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TGIF beautiful people. What a week it was. I felt so brain dead today that I sat at my computer all afternoon and just couldn’t find the inspiration or the words to write a blog post  (even though I have a list a mile long of things I want to write about) so I did other tasks instead. I took the dogs out for an evening walk and was struck with the idea of doing a “Currently” style of post. My last one was in July 2021 and they’re always an enjoyable way to talk about a little bit of everything. And that’s where I am today…all over the place!

I just took a hot shower, got my comfy clothes on, poured a glass of wine and I’m ready to get going on this!


The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. This book…good lord. I tried to start it multiple times when it was released a few years ago and my grandmother added it to our shared Kindle. I could never make it more than a chapter in before abandoning it. Well, recently I decided to try again and I’ve been slogging my way through it for a month now. I have about five pages left and I won’t be sad to bid this book farewell. It seems to be a love/hate kind of title based on the Good Reads reviews. I have found this book to be heavy (and not in a meaningful way), unrealistic and an overall downer. Maybe I’d like it slightly more if I listened to the audio because I saw that Tom Hanks narrates it but blah.

Speaking of listening to books, I am listening to Sally Hepworth’s The Good Sister on Audible  while I walk the dogs and while it’s a slow burn, it’s totally sucking me in and I love the quirkiness and directness of the main character.

Very much looking forward to diving into a new book tonight. You can check out this post for some of the titles on my spring reading list.


Budget-friendly patio furniture. This is a photo of my patio when it was staged to sell. Well, here we are almost two years later and my patio decoration looks like Finn’s toys and sticks the dogs have drug in.

If you have any suggestions (ranging from what I should do with my patio space to where to shop for good deals), I am ALL ears. I did get a grill last week so that was exciting!


bulletproof creamer

At this exact moment in time, I’m drinking a glass of red wine. But the most newsworthy thing that I’ve been drinking is creamer in my coffee. I have lived 38 years of my life drinking black coffee but this Bulletproof Creamer has changed my ways. I still drink a cup or two of black coffee in the morning but I have at least one cup with Bulletproof Collagen Protein (hands-down the best collagen ever…no taste!) and Bulletproof Creamer. I love that this creamer is shelf-stable, unsweetened and full of quality fats – grass-fed butter and MCT oil. My new morning routine is to have a cup of black coffee while I’m getting ready and then take a Corkcicle of Bulletproof Coffee to the yoga studio with me to teach.


Grilled Plantains

ALL THE GRILLED FOODS! So happy to have a grill again. You can find the recipe for the brown-sugar grilled plantains here and the grilled peanut butter shrimp recipe will be up soon!


I just finished Inventing Anna this week and…wow. That’s the only show that I’ve gotten invested in lately. I’ve dabbled in The Ultimatum, Sweet Magnolias, Love Is Blind, The Dropout, Mare of Easton, Anatomy of a Scandal and a few other things but I’m having a hard time getting fully hooked. Part of this is my fault because I need to fully focus on what I’m watching. I will say that watching Inventing Anna made me want to go back and rewatch Scandal (because of Katie Lowes). I also think I could rewatch Parenthood and love it all over again.

I’d also like to talk about this for a minute…I admit that I have kept up with Selling Sunset over the years. I’ve always had a bit of an issue with the over the top amount of plastics featured along with the clear focus on appearance since season one. But I’ve found the last two seasons hard to watch/triggering because of the female bullying and focus on what I think is a completely unattainable aesthetic for most any woman. All this said, I’ve never been into the Housewives or Kardashians and I know this vibe/look occurs a lot in other shows. It’s just my thing.

Soooo….I have Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBOMax. If you have any series or movie suggestions…send them my way!


My mom’s continued healing and progress from her surgery and lots of family time at the beach this summer. <3


Having a serious moment with Vance Joy right now and sad he’s coming nowhere near Charlotte or the east coast in the next six months.


Rest. Whether that is choosing a walk over a more intense workout or lying in bed with Finn until 8a and staying in PJs until 10a on a weekday. Blessing and a curse of being self-employed.

Recently, I’ve been looking back at things I wrote in my 20s and I’m having a hard time relating to that version of myself. While I am proud of how focused and on fire I was…I definitely don’t have that level of drive and focus at this moment in time. I can easily fall into the trap of do more, be more, dream more but the truth is that the most important thing in my life right now is being Finn’s mom.


This one. Forever and always, amen. He turns four in two weeks and while I want to be sad about that, we are just in the sweetest spot ever.


Let’s go through a laundry list of things bouncing around in my brain right now, shall we?

Do I want to go back to writing a food blog? (This would be on the side at first.)

Nursing school? 

Do I still want to lead yoga teacher trainings? 

What is my relationship with yoga right now? Where do I want it to go? 

When is the right time to send Finn to kindergarten and where? 

Is it possible for me to learn how to groom my dogs at home?

Do I want to pursue part-time advertising/marketing/social media work? 

What’s the best big boy bed for Finn? Will he do okay transitioning out of my bed? 

What fitness knowledge and certifications do I want to pursue? 

How do I blend my life with another person’s given all that comes with adding kids into a relationship and the fact that I’ve spent the better part of four years just “Finn and Mommy.” (Extreme moment of vulnerability.) 


A trip to Mexico in June. Counting down the days!

That’s it. The end. I’ve been up since the four o’clock hour so time for relaxation and rest.


Currently reading? 

Currently watching? 

Currently feeling blessed by?

Currently looking forward to? 

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