Arnie the Doughnut Activities

Sprinkled doughnuts, glazed twists, blueberry cake doughnuts…it’s all about the doughnuts today.  Read and then enjoy Arnie the Doughnut activities to build literacy skills.  It’s one of the many book activities you’ll find on Growing Book by Book.


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Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller awaits his new owner as he sits in the display case at the bakery.  He dreams of what his new home will look like and what he’ll do with his new owner.  But, when his new owner turns out to want to eat him, Arnie needs to come up with a plan quick.

Watch the story read aloud below.

Arnie the Doughnut Activities

Printable Activities

Use the included printables (download below) to complete these three activities.

Activity 1: Name Your Own Doughnut

Create your own doughnut. Draw a picture of your creation and give it a fabulous name.

Activity 2: Get Arnie Home

In the Bakery to Home activity students will visually track from the bakery to the house. Help Arnie get to his new home.

Activity 3: Bakery Tale

Create a story that takes place in a bakery. Use the Bakery Word Bank for inspiration and help spelling words. Tell your story orally or write it down. Draw a picture to go with it.

Get the Printable Activities

Grab the printables to go with the activities above.  Just click the purple button below.

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More Doughnut Activities

Here are some more activities to try.

  • Have a doughnut and milk snack while reading poetry or books together.
  • The doughnut in the story speaks. What if your shoe could speak? What would it say? How about your pillow?
  • Create a sensory writing tray with a doughnut ingredient. On a plate, spread a thin layer of sprinkles, four, or sugar. Then, call out a letter or word and have the student use their finger to write the letter or word. Smooth and repeat.
  • Create doughnut math problems for each other to solve. For example, “There were four glazed doughnuts on the cooling rack and five cake doughnuts in the fryer. How many doughnuts in all?”
  • Do all doughnuts have to be round? What other shapes could there be? Have you ever heard of a watermelon mint doughnut? Check out the Strange Donuts Instagram feed to explore and then design your own doughnut food truck menu.

Enjoy using these doughnut activities with the kids.

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