You Must See This Seesaw Idea!!!

You Must See This Seesaw Idea!!!

You must see this amazing Seesaw idea. Not only is it smart, but this makes it so easy for the students and parents to know exactly what to do every day. I can’t wait to share with you the idea and HOW to make it work with little learners.

How We Are Starting the Year

My school is starting the year with virtual teaching next week. I am not sure how long we will be going virtual. The plan is to start traditional school as soon as possible, but we don’t know when that will be. And the possibility of a hybrid model to get us from virtual to traditional is there. Which means, teachers have to be prepared for everything.

Learning Options

Our school district is also giving parents the option of tradition learning or a virtual learning option. This means that my roster can have students on it that plan to learning 100% virtually for much of the school year.
You can read more about Seesaw here.

Essentially, integrating technology into learning is not only a requirement. It may be a permanent part of teaching this school year. And I may be teaching students in a classroom AND over a computer at the same time.

Seesaw Learning Platform

My grade level has decided to use the learning platform called Seesaw this school year and I couldn’t be more excited. I strongly feel this is the best tool we could invest in for our learners given all the possibilities I listed above.

I love that Seesaw is a great tool for those who can’t read AND allows students to complete activities inside the platform and visit other links as well. The more I learn about Seesaw, the more excited I get.
You can check out some cool Seesaw ideas here.

The All in One Seesaw Idea

All in One Seesaw Activity idea

Here is a “big idea” for using Seesaw. Instead of using Seesaw for a few activities per day, make ONE Seesaw activity for the day that includes all the activities for that one day.

This idea is not mine, but it has been around for a few months. I saw it done in several different ways, by several different grade levels. I liked the idea, but I couldn’t figure out how to make this work for my needs in my school.

What an All in One Seesaw Activity Looks Like And How To Make It

I made you a video to show you what I am taking about EXACTLY and then I show you how you can make something like this for you!

If you already have Seesaw activities you love, rumor is you may be able to add these activities to a template like this soon!

You Can Learn More!

Digital Learning Boot Camp

This “You must see this amazing Seesaw Idea” was actually make for Digital Learning Boot Camp, but I wanted to share it with all of you. You can join out Digital Learning Boot Camp! Check out our virtual guide and find out how you can join. We have an option to get access for the ENTIRE school year.

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