Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 4: Sh and Wh Digraphs

Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 4 is here!!  This comprehensive and FUN reading program works on specific phonics skills and 5-7 sight word per unit. Each unit includes 10 lessons, activity pages, practice pages, and assessments! In unit 4 of Ready2Read Level 2, we will be covering the sh and wh digraphs, along with 5 new sight words! When you teach both sight words and targeted phonics skills simultaneously, students become strong, confident and fluid readers. Conveniently, all of the research and work has been done for you! Therefore, just print, prep, and teach. No matter if you’re teaching at home or in the classroom, this curriculum will work for you. Let’s take a close look at Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 4.

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Lesson Plans

The lesson plans are super simple to follow! Each unit covers 10 lessons, and each lesson can be done in a day. The lessons take you from introducing the sight words and sh and wh digraphs, to hands-on practice, to spelling and finally a mixed review for mastery. Therefore, it’s comprehensive and easy to follow!

Let’s take a look at Unit 4 in action: Sh and Wh Digraphs

Sh Digraph

In this unit, the sh digraph will include practice for the beginning and ending sh sound. To assist, Unit 4 includes an sh song and a poster.

Grab those magnetic letters and practice with the sh Spelling Egg Machine! Look at the picture and build the word.

The sh digraph ducks will be added to your word wall with the rest of the carnival theme words from previous units. This is a great way for students to practice rereading all of their words. Look at all those ducks! Incorporating other phonics skills from previous Ready2Read lessons, really expands the decodable word list!

Spin the spinner and write the word that matches the picture. Both beginning and ending sh words are included.

Identify the word that is spelled correctly, and write the word.

Spin and make a new sh word! For this activity, the focus is on building words with the existing -sh ending.

Included in each Ready2Read unit are the mini books! Kids LOVE these books.

Each book is specifically targeted for that particular unit. Read the sentence that includes sight words taught in previous units, cut and paste the word to the boxes that match the picture.

Beginning and ending sh word sort. I love these visual pictures that help students see, say and hear the sh sound.

Build it and Read it centers. This is perfect as a pocket chart activity!

Grab those magnetic letters to build the boxed up words! Each sound has its own space to help build students decode the word and build confidence. Watch as they become awesome spellers!

Word sort time! This activity helps students hear the sh sound and sort the picture to the correct column.

Sentence practice: Read the sentence and draw a line to the picture that matches.

Word Searches are ALWAYS a hit! These word searches require a bit more than finding a word that they see/read. For Ready2Read word searches, students look at the picture and think about how it is spelled. Then, they find the word in their word search.

In this activity, students read the sentence, identify if the sh is at the beginning or the end, and write the word in the correct column. Reading, Identifying, Writing.

Roll and Read with sh digraphs!

Spin and Write a word

This is where students show what they know with their newly learned phonics skill and sight words! Fluency is key and Ready2Read provides ample opportunities for that!

Simple passages have been carefully crafted so students have authentic opportunities to practice what they learned in the lesson. Not only are the phonics based words carefully chosen, but the sight words as well! Only previously taught sight words will be included in these passages so your students can read them with pure confidence!

Wh Digraph

As I’ve mentioned, this unit teaches sh and wh digraphs. Now that you’ve seen the sh activities, we are moving onto the wh sound starting with a song and a phonics poster!

Wh cut and paste books give students the opportunity to build the word and read the sentence.

Here is the Word Search for the wh digraph.

Add these ducks to the carnival themed word wall for students to refer back to! Another option is to combine all the sh and wh digraph ducks and use this activity as a word sort. Either way, the important thing is that they use the opportunity to read and reread the words. This builds fluency for mastery.

Here is an opportunity for sentence practice.

Read and sort the words that have the wh digraph from the words that do not.

Spin and make a new word that begins with the wh sound.

Build the wh digraph word. If you don’t have magnet or tile letters, you can laminate these and use a dry erase marker.

Identify the correct wh digraph word and write it on the lines.

Words that begin with wh…

Wh Sentences: Students use the picture to write a sentence with the wh digraph word.

Decodable word cards! These word cards help students to isolate the sounds and blend the words. This type of learning helps solidify those phonics sounds.

Decodable passages help students practice newly learned phonics skills and build fluency.

Sight Word Centers

In Unit 4 of Ready2Read Level 2, we are incorporating the following sight words: saw, with, soon, out, too, must and all. Students read these words automatically and on demand. We DON’T sound out sight words…we read them automatically and quickly. By combining the use of sight words and phonics, students are able to read more fluently.

Sight Word Sentences practice! Each of the 7 sight words in this unit have targeted sight word practice pages. Each page has 10 sight word sentences, for a total of 70 sentences to practice. The 3 stars at the top of the page require the students to read the set of 10 sentences 3 times each. Just with these sight word pages, students will read 210 sentences! WOW!

Sight Word Searches make practice fun! These pages also have students practice the sight word within a simple sentence.

On the page below, students fill in the sentence with the correct sight word. They also use the boxes at the bottom of the page to box up each sight in the correct box. Spelling and fluency combined on one page!

Memory with sight words! Turn that sight word recognition into a GAME!

Mixed Review: Sh and Wh Digraphs and Sight Words

Here is the mixed review practice with the sh and wh digraphs and sight words. Since Ready2Read aims for mastery and fluency, the skills offered in the mixed review allow student ample opportunities to practice the sight words and digraphs combined.

Spin and write the word!

Mixed review practice with sentences and simple stories!

Game time! Flip a card, read the word and cover your spot with your color! A fun and simple way to practice reading with the newly-learned phonics skills.

Read the simple sentence and match the picture.

Here is sentence practice with sh and wh digraph words.

Mixed Review word searches allows students to find both sh and wh digraph words

Cut, sort and paste!

Ready2Read Certificate! WOW! What a HUGE accomplishment! At the end of the unit, students receive a certificate that outlines mastery for sight words and phonics skills!

I hope you find this resource helpful! 

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Stay tuned for the Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 5 blog post!

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