Earth Day Puzzles

As a former kindergarten teacher turned hands-on mom, I get a little bit giddy about creating fun ways for my kids to learn. These free Earth Day puzzles are a simple way to learn some ways to help the environment AND practice ABC and 123 order at the same time.

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Free Earth Day Puzzles

Getting Ready

Prepping the puzzles couldn’t get much simpler. I printed a copy of the puzzles {HERE} on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut along the thin grey lines to separate the strips. Easy peasy.

FREE Earth Day Puzzles for Kids.

Earth Day Puzzles

My boys and I have talked about Earth Day before so they knew it was a celebration of all-things environmentally-friendly. We worked together to brainstorm a long list of different ways we can help the planet: picking up litter, watering trees, recycling…

Then I showed the boys the mixed up puzzles and invited them to sort the pieces into the correct order, building a photo of one awesome Earth Day activity we’d work on together. I gave each excited child a scrambled puzzle. Piece by piece, they started building.

FREE Earth Day Puzzles. Fun way to practice ABC and 123 order.

And in just a couple minutes, both puzzles were complete.

Fun, free Earth Day puzzles for kids

I slid the pieces into separate snack-sized Ziplocs and placed them in my bag so I could easily entertain the boys when we’re waiting in doctors’ offices, restaurants… you name it! Then we set out to make a positive impact on the planet by taking our plastics to the outdoor recycling bin and hunting down the perfect spot for a new tree. Happy Earth Day!

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