Heritage of Family Bibles

Bible for Grandbaby, with lace hem tape for bookmarks, at Mrs. White's Home.

My father was often seen reading his Bible.  He would be in the recliner with a nearby lamp to brighten the text as he read.  I would also see him sitting at a desk as he studied the Scriptures.  I will always remember that about him. When we children were young, he gave each of us a Bible of our own, with our name inscribed on the cover.  It is a cherished possession that I still have all these many years later.

When my own five children were little, they were each given Bibles once they were old enough to read.   I would gather them around me, after saying, "go get your Bibles."  Each had their own and took turns reading.  We also had hymn books to sing from.  This was daily worship or family Bible time.  It was a little church in our home.

Now that I am a grandmother of eleven, I have the same opportunity to share my love of the old family Bible.  The babies see our Bibles here at home.  They want to take down a copy and settle on the couch to read.  A couple of years ago, when one of the boys started Kindergarten, he wanted to borrow my Bible.  I said it was time for me to order one for him to keep for his own.  A few weeks later, when it arrived in the mail, he was so happy and thankful.  It is a traditional black Bible. He reads it each day and loves it.

Last year, one of the grand - girls entered Kindergarten.  Some weeks ago, she asked me something like, "Do you remember when you gave a Bible to my brother?"   I knew she wanted her own copy.  I love these precious opportunities to share something that I cherish. I like to wait until they show an interest. I want to know they are ready.  I quickly ordered a pink one this time.  It is a "gift and award" KJV Bible from Hendrickson publishers. (They cost about $5 each.)

I handed this very special book to my little grand-girl.  She is a new reader and will take her time with the words inside.  I showed her the index and how to find the page where the Psalms could be found.  We turned the pages to Psalm 117.   I told her it was a special chapter that her Mother used to read to me all the time.  Then I wanted to save the page for her, but the Bible does not have a ribbon book marker.

Grand-girl and I took a quick look inside my sewing box. We found a little package of white lace hem material.  We cut out a couple of pieces. I told her, "These will be your book marks.  You can keep one on the page for Psalm 117.  The other book mark is for any special page you want."  She was so happy and proud of her new treasure.

The other day, the Mother of these dear children told me that they sit and read their Bibles together.  These are the same, sweet grandbabies that have gone to church with me a few times when they were younger.  I would give them tiny baby Bibles of blue and pink. One for each child to hold as we sat in the pew of church.  I remember them being so sweet and respectful. They were so well behaved at having the privilege of getting all dressed up and going to church with grandmother.

There is a beautiful Christian heritage of owning Bibles in the home.  This legacy of reading and cherishing the Word of God is such a blessing to the family.  It is something little ones should remember about Mother and Dad.  They should remember this about Grandmother and Grandfather. The love of the Bible ought to be passed on throughout the generations.  This can be done by example and by just catching that sweet spirit of seeing such joy and peace in reading the old family Bible.

Mrs. White

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