Digital Mother’s Day Idea

This mother’s day is going to look a little different to many of us than ever before. Without being able to have contact with students or ensuring materials they have available to them, these precious handmade gifts may not happen.

This didn’t sit well with me and I have been racking my brain to think of what I CAN do with these limitations instead of what I can’t do with these limitation. So let’s dive into a few Digital Mother’s Day Ideas.

Directive Drawings

On Monday, my class is going to host several live classes, via Google Meet, to do directive drawings of our mothers or someone specials. I didn’t feel that hosting one class with all my students would be helpful to anyone. Instead, we will break it down into smaller groups. Parents all know what we are doing and the materials we need. (We asked for a paper, pencil, and any coloring materials they had.) Finally, I asked any family who can not attend our live class to let me know so we could arrange a video or a second class to make their drawing when they can make it.

I am not a great artist, so I plan to use this freebie From Whimsy Workshop.

Mother’s Day Writings

Next, we are going to divide up the class into even smaller groups on Tuesday and Wednesday to complete a simple writing activity for students to describe their someone special. In my brain, I can’t see this going well with more than 3 or 4 students at a time. Again, families know what we are going and what we need. Additionally, we are setting up alternative times for any family that needs a different time to complete this.

You can find tons of questionnaires out there. This one is free from Simply Kinder and contains several writing options that should cover many family types.

Modifications Idea

On important modification I will be making is for those who can’t print out the paper themselves. I will print out several extra fill in papers to fill in myself while talking to the student if they are not able to. This may be a great option for those who don’t have internet as well. You could call each student and verbally do this activity.

Lastly, I will mail out any of these that I need to write for the student. Since we are doing this earlier in the week, I feel like I could get this mail to these families by Sunday.

Honestly, I was feeling better about Mother’s Day, but not excited about it. I mean, something is better than nothing right? But, I am trying to make this meaningful for my students and their families. But I still felt like something was missing.

Storytime With Someone Special

Now, my sister in law who is also a teacher, had a great idea. Why not host a special story time for children to listen to a book with their someone special. I though, this is it! Children listening to books with people who love them makes my heart jump for joy.

Next, I scheduled a simple after school story time. I felt that hosting this during school hours could eliminate those working families. Also, all my families have mothers but not all families live and see their mothers every day. I usually am aware of the custody arrangements so this time seems to fit the needs of my learners the best.

Here is a simple graphic you can use and post.
Just select your day and time for story time and add it in the details to post.

Also, I don’t want any stress or pressure on students or their families. Therefore, I will record the story beforehand and have it ready for those families who want to participate with multiple people they love to be able to this. Some people just need this event to be on their own time table.

What book am I reading? My sister and I joked about reading Love Your Forever by Robert Munsch. It is the perfect book but I can’t read that book myself with the ugly cry coming out. Since I don’t have all my normal Mothers Day books at home, I decided to bring some humor in with the book, Are You My Mother? by P.D Easton. I chose this book because it ties into our mommy and babies unit and it is a funny book that many of my learners haven’t read but will enjoy.

Group Discussion

On Friday, my class will then read the book The Night Before Mother’s Day by Natasha Wing. Then, we will have a group discussion on how to give our someone specials their drawing and writing. We will also discuss ways to spoil their someone specials on Mother’s Day. Next, we talk about breakfast in bed, no chores for mothers, doing things for their parent, and overall just ways to show kindness to these important people in their lives.

Teacher Moms, you are rocking it. Way to go.
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