School Lunch Around The World: 97 Times School Food Was Absolutely Amazing Or God-Awful (New Pics)

School lunch is an important part of the students' day. It provides a much-needed break from the classroom and an opportunity to refuel. However, the quality and variety of the menu can vary greatly depending on which part of the globe we look at.

Some schools, for example, have been trying to improve the nutritional value of their lunches by adding more fruits and veggies, reducing the amount of processed foods, and offering options for eaters with dietary restrictions. These efforts can help to ensure that students are getting what they need to stay active and focused.

On the other hand, some schools still serve meals that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium, which can contribute to obesity and other health problems.

So to see who is on the right track and who is lagging, we at Bored Panda decided to expand on our previous publication on school lunches from around the world and put together a new collection of pictures that vividly illustrate the situation, courtesy of the subreddit r/pics. Enjoy!

#1 $3 School Lunch: North Georgia

Image credits: merc123

#2 School Lunch In South Korea

Image credits: ipresnel

#3 School Lunch In California (Free)

Image credits: bestoblivion

#4 School Lunch Oregon ~free

Image credits: Moist-Intention844

#5 Chilbo High School Lunch (Free - South Korea)

Image credits: inlgyment

#6 Looks Like School Lunches Are Making The Rounds Here Again: United States, Public Middle School

Image credits: bibliophile222

#7 Free School Lunch In Stockholm, Sweden

Image credits: Cool_Kalkon

#8 NYC Middle School Lunch

Image credits: geo9k

#9 School Lunch At A Kindergarten In Japan (Bonus Bentos)

Image credits: sjbfujcfjm

#10 New York City School Lunch

Image credits: BrighterGreen

#11 My Korean School Lunch!! Free For All Students

Image credits: darkrealm190

#12 School Lunch For Elementary Kids In Korea

Image credits: asiawide

#13 School Lunch In Japan. The Christmas Edition

Image credits: Hahnter

#14 School Lunch From My Country. Where Am I? What Do Kids Eat Where You Are?

Image credits: Phylanara

#15 Elementary School Lunch In South Korea

Image credits: Seanathon23

#16 School Lunch In Thailand, 25 Baht. About .75 USD

Image credits: PinkKnapsack

#17 My School Lunch Today In The U.S. (Florida)

Image credits: Obamathirdcousin

#18 High School Lunch In Maine

Image credits: mainthorn

#19 My School Lunch [oc]

Image credits: undertaler64

#20 Lunch + Breakfast At My School. (Seasia-- Seriously, Wtf Is Going Wrong With American School Lunch)

Image credits: voidmusik

#21 School Lunch At My High School In Mid-Western America (Free)

Image credits: PegAkira

#22 Australian School Lunch

Image credits: mannyrmz123

#23 My Korean School Lunch (That Students Get For Free)! Beef Noodle Soup And Various Banchan!

Image credits: darkrealm190

#24 What A Week Of (Free) School Lunches Look Like In Thailand [oc]

Image credits: UnlikelyFix

#25 A School Lunch In America And Yes The Pizza Is Cold And The Crust Is Stale

Image credits: TheRealMcHamr

#26 This Was My Lunch At An American School Since We’re Doing Photos Of School Lunches Now

Image credits: dylan000o

#27 I See Your School Lunch And I Raise You A Dinner On A Us Navy Ship

Image credits: koolturkey

#28 American High School Lunch (Oc)

Image credits: AsianNoodL

#29 School Lunch At Public High School, Florida

Image credits: GORGOSSSS

#30 My Wife Forgot Her Lunch Today. The School Cafeteria Kindly Gave Her, A Teacher, A School Lunch

Image credits: FireBetAlwaysWorking

#31 My Korean School Lunch! Pork Cutlet, Blood Sausage Soup, And Assorted Banchan

Image credits: darkrealm190

#32 School Lunch, Free In California (Not Pictured, A Red Apple)

Image credits: ballerscholar

#33 School Lunch At My Middle School (It Was Bad)

Image credits: Minimizing_merchant

#34 Free School Lunch UK

Image credits: GDTango

#35 My Real School Lunch In California (Free)

Image credits: Letsgothrifty

#36 Elementary School Lunch Japan


#37 Vermont School Lunch

Image credits: veggycat

#38 Are We Still Doing School Lunches?

Image credits: ilovemycat2018

#39 Korean School Lunch Workers Went On A Strike - Served Bread & Milk To Kids - Accused Of Child Abuse

Image credits: dl1ehingvel

#40 School Lunch: Pork Roll Egg N Cheese, Potataos, Lima Beans, Mozzarella Salad, Zeppoles. All For $3

Image credits: eddiedickson

#41 School Lunch In Folsom, Ca (Free)

Image credits: TurkeyLuver

#42 Pics From Some Schools In Korea Known For Having Best School Lunches

Image credits: bvmmi1le

#43 My Korean School Lunch! Handmade Duck Steaks, Beef And Radish Soup, And Assorted Banchan

Image credits: darkrealm190

#44 Elementary School Lunch In Affluent School District In Southern California

Image credits: poofacemcguillicutty

#45 School Lunch Romania

Image credits: onestepfwd

#46 School Lunch In Elementary School In USA

Image credits: snorkelpug

#47 Saw Someone Post Their School Lunch So I Thought I’d Share Mine… Nc United States

Image credits: RaidenFanClub

#48 Have Seen A Few Of These Today, Here Is My American School Lunch

Image credits: SURTUPPETS

#49 Typical School Lunch In South Korea

Image credits: seacobs

#50 Elementary School Lunch In Socal Day 2

Image credits: poofacemcguillicutty

#51 School Lunch In America Since We’re Posting School Lunches

Image credits: saphiresgirl

#52 Typical School Lunch In South Korea

Image credits:

#53 Us Public School Lunch (Florida)

Image credits: Superluigibros84

#54 I See Your Finnish, And Swedish School Lunch, And I Raise You Our USA School Lunch

Image credits: ewwsusie

#55 School Lunch In Denmark

Image credits: SpoochDK

#56 School Lunches Today. Middle School & High School-Frisco, Texas

Image credits:

#57 Depressing School Lunch

Image credits: wazman2222

#58 School Lunch, Here In Good Ol Us-Of-A

Image credits: hayjaybirk

#59 Daughters Middle School Lunch

Image credits: Julian_c_1989

#60 A Single Cauliflower In A Single Use Plastic Wrap From A School Lunch

Image credits: McNoobens

#61 I See Your Korean Private School Lunches And Give You Maryland Public School Lunch

Image credits: Trhodes009

#62 Chinese Elementary/Primary School Lunches

Image credits: iwazaruu

#63 An Example Of A Swedish (Free) School Lunch. Fried Salmon, Fried Potatoes In Herbs, Honey Roasted Vegetables With Chèvre

Image credits: Svenmpa

#64 So This Is What An Average School Lunch Looks Like For High Schoolers In Germany

Image credits: ScoochMagooch

#65 This Was Today’s NYC Public School Lunch

Image credits: Rococococococo

#66 Saw A Pic Of School Lunch, Here's Mine, A Bag Of Chips With Non Melted Cheese

Image credits: Monkey_Bingo

#67 Typical (Free) School Lunches Of My Son In One Of The Best Public School Districts In The USA

Image credits: putzl

#68 Now, If You Had This For School Lunch, It Was A Peak Lunch Day

Image credits: barista91

#69 I Sww Other Users Sharing Their School Lunches. Here's Mine. [oc]

Image credits:

#70 Late To The Party But Here Is My Son’s School Lunch

Image credits: kfmf636

#71 School Lunches? Here's My My Kids Get At High School

Image credits: RockRoomCV

#72 School Lunch From West Virginia

Image credits: standoffston2

#73 School Lunch

Image credits: yxgnorme

#74 I See Your School Lunches And Raise You To A Different American School Lunch

Image credits: mine248

#75 My School Lunch

Image credits: Arexoodo

#76 Public School Lunch In Mn

Image credits: slpfeife9651

#77 I See All Of Your International Lunches And Raise You A Georgian School Lunch. 'Merica

Image credits: siimonixx

#78 #thanksmichelleobama For My School Lunch

Image credits:

#79 Us School Lunch, Not Bad But Its All I Eat From 6:30am To 6pm. Less Than 300 Calories

Image credits: therealman-io

#80 Maryland Public School Lunch

Image credits: SenpaiDextra

#81 My School Lunch Patty Doesn’t Fit The Bread. Pathetic? Or Am I Just Spoiled

Image credits: TylerTerrify

#82 This Is A Local School Lunch That A School In The Us Served

Image credits: Bank_Gothic

#83 Since We Are Sharing School Lunches And Navy Trays, I Thought I'd Share A Nice Hot Army Dinner

Image credits: zombreeseagull

#84 My School Lunch

Image credits: wdqian05

#85 I See Your Finnish School Lunch And Raise You My South Korean School Lunch

Image credits: JingleJohnJacob

#86 I See Your Beautiful, Healthy, Free Korean School Lunch And Raise You....america

Image credits: saficat6

#87 School Lunch In Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Image credits: seacobs

#88 Grilled Cheese For School Lunch (So Delicious)

Image credits: The_Cometeer

#89 Actual School Lunch 2020

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#90 Middle School Lunch (Hawaii)

Image credits: LynnsFriedRice

#91 Since We’re Posting School Lunch Now, Here Y’all Go:

Image credits: InderYT

#92 Our School Lunch Today

Image credits: vavasmusic

#93 I Guess We Are Doing School Lunches Now, So Here Is Some Green Ham At My School

Image credits: idoacube

#94 Average American School Lunch 2022…

Image credits: navibab

#95 My School Lunch

Image credits: AngeryZach

#96 This Is Supposed To Be An Acceptable School Lunch In Upstate New York

Image credits: Octizzle

#97 A Public School Lunch In Ohio

Image credits: DaGutie44

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