Hey Pandas, What Stereotype Are You Associated With And How Does This Affect You?

It can be any stereotype, race, disability, sexuality etc.


I'm a single mom who happens to live in a trailer park. I have caregiver status for my children who are on SSI (too young to have SSDI). I've heard the s!ut comments, trailer trash jokes and 'she must just be lazy' remarks. It's disheartening to be looked down upon when I am doing all that I can. My children both see 4 different types of therapists, a psychiatrist and numerous specialists. I'm at appointments between 2 and 4 times a week and need to be available to head to the school if they are having a major meltdown or are sick (this is often). I literally cannot find a job that would put up with that. All of this is besides the fact that my PCP has urged me to file for disability due to my own health issues. I'm not easy, my munchkins have the same father whom I left when I was pregnant with my youngest. I own the trailer I live in. I own my vehicle. I am not lazy trash. Enough with the remarks.


im classified as a "gifted kid" when i was around 8, and ever since then my parents have always been on me about getting all a's, not half-assing stuff, and not 'being lazy', what they don't realize is that them doing that is actually very pressuring and stressful, and im not lazy, im a gifted kid burnout.


I live in the Southern United States. If you have a strong Southern accent, people immediately assume you're stupid. It's a strong enough stereotype that I realized it when I was about 8 years old and actively got rid of my Southern accent. On the one hand, I'm glad I did. On the other, I'm sorry I had to.


I am 47 and never been married. People assume I am a closeted lesbian or completely damaged in some way. When my boyfriend moved in recently, I got a lot of "I thought you were a lesbian" and "Better late than never." No, I finally found someone I wanted to put up with. I liked being single. I am very happy with my own company, comfortable with who I am, and I don't need someone else to validate me. Why do people assume that if you haven't been married at least once by the time you are 25 or 30, you are automatically gay or damaged goods?


A woman in management (male dominated industry) wrongly assume I "slept" to the job


I hate it when someone says "I'm the whitest black guy they know." Irritates the H*** out of me! My mother taught me to take pride in not only my education, but how I carry and present myself at all times. I'm far from the typical black stereotype but I take great pride in my African-american roots and culture.


I have autism and people talk to me like an adult if they dont know but if they find out they down talk to me like im a small child or usually talk about me to my friends or family as if im not there ? i can talk i just get embarrased when people treat me differently and im very shy, also people think im rude when i dont look at there eyes and they ask why i wont look at them, im not rude i just find eye contact really unsettling and awkward


I have tics, and people either think that it is really fun and cool, or I am making it up, which really makes me get some internalised ableism going on which is not fun.


People always assume that I'm a cold/unfriendly/mean person based only on my face, after they get to know me most of the time I get the: "I thought you were bit**y but you are really nice!" It's like ohh thanks I guess???


I use makeup almost every day. Usually, people assume that I hate myself or that I'm hiding something. But I just like makeup and it's really fun to play with it. I do it for myself and I am perfectly fine if I go outside without it on.


I'm an introvert and very quiet, especially around people I don't know. People assume I'm angry, sad, or a b**ch. Part of it is my facial expression (everyone asks me what's wrong when it's just how I look a lot of the time) but it gets annoying when people assume I'm quiet and look sad because I'm lonely or something along those lines. If I'm not talking, it's because I don't want to. I also have social anxiety, so it's really irritating when people constantly ask why I don't talk. I do, just not to you. So why is it any of your business? It's also a bit upsetting to see so many posts (not on bp) about quiet kids at school and how they might f**k s**t up at school if you mess with them and it's not particularly funny for a number of reasons.


I'm 'mentally ill', there's something 'wrong me with me'. No, it's clinical depression and aspergers.


I’m blonde. When people think of blondes most people automatically think we are dumb just because of our hair color! Everyone has there dumb moments but no not all blondes are dumb :)


I’m Russian. You can tell where this leads and it often masked with memes along with few typical stereotypes.

Are you Commie Soviet?
(That was old times, so no.)

I bet you drink vodka.
(I strongly dislike that drink)

Do you have a tank in your yard?
(no, where in the hell did I get the money to get it?!)


Being judged by my weight: I am fat because I'm sick, I'm not sick because I'm fat.


i am a Goth... .. i have to be a bad persoon.. wothship satan and eat babies for lunch..

the faces when people see i have kids or when i help them are priceless... it doesn't affect me anymore but when i was younger and walked around like that all day, everyday, it was very annoyed during carneval and halloween, to a point where i stopped wearing goth clothes during those times...

good thing i'm also a metalhead and nerd so i can be weird all year round


My daughter requires compassion and safety before all else. She has additional needs (Autism, ADHD, profoundly gifted, etc)

She will change the world one day, meanwhile I am sick of the “helicopter mom” judgement.

I’ll always fight my child because other adults unwittingly/intentionally harm her, not because I am a micromanaging nightmare.

She is adventurous, brave, hilarious, and kind. If the world is blind to see it today, she’ll be even more surprising later.



I am a migrant so in this country I am seen as inferior, lazy, less intelligent. People assume all the time that we arent educated (like the teachers at the public language school), that we dont want to work, that we are less intelligent (sounding smart in a second language is difficult). I am also spanish so I must be lazy, always late, loud and not reliable. Xenophobia is a huge problem in this regoin of Belgium.

I am also disabled. So a lot the stereotypes mix. Now I can't work or I cant go to school. So now i am the "proof" that all migrants are lazy f***s who dont want to work or integrate. I am also not really ill in the eyes of people. I just need to exercise and be more positive.

I am also white. This means that my struggles are very often dismissed. I have been told by the anti discrimination department that xenophobia is not a thing, that they only persecute racism, religious intolerance, homophobia... As soon as I am white and an atheist anybody can treat me as badly as they want and its fine. I had two public employees yelling at me for making a mistake in their language. One of them took my ID and refused to give it back for a long time and did not fix my bus pass (ironically I had it for the language classes). A social worker that threatebed me with deportation for asking help about my disabilities. A bus driver that woukdnt open the door for 4 bus stops because he was pissed at me for my bad flemish (I just arrived to the country). Two doctors refusing to attend me. Two dog trainers refusing to let me work with them. If I was of another etnicity I would have a legal case against all of them. But since I am a white migrant nobody cares.


I am underweight. Even now, when I’m at a relatively healthy weight, I still get comments like: “anorexic”, “men like a woman with meat on her bones”, and “no one wants a skinny b*tch”. I am a former anorexic, but I am at a healthy weight now. I have always been underweight; it’s my metabolism. I know I’m flat and I know I don’t have the curves people want. I don’t need it shoved in my face. I never used to be ashamed of my cup size or lack of curves, but now I am.


I'm female, and I like traditionally "male" things. I do martial arts. I do DIY. I don't wear make up or dresses (hardly ever). I hate pink, sparkly things. I like science fiction. I have no interest in having a manicure or shopping for pleasure.

People therefore assume I am a lesbian, but I am certainly not. I'm interested in men, and only men. I've even had people tell me they "know" I'm a lesbian, and I'm just living a lie and in denial. I think I know my own sexual tastes!


I am a woman and I am successful in my career and bosses respect me because they trust my expertise and like how I do my job. So to men I must be the CEO’s niece, or have deep connections, or I am just a suck up, or anything that excuses my success and their lazy entitled asses getting nowhere. And I am
not the only woman they talk down to no matter how much better at her job she actually is. Sorry, boys, you need to work hard in order to get places, it doesn’t just magically happens just because you feel special and entitled.


The quiet kid/art kid. people legitimately think I have a hit list.


The number of times the 'pick-me girl pretending to be bisexual' stereotype has been used on me by random dudes on dating apps is more than I can count. Example: (the fact that I am bi is in my bio) Dude: hey I saw u were bi! Me: yep! Dude: are you sure? Me: yeah? Dude: this d*** can fix that ? *sends nude pic*
I usually unmatch them but it drives me crazy, especially because bisexual means that I like both men and women so if he didn't say that I might have given him a shot, and random d***s can trigger my PTSD and give me panic attacks (which lead to asthma attacks which are even worse). I actually ended up deleting all of the apps because it was getting so bad. Why are bi people always seen as faking?


"But you can't be a guy! You wear skirts!!!" (I'm trans)

Well at least I don't go poking my huge, snotty nose in other people's businness. Also I have reasons.

Skirts go whooooosh :D


Straight white male. The stereotype entails a whole plethora of things that are assumed about me, from my tastes, to what these tastes say about my identity. Sometimes I feel guilty for the things that are assumed, even though I've never lived in a colonist-imperialistic country, and most of the things that belong to the stereotype don't apply to me.


People think they need to talk to me in a baby voice the second I tell them I’m autistic like bro I could understand you perfectly fine yesterday before you knew I was autistic and you actually treated me like a human being


Apparently, because of my outward appearance, I am privileged. When in actuality, my whole life has been quite traumatic, with moments of severe degradation. Sorry to have to be contrary


I’m an Asian woman. People assume I can’t drive or park my car properly.


I'm fat not lazy. Working 70 hours a week in healthcare leaves no time for cooking or the gym.


That because I'm Bi, I'm just confused. That because I would be open to an open relationship, I sleep around and cheat


Everyone assumes because I am open about being lgbtq+ that Im doing it for attention and its annoying

Also this one is a story bout an ass hole from my primary school who was horrid to one of my friends

Right so I had this friend and she had anxiety and depression and he said she self harmed for attention and said that she had panic attacks for attention. Then came the homophobic stuff, he siad she came out for attention and was rasist to her sometimes. I absolutely hated him. He said she talked about her period for attention when really she was asking me not to tell any of the teachers about her taking paracetamol for the pain and cramps. He then drew the last straw by saying she was half Asian for attention. Everyone was choosing sides at this point and there was loads of gossip and a hell of a lot of fights. This is the same boy who weeks later told me I self harmed for attention... He doesn't get any kindness from me as you might guess


So I am a Karen. Really, my name is Karen, I’m middle-aged and have a blonde bob haircut. But I do not act like a “Karen.” I started a new job and decided to go by my middle name because I got tired of the jokes.


I'm short and suspected to have autism and/or ADHD.

People use infantilism on me and it drives me insane, people will always go "awww" and talk down to me.


I have ADHD, autism, anxiety, am part of the LGBTQ+ community, am a religious minority, am a "gifted kid" and cry easily. People stereotype me as a "special little snowflake". It makes me uncomfortable to have people talk down to me as if I'm in kindergarten. It's so stupid that people think that "Oh-one wrong step and they'll start crying!"


I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and some people assume that there is one gender or people should like the opposite sex. that is not true. I identify as female and pansexual, but I know people who identify as something besides male or female. I also have physical conditions, ADHD, and sensory issues sometimes. People don't need to treat me like I'm a little kid, I'm not.


I'm pan, so people think that I want to date frying pans >:(


ADHD. I have it and I never tell people because they think it's like "oh look a butterfly!"


Goth mum with a shaved head here. People think I’m a lesbian or a bad mother. I’m covered in tattoos and love my two boys fiercely. My 3 year old is asd and people think he’s stupid but he’s so damn smart it’s scary. He just doesn’t feel the need to talk just yet. People judge him all the damn time.
I’ve had old people call me a bad mother because of the way I look. I just say to them, my kids are well dressed, well fed, happy and healthy. How does that make me a bad mother?
My piercings, clothes and tattoos have no impact on how I parent. I’m also happily married to an amazing guy for the past 11 years and hold down a job while doing my doctorate. Can’t be doing too s**t of a job parenting.
No I don’t worship Satan or sacrifice animals to him. In fact I’m a massive animal lover. Granted all my pets are black haha but that’s only because black dogs and cats are the least adopted out of all pet colours. Not because of any aesthetic.
Honestly I just wear my freak flag with pride and don’t care what people say about me. I know the truth and I know what they think has no impact on my life or on my families lives. And if what they say impacts my kids lives they will soon regret it.


Because I'm overweight, I must be stupid and lazy.

Because I'm a woman, I have to like feminine things.

If I don't want to go out, it's because I'm anti-social.

I'm overweight and have been since my son was born. I've had a hard time dieting because the stress of taking care of a child occupies all my time and attention.

I don't like feminine things because they take too long, like doing make up and hair. Feminine clothes don't look pretty when they are all stained up with sweat and food from trying to get a picky autistic person to eat something, bathe and not trash the house. I'd rather wear T-shirts and leggings because they are more durable.

I don't go out, not because I'm anti-social but because I don't like going out without my husband. Neither of us had a vacation from our son for the first 17 years of his life. And, since I don't get peace and quiet too often, I cherish it when I have it. I don't get that going out with friends. I'd rather stay in for a quiet evening of playing games or watching TV.


I’m missing a few teeth near the back of my mouth on both sides. People assume I’m either a drug addict or I don’t brush my teeth. The truth is I was never taken to the dentist as a kid, I have a genetic condition that makes them weak and a few were knocked out by an abusive ex. The work that needs to be done is way outside of my budget as a single woman, even with dental insurance (yearly limits are pathetically low). Needless to say I get really tired of always hearing, “You should smile more”. Believe me, I’d love to be able to! I’d love to not have the constant reminder of the things my ex did to me.



Got called that once by someone created by a Boomer.

My parents were called the "Greatest Generation," they just smiled at that, happy to pay the rent, buy some beer, forget Omaha beach.

My Grandparents were called the "Lost Generation," they just smiled at that, happy after a long boat ride they saw the Statue of Liberty from the NY Harbor waves.

I'm almost 70, I'm called a "Boomer," I smile at that, pay the rent, buy some beer, and remember the moment I saw on an old B/W TV a black man say, "I Have a Dream..."

Yeah, I'm OK with...Boomer.


I'm a natural bright redhead;
Red hairgirl,carrot top, RED, are names I am referred to daily


I'm bisexual and people think im pan or omni cuz I like more than just boys and girls


i am bisexual so if course I've had a couple of Karens tell me that i can't like more then one gender and that i should make up my mind and choose one already. The stereotype that we are just confused is utter bull.


I identify as bi-gendered, bi-sexual, and non monogamous. I'm physically female and in a committed monogamous relationship with a man, that is all people see. It's particularly challenging as a manager, female and male managers are held to different standards and treated differently by employees, employers, and the public.


My brother is mentally disabled. When I was a teenager and told new people about this everyone was like "Oh, I'm sorry to hear" or something.
Luckily this changed when I got older but in this days it was kinda annoying.

Dude, we're not living in constant grief bc off my brother.
Off course things have been hard for my parents, especially in the earlier days when I was to young to remember.
But we all got along with it somehow.
Yes, our family is a little different, but lots of familys are.

I had a great childhood and I love my brother with all my heart. He liked (and likes) to laugh, to help doing chores and lot more.
Disability does not mean unhappiness.


I have to know Kung fu, how to use chop sticks, only eat rice, watch chinese movies. I do none of that.


Female in I.T. My last job, I can’t tell you how many times I got treated as the team secretary. Had one manager who actively shoved me out of the group because he felt my skills were better suited to administration - I had been an applications developer for 6 years at that point, and he’d never once looked at a piece of code I’d written. Had fun shocking him a couple years later when I got to design a process from the ground up.

I’ve also had comments about being the “token female” on a team, and “oh, can’t hire another woman - you two might fight!” Plus the fine line of dressing “too girly” or “too butch”. Interviewing for a new job was heeeeeellllllll, but I finally found a company that had a nice balance (fairly even on genders, good mix of cultures, and very encouraging to all employees).


I am completely slung down (tattoos) they are all colorful and extremely tasteful. None on my hands or face (not that that matters) Every single time I go to a doctor or the ER I get labeled or accused of being a drug seeker. The funny thing is I've never done drugs and I work Law Enforcement. So every time this happens I get extremely angry. I also get followed in stores all the time as if I'm going to steal everything that is not nailed down. I usually like to have a pretty woman moment and go to their competitor or a more expensive store and spend what I would've spent in their store, and then go back and "browse" with my bags from the other stores and when they ask if I need help, tell them "Well I was gonna buy (insert expensive item here) but I found it at (insert competitor /other store) and they didn't follow me like a bunch of assholes and then watch them get all awkward and sad looking.


I'm gay and trans
There are lots of stereotypes there

The people who know about me being trans ask me when I'm going to start testosterone but they don't understand that I have no interest in getting facial hair or a deeper voice and all that stuff, I want to be androgynous, not masculine, even though I prefer he/him pronouns
Pretty much anyone I've ever talked to knows I'm some type of gay and that means a lot of stereotypes, they'll say:
- "do you hate homophobes" (no. i'm clingy and lots of my old friendgroup and people at my church are homophobic and i still am painfully in love with all of them lmao)
- "im sorry you're broken" (i'm not broken. I'm asexual, it's a valid sexuality. Just because I don't feel any sexual attraction and i don't see the big deal about sex doesn't mean i'm broken?)
there are a lot more but it took me too long to type all of that and i gotta go to school so imma end it there


Trans-woman attracted to women...

I'm vegan, don't wear make-up except for special occasions, ride a motorcycle, am super liberal/socialist, and build bikes and work on cars for fun. I am uninspired on interior decorating, and am obsessed with practicality.

I do carpentry pretty well.

I love sewing, but mostly so I can make sure all my dresses have pockets.

I have more than one pair of English Doc Marten style shoes.

Obsessed with graphic novels.

Can't work myself up to a side-shave, tho.


pick me bitch.
I hate it.
I'm short.
short people sometimes put too much effort into getting attention because they feel like they'll go unnoticed
its called the napoleon complex.
I hate being called a pick me.
its horrible. everyone thinks I'm such a prude and s**t. I'm not! and then when I try to be less of a prude everyone calls me a hoe?
its hella f****d up and I pay thousands of dollars year for therapy because of it.


I’m a communist apparently.I’m half Russian and my grandparents left due to the horrible state of the country.stop saying I’m a Russian spy!


I live in the "bible belt" in the US, I must want your unsolicited religious talk.

Or I live in the US, I must be one of those idiotic anti vaxxer, anti masker, trump loving, gun loving, war loving, radical patriotic, intolerant of other cultures American asshole.


my parents happen to be on the wealthier side, white people with a large home. as much as i shouldn't complain, the amount of times i've been asked "hey, can you buy me a phone for my birthday? i know you can afford it" or something like that is grating. i have awful anxiety and i always am afraid that everyone thinks of me as the classic rich, blonde, bitchy person that i try my hardest to separate myself from. and a little note to anyone who tries to antagonize kids that grow up like this: don't. they have no control over their circumstances, good or bad. i spent years and years HATING my life because i was convinced i didn't deserve it. don't give kids s**t for things that are out of their control


I am a white male in South Africa so I have to be a racist, sexist with a fragile ego and lots of insecurities...

Yes these are comments we hear almost every day


I have literally no idea why but I guess I look like a popular girl and therefore everyone thinks I am one and that I'm dating someone, and neither is true in any way.


Being rude & bad at my customer service job because I'm introverted and prefer reading on lunch


I'm vegan....(please see comments as BP wont let me add more than 2 lines here)


I have an OCD. And when I tell it to someone, their answer is in 99,9 %: "Oh, that's great, you have everything sorted by color?" (or some other criterion)

Well, yes, I do, among other things, but otherwise OCD is not fun.


I can be two stereotypes. 1. Shy girl. I can get loud sometimes I guess but most of the time I’m that shy girl drawing in the corner internally pleading you to talk to me. 2. Dark humor and inappropriate jokes all day, making you question what happened to me shyly shoving my face into my book/clipboard and how 30 minutes later I’m talking about how my Pinterest is filled with 2013 cat memes. Well, I also have a sort of stereotypical friend, too. Energetic, super loud. Childish. The kind of friend you probably wouldn’t make nowadays but since you’ve known each other for so long it kinda just works.


As a person in my 60's, I am associated with technological illiteracy. I have learned and used at least 28 different software programs for work (gig economy) and school in the past 20 years and I do NOT need a Grandpad or Jitterbug, thank you very much. Just give me a job, instead of deleting my application the second you see what year I first graduated from college. I have not been able to get a real job since my last company went out of business in 2003. Even got another graduate degree, first in my class and was not even offered any interviews. You younger guys will be SHOCKED when you get old and discover how blatant and alienating age discrimination is. I know I was. We are not all rich and conservative; we are not all ANY ONE THING. Those of us who are not wealthy are almost non-persons in this culture.


Just because i'm asexual doesn't mean i like garlic bread. I do like garlic bread, but not because i'm ace.


I am Muslim. You can imagine the list that can be written. I am also white which, the sad truth is, enables me to get by easier than Muslims of darker skin tones. Think airports, etc.


My daughter requires compassion and safety before all else. She has additional needs (Autism, ADHD, profoundly gifted, etc)

She will change the world one day, meanwhile I am sick of the “helicopter mom” judgement.

I’ll always fight my child because other adults unwittingly/intentionally harm her, not because I am a micromanaging nightmare.

She is adventurous, brave, hilarious, and kind. If the world is blind to see it today, she’ll be even more surprising later.

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