Contraction Dominoes

Contractions are an important part of reading – and take lots of practice! These contraction dominoes make learning contractions fun, simple, and oh so easy.

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Contraction Centers

Getting Ready

First, I printed the contraction dominoes on cardstock for extra durability. You can also laminate them for even more longevity.

Then, I simply cut along the dotted gray lines to separate the pieces. I divided up my students into groups and distributed one complete set to each group of students.

Contraction Dominoes

To play the game, the dealer in each group shuffled the dominoes and laid them face down. He or she distributed them so that every player had the same amount of cards.

In the group I stopped to observe, the player to the right of the dealer chose one of her dominoes (the CAN NOT card) and laid it down face up in the middle of the table.

Then, the player to her right looked at his dominoes and found a contraction (word pair) that matched one side of the domino that was just placed: CAN’T. He laid it down next to the CAN NOT card to make a pair.

Players continued taking turns laying down matching dominoes.

If they weren’t able to pair their domino with one that was already in play, they lost a turn.

The first player that laid down all of his or her dominoes won the game!

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