Hi friend!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was good, filled with kindergarten basketball, putting the finishing touches on the mudroom (which I plan to share with you soon!), and watching the football games to see who would be in the Superbowl in two weeks!

I grew up in California until age 9, then moved to Ohio, so both the 49ers (Joe Montana) and Bengals (WHO DEY!) are teams I’ve grown up watching. This year’s Super Bowl will be a super fun one to watch- even if the 49ers aren’t in it.  I’ll be rooting for the Bengals!


I had gotten out of the habit of doing a Q&A Monday on Stories every week, so now I’m going to try to do them twice a month.  I really enjoy interacting with y’all on Stories and if you’re not following me there, I’m sharing a round-up of some of the most frequently asked questions and answers today!

I broke it down into categories so you can read through or jump around to the topics that interest you most.


Is marriage in the near future?

By far, the most asked question (after a request for the cookie recipe!) is if marriage is in the plans for me and Brian.

Brian & Megan

His Shoes (a gift from me) • My Dress (HONEY15 for 15% off)

We’ve been dating almost two years now, so I can understand the curiosity.  We have talked about getting married, where we’d live, how it would work with the kids, etc.  It may happen in the future, but we are currently really happy and content with the way things are.

We have a date night (in or out) every Thursday and see each other on weekends.  He’s also divorced with kids and our schedules line up, so we have weekends with and without the kids at the same time, which is very convenient.  I’ve also come to really adore his girls and my kids like him.  So that’s all good, important stuff to consider before making such a serious commitment.

I’m super thankful for him and our relationship.  He’s thoughtful and caring and we have great conversations and he brings joy and fun to my life.   We are compatible with how we live, our dedication to parenting, and our loyalty to friends and family.

My family likes him and (thankfully) his family likes me!  His parents are so sweet and his sister is just awesome, even her kids are friends with mine.

Megan & Brian

If something changes, I will be sure to share with you!!  If you’re curious how we met, go here for all the details.


Cookie recipe pleeeeeeease! Also how do I find recipes on your blog?

Rhonda’s chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of my most requested! You can find it here. You can find all my food recipes here.

How do you get your vitamins in?

I take my vitamins first thing in the morning and keep them in one of those vitamin dividers.

What are your macros? Carb, protein, fat?

I’m happy to share, but keep in mind my macros are specific to my body, my BMR (basal metabolic rate) and my specific fitness goals. Yours are likely to be different.

I don’t always track my macros, but I am now for my current fitness challenge.

MY MACROS: Carbs & Protein – 125 g each, Fat – 28 g, Total Calories – 1250

That’s also my macro goal, and I often run over on the calories.

I still have date nights and the occasional dessert, but I’m trying to build those things into an overall healthy lifestyle.  I got way off balance in the months leading up to Christmas and didn’t feel good.  So now, I’m trying to be more mindful of what I eat and not binge on dessert.  My sweet tooth is strong!


Link for your treadmill. Still like it?

Yes, I bought my treadmill in 2020, but didn’t start using it consistently until I put it in a place that was super convenient to use.

Now I’ll hop on the treadmill and watch YouTube videos, answer emails, chat on DM, while I walk briskly and it helps get my steps in! It’s also compact and folds up so you can slip it under a bed or desk.

What were your book recommendations?

I love to read, mostly nonfiction, self growth type books.  I just finished Minimalista and am now reading The Artist’s Way.

Below are 15 of my top book recommendations.

15 Life Changing Books

Best tip to handle health stress?

I always think exercise is the best stress reliever. Of course check with your doctor to make sure what is appropriate and safe, but a walk outside does wonders.  I also really enjoy my quiet time in the morning with reading & writing.

A trusted friend for counselor can also be helpful for confiding in and receiving advice. Sending you good healing energy.♥

Fitness, Black Tee, Joggers, Sneakers

Black Tee • Joggers • Sneakers

Can you share any family meals for the week? I struggle working and have a great meal.

The struggle is real! I have a whole tab on my blog dedicated to food meal planning and healthy recipes. You can find it here.

Walmart Plus Shopping

How is your TMJ? Did you do anything to help?

It’s so much better & it was so painful for a while. My dentist recommended I get Botox in my jaw and it helped almost immediately!

What were your TMJ symptoms and how was it diagnosed?

The biggest problem was that it was painful to take a large bite of food – I could barely open my mouth that wide. It hurt really bad, my dentist said it was TMJ & that he’s been seeing more patients with it during the stress of the last couple of years.  You can also wear a mouth guard at night to prevent clenching/grinding and there’s also jaw massage you can do on yourself.

Will you ever do another bikini competition?

I would prep for one, but I don’t think I’d actually enter & get on stage. That requires the extra effort of hiring a posing coach & practicing posing & I’m not into that.  But, I’m proud I competed (twice) & hit that goal.  I wanted to do it since my 20s, but didn’t compete until I was in my late 30s and again at age 40. I’m 46, almost 47 now!

It shows you what you can do if you put your mind to it.  It was a great mental  & physical achievement.  Also, never say never! You can read all about my bikini contest preps here.

How are you doing and feeling with regards to your thyroid?

So sweet to ask! My OBGYN noticed my thyroid was unusual/enlarged? and sent me to a specialist.  Apparently, I have nodules and an ultrasound was recommended.  I had that ultrasound and now I have to go for a fine needle aspiration (biopsy) next month.

I honestly haven’t thought much about it. I don’t have any symptoms that I’m aware of. I read that 80% of biopsies come back normal.

I’m not being flippant about it, it’s just that there’s nothing that worrying will accomplish and there’s no action I can take right now to affect a positive outcome, other than staying positive and not fretting.  I don’t even know that there’s anything to fret over yet.  The biopsy procedure is supposed to be painless and quick.

I do appreciate your concern and I will keep you posted.

Did you end up trying any collagen supplements?

Yes! I recently started taking Modere Liquid Biocell LIFE and since I’m only on my first couple of weeks, I haven’t noticed any significant difference yet. I will definitely keep you updated!

I’m interested to see the benefits:

  • increases skin’s collagen content
  • promotes healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes
  • improved muscle tone
  • reduces wrinkles from the inside out
  • supports joint mobility & cardiovascular health

I went with Modere because my long time friend, Courtney recommended it and I really trust her.

I’m also using the TRIM for inhibiting fat storage, improving muscle tone and restoring youthful skin. This on is delicious in the chocolate flavor (tastes like frosting) and probably helped me avoid eating desserts for the last 30 days!

Modere gave me a $10 discount code to share with you if you’re interested in trying it.


Do you use a to do app for organization?

I don’t use an app, but on Sunday I like to plan my schedule for the week. I write in my workouts, any kid activities, appointments then map out my work schedule.

Every night before bed I plan the next day, including my top three priorities. I keep a MASTER LIST going with two categories WORK and HOME as things pop into my head.

Then I try to tackle those projects each week or plan for them in the future.

how to get more done everyday

Just starting out. What comes 1st? Blog, LTK, social media?

Good for you! Your blog is the only thing you actually own so you definitely want to have that. But once you have started your blog, you want to get people to read it by sharing on social media.

Building your email list is very important so you can always communicate with your audience.  In fact, you can subscribe to my blog here. 🙂

But some “influencers” are mainly social media only and rarely blog.

My blog always came first, I’ve been been doing it 11 years.  The first several years were strictly a hobby without earning any significant income at all.

Where did the name Honey We’re Home come from?

Such a good question! I started my blog in 2010 when my son was born and we were moving into our new house, so “Honey We’re Home!”  I’m so grateful that some of my original readers are still here today!

Does anyone remember my old blog header?!

Honey We're Home Blog Header

What is the app you use for mood boards?

I use PicMonkey. I’ve always really enjoyed putting together collages. PicMonkey is very user friendly and you can do a lot with it!

How do you keep content fresh when so many lifestyle creators push the same items/brands?

That’s an interesting question because I rarely know what anyone else is doing. I just don’t have as much time to spend on Instagram or stories watching other people. I think if people are promoting the same brand it’s usually because they genuinely like/use that brand and each person’s perspective is unique to them.

At the end of the month, I create my content calendar for the following month & I try to keep things fresh & also share what’s happening around here. If I get a collaboration offer, I try to fit it in with what I already have planned so that it’s authentic.


This is silly. I follow you on Amazon but I don’t know how to get back to your page.

Not silly! Amazon hasn’t make it very easy to follow people! Here’s my personalized Amazon store. You can bookmark that page, it’s also in my Instagram profile & blog sidebar if you lose it!

Amazon JUST released an update where you can search for some people directly on the Amazon search bar.

I also go live on Amazon every week and you can join me here.

Any other bra brands/styles that you can rec beside the 2 you showed last week?

I also like this bra that is feminine, pretty and lacy bust the lace part is thin and it doesn’t show under T-shirts.

If you could only have one pair of booties would they be a lighter tan or brown /dark tan?

I think I would go with a lighter tan because I bought these booties and literally wear them with everything!

booties under $30

Best workout leggings with pockets?

I like these high waist leggings from Amazon, I have about five pair because I wear them so often, including at today’s workout!

BUT, Brian just gifted me for Christmas my first pair of Lululemon leggings and now I know what all the fuss is about!  They are my true favorite now, but the Amazon pair are a close second.

Lululemon Leggings

Tips for keeping sweaters from pilling?

Have you tried using a sweater shaver? It really works! This is the one I use and I also use it on my sofa occasionally to shave off any pills.

What jeans do you wear most often?

I tend to rotate between a few different pair, but always high rise.  That’s what I’ve grown most comfortable in.  I wear my Amazon Daily Ritual skinnies a lot- those are comfy with a lot of stretch and fit TTS, also available in short sizes.

I’ve been reaching for my Paige denim a lot lately too.  These are soft and fit well in all the right places.  They’re also on sale!

Loft (the high rise skinny in dark wash goes with everything) and Madewell (the roadtripper are great) are also jean brands I like.

I’m looking forward to Spring Break, do you have any flattering one-piece swimsuit recommendations?

I do!  I usually prefer wearing a one piece if I’m going swimming with the kids, but I still want to look and feel good in it!  HERE are lots of flattering one-piece swimsuit options.

What is the everyday bag you carry?

I’m currently carrying this Tory Burch bag (in tan, but the green sure is pretty!) and I added this Amazon crossbody strap.

You can find all my favorite Amazon bags here (and they’re all under $55!)


Can you please share the link to the salon you use?

Of course, I have an appointment on Friday! I go to Shelby Kerr Salon, 11610 Spring Cypress Rd., Tomball, TX 77377, her number is 832.454.4019

Lipsticks for blondes?

I wear this color all the time and feel like it’s super flattering, it’s called “liv it up”.

Have you trimmed Jordan’s hair through her life? 2 yr old’s hair is crazy but we want it to grow!

I have trimmed Jordan’s hair and she got a professional cut from my friend/hairdresser Shelby about nine months ago. I’ve cut both my kids’ hair with these super sharp scissors.

You look amazing! How much does microshading cost?

Thank you so much! I recently got my brows microshaded (a combination of microblading and shading the skin beneath so that it looks like your brows are filled in.  I have a whole Story Highlight if you want more details, including pictures and behind the scenes of the actual procedure.

I went to my friend Linh at La.Me.Lash.

The cost for microshading is $500- $550.  Linh is offering my followers $50 off!  Yearly touch ups, if previously done by her are $200-$250.

What eye cream do you use? Also you & Brian look so cute together!

Thank you! I use the Colleen Rothschild retinol supreme eye serum and I also like the complete eye cream.  I started using Colleen’s products when I turned 40 and I’m 46 (almost 47) now and I’m so happy with how my skin improved.

It honestly looks better now than it did when I started!

You can check out my 4-Minute Evening Skincare Routine, 6 Skincare Products I Buy on Repeat and What Order to Apply Your Skincare Products.

Do you have veneers? Your teeth are beautiful!

That’s such as sweet compliment! No, I don’t have veneers, but I did wear braces as a teen.  My teeth were terrible before braces – I had a wide front gap & fangs! I was so insecure about my teeth growing up (& was teased) so your kind comment is especially appreciated.

Do you have Botox or dysport? Botox gives me headaches wondering if dysport is better.

I have gotten Botox in my forehead and at the II’s between my eyes, I sometimes get a headache afterwards also but I haven’t tried dysport. Botox also helped my TMJ if any of you are suffering from that. They inject it at the jaw.


Your home is beautiful. Is it your forever home? Is there anything you would change?

Thank you so much! I don’t have any plans to move and I am so grateful for our home. It was a custom build and we truly love it! I think I would like lighter floors and often wish we had a pool because it gets so hot here in Houston.

I try not to think too much about what I would change because I can easily go down a road of discontent.  But, if it’s ever time to move, I’m sure I could think of so many things I’d like to do differently!

dining room

dining room

How often do you clean your beautiful home?

Thank you for the compliment! It’s a lot of house to keep up with but I tidy daily and I have a wonderful housekeeper Anna that comes once a week. I love her and supporting her small business! She’s wonderful!

My personality makes it hard for me to relax if things are a mess, so I prefer to invest in support so that I can relax more and enjoy time with my kids instead of thinking, “I really need to clean that.”

That having been said, I oddly enjoy cleaning.  I like mopping the floors on Sunday afternoons with my steam mop.

I also get my kids in on the clean up action and they know where their things belong, which makes clean up easier.

Finally, I’ve also decluttered a ton since 2019, and that has helped tremendously.

guest bedroom

Link for the corner rug grips please? Can they go in the washing machine with the rug?

These are awesome for keeping your rugs in place without damaging your floors. I’ve never tried to put them in the washing machine though.

Trash can link, please

Honestly one of my best purchases of 2021 – this trash can!

Artwork recommendations?

Minted has gorgeous selection of artwork (including the abstract piece over my desk) and they support a community of independent artists. I have several pieces in my office. I’ve also always been a fan of Lindsay Letters. She is a talented artist and I have a piece in Jordan’s bathroom and her playroom.

Etsy, Amazon and Joss & Main are also great places to look!

Toddler Playroom

Eva Love Pink Art

Do you have a link to the mug warmer you shared from Amazon? Thanks!

I use my coffee warmer daily! It looks sleek in my house and I have three, one on my nightstand, one on my desk, and one on the end table in my living room! It warms your cup when it’s sitting on it, but turns off automatically when you lift your cup up so you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off.

coffee warmer


Are you planning a family vacation again?

We want to take a trip this year, but don’t have any plans yet.  We went with the kids to Seaside last summer and may do something similar again this year.  We went to NYC in September for Brian’s birthday (combined with a work trip), and Playa Mujeres last April didn’t disappoint!

Dress • Heels • Crossbody

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Swimsuit • Swimsuit Bottoms • Swim Trunks

Did you take a Galveston beach trip and stayed in a beach front house? Link please if so. Thanks.

Yes! Brian and I stayed at the Galvestonian condos last summer. It’s an older property with beachfront access, swimming pools, and I think they also have tennis and basketball courts but I’m not 100% . You can check VRBO to rent.

Megan and Brian

No question. Just thank you for being so inspirational, motivating and down to earth.

Thank YOU for being here. It really means so much to me that you take time out of your day to be here. I really appreciate it and it’s more fun with you here!


Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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