what I SHOULD be doing...

 ...instead of sitting here in my comfy chair listening to the dogs snore, and sipping the first morning's cup of freshly ground, locally roasted last week, coffee.  

I've perused the news, and don't like what I'm reading.  There's not much we can do about the times that are coming upon us, namely the digital vax passports, digital currency.  The noose is tightening for ordinary citizens.  The suppression of free speech...ugh.  

But that is not what we're going to talk about here, today.  No, today we'll be thankful.  "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water, He turns it wherever He wishes." (prov. 21, v1). Isn't that comforting?    "Many seek the ruler's favor, but justice for man comes from the Lord." (29:26).

Yes, the world is upside down, but there is peace and rest to be found in seeking God's will for us in our days.

And, here are a few of my favorite things:

Jonathan Robert, one of my favorite children...you know I love all of them, but this Jonny was absolutely special from the minute he was born. He arrived a mere ten months after baby Robert was born sleeping.  So honestly, all the months I was pregnant with Jonathan, I didn't believe it.  I didn't let myself hope.  The image and the feeling and the weight of baby Robert, the floppiness and the stillness and the bottomless sadness, the feeling of NO, PLEASE, JUST BREATHE!!! were simply burned into my mind, the grief not yet dealt with as I just went on with life...Robert was our 14th child, "born" on the day Margaret graduated from kindergarten (always thankful that my sister Cheryl went with her to that ceremony for me!)...it was a week before our oldest, Emily, graduated from high school...life didn't stop, and neither did I.  So when Jonathan was born, born breathing, born crying, kicking his little legs...I cannot put into words the joy, the relief, the love...we had had Emily, Abigail, Benjamin, Mariel, Joseph, Aaron, Molly Rose, Samuel, (four each!), then tie-breaker Margaret, followed by four more girls, Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Sonja...then baby boy Robert, born sleeping...then Jonathan! (then Charlotte Claire and Camille, we are so blessed!). Our whole family just rejoiced over Jonathan...he's never ever given me the slightest trouble, such a good kid.
Jonathan is spending a year in Germany.  I miss him, but he does keep in touch. We text and face time.
He's Mr. Handsome, a good boy.

I made waffles yesterday for Achilles and Rhys...we watched them for a while so their parents could go to the department of motor vehicles, to get things changed over from Oregon to New York.
Achilles, Mr. Cuddles.
The dum-dums, Suri and Sunny.
Charlotte Claire playing with Rhys, and kitty...is that someone's cereal bowl?  hmmm.
Kathryn and Darius stopped for donuts on the way back from the DMV.  Rhys approves!

Tennyson in the snow!
Yesterday at the Target Starbucks...we're trying to cut back, so Sonja K. and Camille shared...
Me with baby Declan...I love being a grandma!

In Target...Sonja is not too bad at the hula hoop...
Random cozy pic...
But Camille surprised us all, she's good!

I'm trying to get our Christmas shopping started AND finished without spending a boatload.  There are 36 people on my list, I've gotten a few done. Oh, and I can't forget Grandma...then we pick names for the little ones at church...  The stores get more crowded and somehow hotter, after Thanksgiving.  I like to have the lion's share done before then, but...ugh. Most of the grandkids are done...I've bought them some books, and one gift each. I could go crazy, but their parents don't want tons of toys, and they don't need them.  So I'll behave.

Kathryn is coming over today with Rhys to make some pie dough.  The girls are going to a brunch tomorrow, then an Israel planning trip meeting in the evening, so if they help me with pies, it'll be in the middle of the day.  Friday Pie Day's pies will have to be made on Friday .On Friday we're also having appetizers...I bought frozen meatballs and Stubbs bbq sauce, for crockpot bbq meatballs...homemade are better, but that's not happening this time, ha.  

Ah well, I have washed some dishes and put some away and straightened a few things, but I need to vacuum and mop and do a load of laundry....bye for now!  Have a really good day!  From Anne H.'s blog: 

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