Number Line Centers

These highly -anticipated number line centers are a great way to practice addition and subtraction within 10 and 20.

When we’re teaching new math concepts, we always want to start with CONCRETE practice first and then move on to ABSTRACT learning when they’re ready.

So I created TWO versions of this activity below! This activity is yours when become a VIP Plato Pack Member!

Number Line Center

Getting Ready

The first version (numbers to 10) is perfect for students who are new to addition and subtraction because it has kids solve simple word problems and gives them a visual hint about the direction they need to move their finger along the number line.

First, I printed one record sheet for each station. (Feel free to print them on colored paper for a fun pop!)

Then, I laminated the challenge cards to give them extra durability and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

Number Line Centers

To play, students flipped over one card at a time and used their number line to solve it.

Then, they wrote their answer on the answer sheet.

Number Line Extension Activity

And then, to make it easy for you to stretch students who are ready for more challenge, I also created a second version that has them move from word problems to number sentences and practice numbers to 20.

Just like the first batch, students flipped over their cards and wrote their answers on the sheet.

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