The Wild Robot

This unique and quirky book was absolutely delightful. From the description, I wasn’t sure my family was going to enjoy it, but it was recommended by so many people, I figured we had to check it out. From the moment we started reading, it was clear this book was unlike any others we have read. However, our entire family, 4 years old through adult, was completely sucked in.

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

The Wild Robot Details

Title: The Wild Robot
Author: Peter Brown
Publication Year: 2016
Age Group: Kindergarten, Early Elementary, Mid Elementary
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I finished reading the last few chapters of this book to my kids when my husband wasn’t around. Later I found him finishing the book on his own to see what he had missed. That says a lot. While he frequently wanders away during read alouds, I don’t think he has ever taken the time to catch up on a book I’m reading to the kids.

The first thing my kids and I noticed when we started reading this book is how incredibly short the chapters are. Some of them are only a couple paragraphs long. The longest one we found was maybe 10 pages. This would make the book appealing to kids who are intimidated by long chapters. Personally, we ended up reading 5 to 10 chapters per sitting, because my kids were so eager to hear more.

Initially, my 10 year old wasn’t sure he liked the book. He’s very picky and was thinking “not much is happening.” I on the other hand wasn’t sure I liked it because I didn’t think there was going to be interesting relationship dynamics or character developments with a robotic protagonist. However, we were both wrong. We quickly realized that this book delivers on both action and interaction. My 4 year old appreciated all the pictures.

Overall, we were all very happy we took the time to read this book. Immediately upon finishing, I ordered the second book, since we need to find out what happens next!

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