Kindergarten @ Home ~ Letter U, Reading, Math, & More

I am teaching young children again! Not my own children this time, but the children of a very good friend. See our original post about this adventure here. Each week I plan to share our plans, which I did for Letter U here, and I also plan to share after our week is done so you can see my students in action!

Looking for Past Weeks?

I am excited to share all about our twenty-first week together, with a focus on the LETTER U! In addition to a letter focus each week we do several other things, which I will also share with you. Since I only have my students two days a week {3 hours each day}, we cram a lot into a short time! I also provide their parents with activities to do at home.

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All About Reading Level 1

My students used All About Reading Pre-reading during the first half of the year and after using the placement test from AAR in December, I could see that they were ready to begin Level 1! One of my students is 5 and the other is almost 6, and they are academically typical for those ages. We do the same lessons together, but I expect different from each of them.

We also use our CVC Words activities to review a lot. Below you can see them using our Self-Correcting CVC Word Cards.

Letter U Fun

We enjoyed several different activities, most from my site! I will link everything we used below! These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:



The Letter U activities shown below are included with our Ultimate PreK/Kindergarten @ Home Membership – which is the best way to get your hands on everything we offer, see the cost savings here!

Below you can see AK and Ki doing the following activities:



Raising Lil Rock Stars Letter U

While the kids color I tell them the story and we review the items on the display board {shapes, colors, numbers}. They also do tracing at home for homework!


Letter U Books

We read tons of books featuring the Letter U! See all of our Letter U book ideas here!


You Can Read Word Family ET

We are using You Can Read Word Families in addition to our reading lessons. Word families are a great way to build confidence in reading CVC words. It also helps us review rhyming, and focus on word patterns. We are taking 2 weeks for each word family, this week we started the _et family. These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:


Solar System Theme

We enjoyed a really fun solar system unit, find the free printables here! These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:



For math, I am selecting goals to focus on and using activities to work on those goals. I have been creating several activities to help with their goals, which you can download for free here on our math resources webpage. These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:

Below you can see photos of them working on:

Morning Message

We recently began a morning message notebook. I write them a message before they come to my house. They sit down with a highlighter and highlight any words they can read on their own. Then we read the message together. I always include a “prompt” of some sort. Below you can see AK Writing some CVC words.

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