random Monday morning post...

 ha, as if my usual posts AREN'T random.

Tennyson and Achilles, and Wulf...T and Wulf are brothers, Achilles is their cousin, double cousin...:)
My son Benjy with his little Declan...yes, that's the newborn.
Achilles with Sonja (and our friend Janette!)
Uncle Jonny and little Rhys, and Samuel with his Ruth
Camille graduated kindergarten, not too long ago....can you believe how time flies?  She's fourteen now.

Rhys Harper turned one year old yesterday! 

I'm going to water aerobics in a bit, then probably giving the cabinet that's on my kitchen table a coat of paint.  It's had two coats of primer, after removing all the old latex paint that someone put right on the oak cabinet with no primer, ugh.  It's a lot of work, but why buy new cabinets when these have such good bones?  

We are going bye bye to an airbnb on the lake this week, so excited!  Ruth is awake and fussy, so bye for now!

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