My Favorite Kid Products of 2022

Two weeks into the year and I finally have this post live. I got sick and then caught up in my insane decluttering project but here we are. It was tough to pick our top kid picks for the year but this list is pretty solid if I do say so myself.

It includes some back-to-school favorites, utensils, cozy slippers, Luca’s favorite weighted blanket, and so much more. And yes, there are 4 organizing items on the list but that is just who I am these days.

Weighted Toddler Blanket: We were noticing that Luca wanted a hand on his back to fall asleep at night, so I thought maybe it was the weight that felt good. I bought him this blanket and sure enough, he loves it! Now after books and songs he says, “cozy blanky” and goes right into his crib. Amazing purchase! FYI if you’re worried about the Target weighted blanket recall, you can read about that here. The issue was that kids could unzip it and get trapped inside. This one doesn’t have a zipper so it doesn’t have that risk.

Dresser Organizing Bins: The first of many organizing items on this list. I bought these for my own dresser (for socks, bras, and underwear) then decided to get them for the kids too. They perfectly fit their clothes and keep them organized into sections.

School Utensil Set: When Amalia brings lunch, she loves this little utensil set that comes in a cute case. It makes her feel like a big girl!

Brain Quest: My sister and I used to love Brain Quest when we were younger (we had nothing else to do on long car rides before iPads!) so I started Amalia on them a few years ago. We bought her the Kindergarten version and she asks to do it often.

Acrylic Art Cart: Amalia has a million craft kits, coloring books, and art supplies that she’s collected over the years and it was driving me nuts figuring out how to store them. I bought her this acrylic art cart that she can move around to wherever she wants to do her arts and crafts and it is a cute and easy way to store the stuff!

Bombas Gripper Slippers: Both of our kids have these slippers that keep their feet super toasty while being extra grippy which is especially important for Luca who loves to face plant 24/7.

Bento Box: We have the snack size and lunch size of this bento box (we have to pack Amalia a separate snack from her lunch) and they are so simple but a great size. I like that the lunch one has a section that closes for anything messy (hummus, yogurt, etc)

The Best Swimming Goggles: Amalia’s swim teacher this summer recommended these simple Speedo goggles because our cute/fancy ones kept leaking. They really are the best at keeping the water out while not hurting her face.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair with Tray: You have probably seen a million videos of Luca in this at our kitchen counter. It is the best counter chair for kids and the tray makes clean up so easy. It also takes up much less space than a high chair so its’ all we use.

Chappywrap Midi Sized Blanket: This isn’t a new-to-us product but we got a new one for Luca for movie nights (with airplanes) and I think it’s so cute when they’re both sitting on the couch with their little Chappywraps on their laps.

Bob’s Books: These cute book sets are so fun for beginning readers. Amalia has loved practicing her reading with them.

Stackable Drawers: We use these divided clear drawers for Amalia’s toys with lots of little pieces. For example I have one with all of her Gabby’s Dollhouse characters on one side and Polly Pocket stuff on the other. I labeled them so clean up is a breeze.

T is for Tame Hair Taming Cream: Before we buzzed Luca’s head (which we’re currently growing back), I would use this every morning on the front of his hair to smooth it to the side. It’s great because it doesn’t look like any product is in their hair but helps to… tame it.

Dagne Dover Diaper Changing Kit: A chicer version of any diaper changing pad for on-the-go diaper changes.

Dishwasher-Safe Utensils: We needed an upgrade to our mishmash of kid utensils and went with these.

Backpack (for a diaper bag): Ok this is the most organized backpack ever with so many sections and compartments for storing things (my dream). We swapped our diaper bag for this and it’s been a great switch. If I could start over this is what I would recommend to any new mom as a diaper bag.

Acrylic Lazy Susan: We store Amalia’s coloring stuff in this. One section for markers, one for crayons, one for colored pencils, etc. She can pull it out whenever she wants to color then put it back on her own.

Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment: Luca has eczema on his cheeks and arms that gets really red and rough. I asked a friend who has kids with eczema and she recommended this stuff which is basically liquid gold. Nothing else helped him except for Tubby Todd! I looked to find it on Amazon and it doesn’t exist so you do have to buy it from their site but I promise it’s worth it.

Hooded Striped Towel: My mom bought the kids matching striped towels with their names on the back. There’s nothing extra special about them but they’re a great size, wash well, and just so dang cute!

Insulated Lunch Box: Amalia’s bento box goes inside this when she brings lunch to school.  Her water bottle fits on the side. There are a ton of patterns and colors to choose from so your kid can get exactly what they want.

Door Stopper (not pictured): Luca’s bedroom door gets a lot of light under it so we bought this to block that out. If you have a kid who wakes up with the light, it’s a great and cheap way to help!

Chew Necklaces (not pictured): At the beginning of the school year, Amalia was having a lot of anxieties and started chewing on her hair and nails. Someone recommended these necklaces to chew on instead and they helped a lot. I’m proud to say she doesn’t need them anymore but they made a big difference when she did.

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