they had a girl named "inasense" or some nonsense like that....which is another way to write "innocence" supposedly.


My name's spelled Aeryn, put pronounced Erin. It basically just means my parents are sci-fi nerds. I'm named after Aeryn Sun, from Farscape.




I close friends aunt named their kid Atom. Like Adam but spelled atom. Also his middle name is literally danger.


My brothers kids are named Nixon as in "Nicks son" and Bronx. They were gonna name Bronx, Braxton. Whyy?


Combining two generic names to make one giant, ugly name.


Renesmee (yes, from that infuriating book trilogy)




Weston and Easton


The kid is in college so it isn't new but my husband once taught a kid named Blamo Johnson.

I still love it and needed to share.




All of Beyonce's kids names Blue-Ivy, Sir and Rumi


Dont remember who but I know some celebrity named their child #...yep thats its name, #


McKynzy. Poor girl has no vowels.


I know a Collynn (pronounced Colleen) and all those Ginnifers are annoying.


Aaron. Pronounced "A A Ron".


Grayson. Sounds like stillbirth


Pupper and Doggo.


Taser face


I work in a hospital and I saw the name Richard Pritchard. I reckon they thought of that name subconsciously because something reminded them off it.


This is off topic, but there's a 9 year old kid at my son's school whose parents are very Christian and politically conservative. I know this because during the last presidential election he shared with me a lot of delightful opinions about Hillary and Obama that were clearly his parents'. So this kid's name is Brock, but I've been trolling him and telling him that I think it's awesome that his parents named him Barack. He keeps correcting me that it's BROCK, not BARACK, but I just act stupid and call him Barack all the time. I can only hope that this gets back to his parents.


I'm getting really sick of guys named Todd.

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