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It’s September, and that means one thing… back to school! As much as I love summer and living our carefree days, by the time September rolls around, I am craving some routine and structure for our days. I love when the new boxes of curriculum arrive, and I am able to get everything ready for the new school year. While some subjects have stayed the same, this year, I have a child who will learn math online with CTCMath.


Math Online CTCMath

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What is CTCMath?

You may be asking yourself, what is CTCMath? I’m so glad you asked. CTCMath is a self-paced online math curriculum. CTCMath covers math levels from Kindergarten all the way to Calculus. And here’s the pot of gold – you have access to every single level with your Homeschool Family Membership. The online video tutorials are about 4-9 minutes in length, and then your student works through the online problems.


CTCMath homeschool online math


Even though CTCMath is an online math program, I appreciate that it has all the tutorial notes available for print on a one-page summary. It makes it easy to refer to when recalling a new concept.


Homeschool Online Math with CTCMath


Math Curriculum for Homeschool

When my daughter came to me over the summer and expressed her feelings about wanting to try a new math curriculum, I wasn’t thrilled. Some things I just like to stay the same. But the beauty of homeschooling is the wide variety of exceptional curriculums that we have access to. So when she told me she wanted something different, I knew where I was looking first. We had used CTCMath a couple of years ago and were pleased with it, so I had her check it out.

The brief lessons make doing math less cumbersome. Students can work at their own pace, taking time to review a tutorial or moving on if they want to get ahead. And as the Mom/Teacher, I really appreciate the detailed reports I can access to track how my child is doing.


CTCMath online homeschool math curriculum


CTCMath is homeschool friendly having a homeschool family membership that includes everyone in your family with access to all lessons in all grade levels. And the Homeschool Family Membership is 1/2 price!!! It’s really assuring to me to know that if one of my other children wants or needs a different math curriculum, I can seamlessly have them start CTCMath.


Who’s Behind CTCMath

When checking out any curriculum – online or otherwise, I always like to know who is behind it. Pat Murry is the founder of CTCMath and has had a passion for math for over thirty years. Pat and his family (TEN CHILDREN!) live in Australia, and he has helped tens of thousands of students around the world via his math teaching programs.


If you are searching for an online math program, CTCMath’s Homeschool Family Membership is worth your time to check out! Plus, you are able to do a FREE TRIAL, so you can check it out before committing to purchase your half-price membership or check out their free online math tutorials on YouTube.


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