Canada Learning Code launches K-12 computer science education framework

Josh Scott, BetaKit, Aug 12, 2020

Josh Scott reports that Canada Learning Code, a non-profit funded under the CanCode initiative, has developed a national computer science education framework "designed to serve students from kindergarten to Grade 12." There aren't really national curricula or education standards in Canada, and while the document makes the case for one, I am not convinced. Anyhow, I read through the Framework (53 page PDF) and found it to be static and fixed on a particular view of computing and code. It is in many ways quite comprehensive, but I have to ask whether every student would need all aspects of this curriculum? And having said that, it seems to me that there is a lot about contemporary computing - ethics, inclusion, network effects, bad actors, context collapse, and so much more - tat are completely absent from the curriculum. It treats computing as a technical subject, not (as perhaps it should be) a social subject. Still, it's worth a look, and I'm sure people will find it useful, especially the lists of resources near the end.

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