Weekend Entertainment: 3 July 2020

We had our first “free” week of the summer and it was so nice to do things on the fly. We met up with some co-op friends for a hike yesterday and today we’re going for a walk and catching up on cleaning. I always have plans of doing deep cleaning during the summer and this year is no different. Clean Mama is my go-to resource for all things cleaning, so I’ve been looking through her old posts to find different ideas for deep cleaning naturally. I think I’ll be relying on her spring cleaning checklist especially.

We’ve also been purging and organizing which has been a little painful (infant car seat 😭) but also feels very good not to have all that extra stuff in our house anymore. Our local donation center finally re-opened, so E brought down a truck-full of things we’ve had packed away for several years. We even cleaned out enough room in our furnace room that we could move our chest freezer down there and I have a shelf above it with my dehydrator now which is much more convenient than dragging it out of storage every time I want to use it. I love efficiency.

For Independence Day, our town has a tradition of shooting fireworks off one of the buttes located near the center of the city so you can see them from pretty much anywhere and we were all looking forward to this. However, we just found out we’re under stage 2 fire restrictions yesterday, so they’ve been canceled. It’s a disappointment as it feels like we’re under so many restrictions already, but I’m also glad that the city is willing to make this call to protect us and our firefighters from wildfires.

For those waiting on the printed version of Charlotte Mason-Inspired Kindergarten, it’s coming next week! I hope to have them back in-stock on Monday.

On to the links!

Charlotte Mason and John Muir Quote Enamel Mugs I posted a few new items in the shop this week that I’m very excited about! These are light-weight and great for camping!

Why Are Homeschooled Kids Weird? I first read this post a few weeks ago and parts of it have stuck with me so deeply that I wanted to share it. “‘Weird’ homeschooled kids say things that cool kids don’t say because they don’t run their every word through the ‘Am I cool enough?’ meter. They are not jaded. They say what’s on their minds and do what seems logical and interesting in the moment. They don’t second-guess their every move because they don’t know that falling in line is supposed to be part of the program. Their childhoods have been fiercely protected, and the term ‘socially awkward’ could be used to define nearly every child who is allowed to just…be.” I love this.

July Seasonal Produce Guide I love referencing these when I’m sitting down to meal plan. It’s helpful to know in advance what I’m likely to find at the grocery store and what will be less expensive as it’s usually more economical to eat seasonally.

The 27 Greatest Decluttering Tips of All Time I already do #17 (my limit is a year since I don’t really own a whole lot of clothes already) but #12 is one I definitely want to try. For some reason, I have a much harder time getting rid of things in the kitchen since I do have the space for them…..I just never use them.

Sew a Softie in July If your kids (or you!) have been interested in starting to sew, this looks like a great way to start!

From the blog…

System Status: Second Quarter 2020 My quarterly system status post is up with books I’ve read, things I’ve loved, new items in the shop, and bird sightings!

(2018) Charlotte Mason Picture Study Aid: John Constable This remains the most-downloaded Picture Study Aid on my site!

(2014) Starting Over Again It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since my husband was laid off from his job of 10 years. This was the fourth lay-off we had experienced between the two of us since we had been together and it was a very difficult time for us. I think, however, that it also clarified a lot of things….how we want to live and raise our kids specifically, and I don’t think we would’ve ever considered the entrepreneurial path we’re on now if it hadn’t happened.

(2013) Real Food Sources I need to do some updating of this list, but it’s still pretty accurate for my favorite sources of real food at reasonable prices.

Have a lovely weekend!

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