Learning letters of the alphabet

Teaching the 26 letters sounds in kindergarten can be more manageable and successful with a consistent routine. 

Our Let's Learn the Alphabet packets help you do that easily! Each pack has the same style of activities with different vocabulary and letter focus. 

We have offered the Letter P pack free for some time now as a way for you to review the resources before you secure in the entire collection. 

learning letters
The pack is filled with 13 activities to support your instruction - from introducing and reviewing the sound, letter formation, decodable words and writing practice. There is even a craft included too! 

We especially love the sky, grass, ground posters and paper to practice getting the proportions of the letter correct. A blackline version is included too. 

Extra Ideas

  • laminate and use with dry erase markers
  • laminate the poster and use with play dough - ask students to make the letter with play dough to experience the proportions with their hands
  • drive a toy car over the letter to show the path a pencil takes to write the letter - add simple verbal cues - down, up and around

learning the alphabet
The word cards are a great to showcase and display in your first lesson. Leave them up for students to look at, read and refer to as you work through all the activities. Have students guess the words before you show each one. Ask them to suggest words that start with the sound and flip them as they are suggested. Write additional words on chart paper too.

Extra Ideas

  • leave an additional set on a ring in the writing center so your students can practice writing the words
  • print 2 sets and play a matching game
  • use your print setting to print all 8 cards on one page and use as a bingo board for a fun letter game
  • play a guessing game and give your students clues for which picture you are thinking of

activities for letters
Take a peek at the Letter P pack, I'm sure you'll love it! 

I will pop back to the blog here over the coming days to show you a few more of the included activities. 

kindergarten classroom

Lets learn p activity pack

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