Picnic Ants Finger Play

Have you enjoyed the free printable finger plays I have offered you recently? I love making them and have created one for you today with a picnic ant theme. It could be used early in the school year when you focus on the a letter sound. 

We love finger plays in the early childhood classroom! They help you provide:
  • a simple engaging text that students can participate actively in
  • a literacy experience - students can point or follow along with the text and demonstrate pre-reading skills
  • a language experience - students are exposed to topic vocabulary and rhyme
  • an integration of listening, language and literacy
  • a re-focus opportunity and a joint experience that will help build classroom community
  • fine motor and movement
  • a fun transition between longer lessons
This finger play is short with simple, repetitive actions - ideal for new kindergarten students. It will be easy to remember and the repetition of actions will encourage them to connect to it quickly.

Picnic Ants the finger play is here ready for you in Google Drive.

It concludes with students folding their arms or bringing them together in their lap - perfect for behavior management when you are settling them on the carpet. 

Project it onto your classroom electronic board to use it as a literacy or reading activity. As you collect more of our finger plays you can add them together in a folder and let your students read them in the classroom library.

A blackline version is included for you too. Have students color it and take it home to share with their families. This makes a great literacy link between home and school. 

What a great time to read more texts with an ant theme or character. Here are some from our home library:
  • The Wonderful World of Ants by Philip Bunting
  • Tiny Ant - A Tale About Finding Your Voice by Claire Freedman and Claire Powell
  • Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose

Books About Ants

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