If You’re Feeling Down, These 129 Wholesome Posts Might Lift You Up (New Pics)

It’s easy to think that there’s no good left in this world. Maybe you’ve had a rough week at work, a serious argument with your partner, or just had enough of the rudeness and cruelty of others. Whatever the reason, we all need a little pick-me-up now and then to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad.

That’s why we at Bored Panda have combed the internet and put together a new list of good news-only posts that soothed our hearts. No matter how it may seem, there will always be wonderful people ready to lend a helping hand and show that a simple gesture can truly make a difference.

So get ready to witness how showing kindness and supporting someone going through misfortune builds strong bonds within families, communities, and beyond. Continue scrolling and make sure to upvote the ones you enjoyed most! And when you’re done with this list, check out our previous posts full of wholesome pics right here, here, and here.

#1 Buffalo Man Adopts 5 Siblings So They Won't Be Split Up In The System

Image credits: slhzdh

#2 Remember The Old Turkish Man Who Lost Everything In Fire But Saved His Kitten? People Bought A New House For Him And His Three Cats. They Are So Happy Now

Image credits: Skywalker_1881

#3 This Wholesome Coworker

Image credits: im_just_laur

#4 7-Year-Old Does Not Let Alopecia Stop Her From Celebrating Her School's "Crazy Hair Day'

Image credits: Aurora_Olympus

#5 Me Dying Of Cancer Over The Spring vs. Me Happy And Healthy Spending Christmas With My Beautiful Family

Image credits: waxeryboiliroo

#6 Wholesome Nurse

Image credits: eliistender10

#7 After 10 Years Of Addiction, Prisons, And Rehabs, I Finally Have A Career I'm Proud Of, A Credit Score, Bought My First Car At 30 Years Old, And Have A Place To Live

It is possible to climb out of the hole.

Image credits: crewchiieff

#8 Pro Wrestler Kisses His Boyfriend In Front Of Homophobic Protestors To “Stand Up Against Hate”

Image credits: 0LoveRainbow0

#9 This Is Jax, 13 Years Old And Can’t Walk Very Far, Se We Got Him A Sled For Our Winter Walks

Image credits: naturalhiker705

#10 Opened The Door To This Stray. It’s The Middle Of Winter. I Now Own A Cat

Image credits: AnPubLocked

#11 Oriini Kaipara Creates History As The First Journalist With Māori Face Tattoo To Present Primetime News

Image credits: snoopynoopy

#12 I’m On Call This Christmas, But My Dad Registered As A “Student Shadower” So That He Could Spend Part Of The Holiday With Me

Image credits: drraymd

#13 Well Done Professor

Image credits: actualdavidrose

#14 This Restaurant Offers Food For Free If You Can’t Afford It

Image credits: nopepotato69

#15 Wife Is Keeping The House After The Divorce. I've Moved Out. This Is What I'm Keeping. Cheers

Image credits: nromer11

#16 Safe

Image credits: eohiggins

#17 Wholesome Vets Post

Image credits: vodray

#18 Had An "Adoption Reveal" Photo Shoot For Our Newly Adopted Teen, Complete With Teenage Eye Rolls

Image credits: Horchaata

#19 It May Not Look Like Much, But I Haven’t Been Able To Lift Properly In Years. This Is The Start Of Something Big

Image credits: benhundben

#20 Teacher Posted This To Parents- So Thoughtful

Image credits: Superb_Repair4353

#21 My 3-Year-Old Son Just Beat Cancer (And I'm So Happy)

This summer my 3-year-old son was diagnosed with stage 4 abdominal cancer. After several chemo cures and final surgery, the treatment is officially over since yesterday: no more cancerous cells in his body. As a father, I'm so happy and proud of my little hero.

Image credits: Sebcorgan

#22 After A Lifetime Of Having Bad Teeth, I Decided To Do Something About It 2 Years Ago. Here's The Finished Product - I'm Finally All Done

Image credits: obvnotlupus

#23 Love When Grandparents Try New Technology And Like It. It Is So Wholesome Every Time

Image credits: HarrisFoster

#24 After 16 Years Of Homelessness I Finally Have My Own Place

Image credits: thefakerealdrpepper

#25 Today, I Am 6 Months Fully Anorexia And Bulimia Free. Recovery Is Possible

Image credits: Ruby_Soho-

#26 It Was Meant To Be

Image credits: deaflibertarian

#27 Statue In My Home Town Made Of 100,000 Knives Removed From UK Streets

Image credits: Astelerin

#28 I Struggle With Schizoaffective Disorder. I Make Artwork To Cope. This Is My Latest Piece

Image credits: Rogosjin

#29 This Guy Holding An Umbrella Over A Soldier Standing By The Seat And Plaque Dedicated To The 92,000+ Unaccounted For American Soldiers Since WWI

Image credits: AceRockefeller

#30 Due To The Extreme Colds Outside, Kütahya Air Force Training Brigade Of Turkish Armed Forces Built This Barracks-Room For Street Cats To Stay In

Image credits: Tempest2903

#31 Might Not Seem Like Much, But… I Am Doing It

Image credits: Thelilytoyourmarshal

#32 This Little Baby (Cider) Was Finally Adopted From The Humane Society Of Marshall County

Image credits: Mocking_jai

#33 Lost My Mom In April, Got A Tattoo Of One Of Her Drawings And Her Handwritten Note She Wrote Me

Image credits: JessiJaynexo

#34 14 Years Of Substance Abuse, 6 Years On The Street/In Shelter, At 32 Have My 1st Place

Image credits: HardcoreHermit

#35 The Amazon Driver Who Delivered My Package At 6PM On Christmas Eve

Image credits: pinkandperjurous

#36 Me The Night I Got Arrested Strung Out On Drugs vs. Me 6 Years Clean

Image credits: Substantial_Name3929

#37 My First Art Exhibition

Image credits: Yuuushaa

#38 Was Just Able To Stand Up And Eat For The First Time After Brain Surgery Yesterday

Image credits: trex_reese

#39 Went Back To College Last Week. Been 13 Years And I Am Starting From Square One

Image credits: runningdownhill

#40 A School In My Town Has A Share Bin. Students Who Buy Lunches May Place Unwanted And Unopened Food On This Ice Tray

If other students are still hungry after they finish their lunches, they may choose one item from the share bin. This simple process reduces waste and makes tummies full

Image credits: beaverkc

#41 My Second-Graders Did A Wonderful Decorating The Dress I Wore For Class Pictures And On The Last Day Of School

Image credits: thegreatcatsby17

#42 Minecraft Quilt. Best Ever. It's One Of A Kind, And Absolutely Amazing

Image credits: DWiko

#43 My Brother, With Down Syndrome, Holding His Newborn Great Niece On Christmas

Image credits: Liznobbie

#44 Found This Guy Under A Dumpster At Work. He Is Now Living His Best Life

Image credits: Flaxenfilly23

#45 My Best Friend 3D Printed The Figures, Painted Them And Created This Case All By Himself For My Birthday! I Thought It Was Official Merchandise

Image credits: sup3rrn0va

#46 After Being A Stay-At-Home Dad For 6 Years I, 35M, Started College Alongside My Son Who Just Started Kindergarten. We Got This

Image credits: ThaCrimsonChinn

#47 My 6-Year-Old Step Son Wanted Nail Varnish For X-Mas So We Got Him It And Did His Nails X-Mas Day. His Nan Is Old Fashioned And Didn't Approve So He Scratched It Off

He told me he liked having painted nails so today we sat and did each other's nails ready to show his nan when she picks him up tomorrow.

Image credits: sullie1986

#48 I Cleaned Up A Bunch Of Litter Today

Image credits: Daniel_Toben

#49 My Boyfriend Proposed To Me In The Cutest Way Ever

Image credits: infIuenza

#50 Remember When Tom Holland Promised Bridger He Could Come To The Filming Of Spider-Man? He Delivered

First, a huge thank you to Tom, @harryholland64, @zendaya, and the entire Marvel/Sony cast and crew for this dream-come-true adventure. When we first arrived on set, I was a little apprehensive that once the “curtain was pulled back” that the magic of the movies would be lost for the kids. The opposite was true! Tom, Zendaya, Harry, @lifeisaloha, @tonyrevolori, and the entire cast/crew made our kids feel like stars. They don’t just act the part of friendly neighborhood heroes - that’s what they truly are. The look on the kids’ faces was priceless when we rounded the blue-screen to see Tom, in full costume, high above the set on a light post. It was emotional to see him waive at the kids like he was the one that was supposed to be excited - not the other way around.

Image credits: robertwalker307

#51 A Resident At The Nursing Home My Husband Works At Drew Him From Memory

Image credits: judipatooti

#52 Taking One For The Team

Image credits: LavishTantrums

#53 My Mom Crochets And Donated 42 Blankets To Sick Children This Year

Image credits: seacogen

#54 Someone In My Neighborhood Knitted Up Some Hats And Scarves And Left Them Out For Free. It’s Getting Cold In Minnesota

Image credits: masonjar84

#55 Just Adopted A 13-Year-Old Cat. Who Gets Rid Of An Old Cat? She’s Great At Purring

Image credits: SpecialFeet

#56 My Fiancé And Her Amazing Art. Here Is Her Latest Piece

Image credits: thebingoking

#57 Adopted My Daughter Today. The Judge Even Let Her Bang The Gavel To Commemorate It

Image credits: The-Position

#58 We Made A Heated Winter Cabin For Lynk, The Neighbour's Cat Who Spends All Of His Time In Our Backyard Playing With Our Dog

Image credits: SpaceZombiePig

#59 Not The Biggest Deal, But I Just Finished A Semester Of College After Taking 9 Years Off. I Was 10-13 Years Older Than All Of My Classmates, But I Did It

Just one more semester to go.

Image credits: meowspoopy

#60 My Mum Has Been Crocheting Freddy Mercury Dolls And Auctioning Them Off For Cancer Research

Image credits: jackjgoodall

#61 These Band-Aids Designed To Match Different Skin Colors

Image credits: alhart89

#62 My Wife Commissioned A Portrait Of Myself, My Daughter, And My Dog. My Heart Is Melted

Image credits: spikefletcher

#63 Bought My GF's 85-Year-Old Father An Oculus, He Loves It

Image credits: jesusismyupline

#64 Both My Parents Passed Before My Daughter Was Born. My Wife Gave Me This Painting For Christmas

Image credits: DonOf952

#65 Today I’m One Year Cancer Free

Image credits: carlysaidso

#66 My Son Finished His LEGO Titanic Tonight. It’s Almost As Long As He Is. He Was So Proud

Image credits: LadyOfTheLakeMi

#67 I Made This Shelter In The Woods Just For Fun And I Come Back And Find This Hung On A Tree For Me. I Think Someone Thought I Was Homeless

Image credits: bootyeater100

#68 Every Year My Parents Recreate The Christmas Card Our Friends Send Them Of Their Kids, Here’s This Years

Image credits: Jeromiewhalen

#69 My Sociohorticulture Professor Gives Every Student A Plant Almost Every Week

Image credits: fetucine

#70 This Is My Wife's Skyrim Inspired Painting She Just Finished "Natures Rest"

Image credits: LongFineArt

#71 Wholesome Teacher

Image credits: Informal-Ride9351

#72 This UPS Driver Remains An Absolute King

Image credits: Greatfool19000

#73 My Wife Of 14 Years Worked So Hard To Get To The Same Size She Was When We Married. I'm Going To Surprise Her With A Wardrobe That I've Been Putting Together For Months

Image credits: JephriB

#74 After 30 Years Of Mortgage Payments. I Paid It Off Today. It’s All Ours

Image credits: Latter-Statement-463

#75 I Made A Cello Inspired By Dune

Image credits: MiddleMundane5437

#76 It’s Been A Hell Of A Ride. Twice Cancer Survivor

Image credits: ForceSensitiveRebel

#77 After One Month In The NICU, I Finally Got To Hold Both Of My Girls At The Same Time

Image credits: rot_in_peace

#78 You're Adopted

Image credits: wendys

#79 Every Year With My Brother, We Buy A Surprise Gift To Each Other. This Year Was Awesome. Laughed For 10 Minutes Straight

Image credits: Ad_ryen

#80 Saw This While Walking Around With My Daughters. It's About Time

Image credits: Idontsuckcompletely

#81 I Won My First Chess Tournament! USCF U1450 With 4.5/5 And $800 Prize

Image credits: sms42069

#82 My Doorbell Rang Tonight And A Bunch Of Teenagers Handed Me This Award

Image credits: schlinker

#83 "The Optimist": My 91-Year-Old Grandfather's Lockdown Creation

Image credits: libbine

#84 After Almost A Year Of Seperation Due To Border Restrictions We Surprised Their Great Grandparents

Image credits: Lugozi

#85 Getting Fist Bumps From The Scuba Diver Cleaning The Tank

Image credits: mjenness

#86 My GF Got Toby For $5 At A Rescue. Best $5 Ever Spent

Image credits: jordan12611

#87 After 6 Years, 1 Month, And 21 Days, I Became A U.S. Citizen. I’m So Excited, I Don’t Know What To Do Next. Any Suggestions?

Image credits: Oddpengu

#88 So... I Did A Thing! I've Never Been So Proud Of Myself

Image credits: Sannie99

#89 I Work Construction In The Midwest And My Boss Just Delivered All Of These Food Goodies To Our Home In Time For The Holidays

Image credits: SoDakZak

#90 As It Gets Close To Winter The Local Grocery Store Put This Out

Image credits: moshedman85

#91 Homeless And Broke But I Managed To Get Some Turkey. Very Thankful. Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: Aclockinlondon

#92 Surprise Bracelet From Two Of The Elementary School Girls I Drove For Every Day

Image credits: senji95

#93 My 79-Year-Old Aunt Got Married Today

Image credits: bloodl3tting

#94 Running My First Art Stall Today In Liverpool, The Snow And Icy Temperatures Can't Stop Me

Image credits: OkAnimator3432

#95 Bruh My Sister Met Snoop At A Canes In Arkansas Of All Places

Image credits: OfficiaIwizard

#96 My Mom Does This Every Year, For The Trash Men

Image credits: adamchain

#97 I Took My Cat To All My Errands Today And I Think That’s Just How I’m Going To Live My Life From Now On. Crazy Cat Lady Final Form

Image credits: mclairelxs

#98 This Is Dr. Peach. He Delivered Me (In 1989) And Both Of My Children (2016 & 2020). He's Retiring

Image credits: tycarp07

#99 We Bought Our First House

Image credits: SuperIneffectiveness

#100 People Cleaning The Ocean. Team Seas

Image credits: Character_Emphasis68

#101 Went To Visit A Friend Today Who Knows I’ve Been Feeling Down. He Surprised Me With A Classy Festive Tea Party! Made My Day, Made Me Smile

Image credits: binshuffla

#102 I Can’t Tell Family Yet Because I Just Got This Result Today. But I Needed To Tell Someone. So, Why Not A Bunch Of Strangers? I’m Pregnant

Image credits: rowlakel

#103 The Koala That Lives In My Backyard And The New Sign The Council Just Installed So It Can Cross The Road Safely. Normal Residential Street In Australia

Image credits: timtowiebcnr33

#104 The NICU At The Hospital Had Masks With Mouth Windows So The Baby Can See Your Expressions

Image credits: JohnIsaName

#105 This Barber Gives Free Haircut To Whoever Can't Afford It

Image credits: reddit.com

#106 I Took These Photos Of This Curious Hummingbird On Oct 12. I Thought You Would Enjoy Seeing Them

Image credits: Vicki Faist

#107 Peak Viewing Time

Image credits: leannee_wright

#108 My Wife Made This Blanket For Me Out Of Old Sheets I Had When I Was A Kid

Image credits: Thwipped

#109 My Grandpa Made This Table All By Himself, From Scratch. He Cut Down The Trees, Made His Own Plank Saw, Cut The Planks And Blocks, Assembled And Decorated The Table

From tree to table, all by his hand.

Image credits: Jg6915

#110 I Have Covid, Can't Go Anywhere And Managed To Burn My Only Pizza. Neighbor Dropped A Bag Of Tinfoil Containers Outside My Door And Now I Have A Full Hot Sunday Dinner

Image credits: Reaperfox7

#111 9 January 2022 Marks The Happiest Day Of My Life. I'm Finally A Father

Image credits: Mngunalisation

#112 This Sign I Found Has A Translation For Dogs

Image credits: allkinds999

#113 I Turned 35 Today. My Wife Made Me This Amazing Cake And The World Needs To See It

Image credits: Dragon_Small_Z

#114 Scotland’s Baby Box. Free Essentials For Every Newborn To Give Them The Best Start

Image credits: Glasgow-Kiss

#115 With The Extreme Cold Hitting Us This Week, Neighbor Is Extremely Thoughtful

Image credits: flipfrench

#116 My First Comic Book Signing. Frogs Are Dope

Image credits: joshwolf2112

#117 12 5k Races Completed In 2021

Image credits: mikiturner

#118 My Son Is Learning English At School. Apparently, Proverbs Aren’t His Forte, But I Love His Guesses (Remember, Children Should Be Seen)

Image credits: lisabettan

#119 My Husband, Who “Isn’t A Cat Person” And “Doesn’t Want Pets”

Image credits: Melon-Cola

#120 Our Ice Cream Had No Expiration Date Because They Congratulated A Long Tenured Employee

Image credits: trey_stofield

#121 Made My First Fairy Door

Image credits: achaete_scute

#122 Friend Sent Me This On Her Date. I've Never Seen Someone As Happy

Image credits: Topless_monkey

#123 This Car Was In Our Shop For The First Time. Showed This To The Customer, Confirmed That It's The True Story

Image credits: biscuit369

#124 3 Years Ago Today I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Image credits: kboogie-

#125 There Is A Sharing Point For Walking Sticks At The Beginning Of My Favourite Hiking Path

Image credits: nils4i20

#126 At Walmart I Turned Around To Make Sure My Son Was Next To Me. Instead Of Finding Him By My Side I Found Him Kneeling In Front Of The Missing Children Board Praying

Image credits: 89.5 KVNE

#127 Somebody Let Everyone Know How To Mute The Loud Ads At The Gas Pump

Image credits: trapperjohn3400

#128 I Made My 5-Year-Old Daughter A Giant Totoro For Xmas From A Free 8" Pattern I Printed At 380%. He Took 10h

Image credits: lisawesome

#129 The Son Of Kimi's Engineer (Julien Simon) Gave This Note To Max Before The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Image credits: julien_sc

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