35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes)

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Ingredients for fruit smoothies

Here are the best smoothie ingredients for weight loss. Some of these items can be bought in a store, but I also have recipes if you like to be ultra-healthy.

There are two things you need to do to make sure you lose weight on a consistent basis:

  1. Eat healthy, natural foods that are good for your body, that dont put too much strain on the liver and allow your metabolism and other bodily functions to remain in good working order.
  2. Eat fewer calories than you burn

All of the foods on this list are healthy, natural and good for the body.

However, if you want to lose weight, you need to make sure you eat fewer calories than you burn. Believe it or not, you can still gain weight by eating foods in this list.

I have linked to some of my favorite smoothie recipes that you can incorporate into your diet and all my recipes are designed for weight loss.

However, if you want to guarantee you keep the weight off, you need to stick to a calorie-controlled diet for all of your meals every day until you reach your ideal weight.

With good health in mind, I have created a weight loss system for busy people who love smoothies. It is called The Leaf System.

Click here to get started with The Leaf System free.

Here are the best smoothie ingredients for weight loss and a healthy body.

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes)

1. Frozen Spinach

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); frozen spinach

Spinach is very low in calories and extremely high in a wide range of essential nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

Spinach contains a compound called Thylakoids which dramatically reduces your appetite which has been proven in studies to be very effective for weight loss.

The reason I suggest using frozen spinach rather than fresh is that you need to eat a lot of spinach for a nutritionally complete diet.

Fresh spinach takes up too much space and is normally about 4 times the price for the same quantity, so thats why I always use frozen spinach.

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2. Coconut Butter

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Coconut products, coconut milk, coconut butter

Coconut contains essential fats that come straight from nature, and it is actually one of the lower fat, fatty foods you can add to your diet.

If you are a fan of coconut, this can turn a boring smoothie into a delightfully tasty smoothie that you look forward to drinking every morning.

This is the brand of coconut butter that I like to use.

Find out how you can make your own coconut butter here.

3. Coconut Milk

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); coconut milk and coconuts

When I talk about coconut milk, I dont recommend milk from a carton as it usually contains added nasty ingredients such as refined sugar and carrageenan.

However, coconut milk from a can is very high in calories so you dont need much, only about cup per smoothie serving.

This is the only brand of coconut milk I suggest as it doesnt contain any other ingredients than coconut and water.

Or you can learn how to make your own coconut milk here.

4. Almond Milk

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Almond nuts and milk

If you want a creamy smoothie, it is good to use a plant-based milk as your liquid base.

You can either buy this in the storeor if you want a truly healthy, natural version, its better to make your own.

Get the recipe to make your own thick and creamy almond milk here.

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5. PeanutButter

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); peanuts butter

Adding peanut butter to a smoothie adds such a depth and richness of flavor.

It is no wonder that my peanut butter banana smoothie is one of the most popular recipes on my blog.

Once you taste this, youll be craving it every day.

Get my peanut butter banana smoothie recipe here.

If you are going to buy peanut butter from the store, make sure you choose a natural one like this, with no added sugar or oils.

If you want to go one step further and make your own, you can get my homemade peanut butter recipe here.

6. Spinach Powder

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); green spinach smoothie with spirulina, chia seed, lime, apple

There have been various studies that have shown that spinach powder does actually lead to weight loss.

If you arent so keen on having so much fresh or frozen spinach and want something smaller you can easily keep in your kitchen cupboard, try spinach powder extract.

I recommend this brand of spinach powder.

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7. Homemade Protein Powder

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); 2 Ingredient Homemade Protein Powder Recipe (Vegan, Hemp, Natural)

Most store-bought protein powders contain harmful ingredients, so I think its far better to make your own and then you can be sure that all of the ingredients are healthy.

Get the recipe to make your own homemade Protein Powder here.

8. Homemade Superfood Powder

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); 2 Minute Smoothie Powder Mix Recipe: Homemade Hunger Buster

There are numerous different superfood powders that we could add to our smoothie to give us extra health benefits and added taste.

I got tired of spending so long adding so many different powders to my smoothie, so I combined them all into one jar and use a teaspoon a day in my smoothies.

This is the recipe to make your Homemade Superfood Powder.

9. Sprouts/ Microgreens

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Raw Green Organic Sunflower Microgreens

After numerous courses of antibiotics, I really needed to rebuild my gut bacteria.

You can use probiotics and add these to your smoothie, but I have read that eating sprouts or microgreens give you the best source of bacteria to get you healthy again.

It definitely worked wonders for me. I recovered so much faster than I ever did by taking probiotics.

Its much better to grow your own microgreens, and it is much quicker than you might think. Its way cheaper than probiotics too.

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10. Turmeric

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Scoop of Turmeric with Roots

Turmeric contains so many healthy compounds, it is fabulous for preventing diseases so its a must-have in a healthy diet.

The taste goes really well in curries, but it doesnt always fit with our chosen evening meals.

Ive found that when I add turmeric to my smoothie, I cant taste it at all and its a way to always remember to keep it in my daily diet.

Get your turmeric powder here.

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11. Detox Water

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Infused detox water with orange, strawberry, blueberry and mint.

If you have just been adding plain water to your smoothie, why not try detox water?

Every day I make a large batch of ginger and lemon water and I sometimes use this as the base for my smoothie.

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12. Green Tea35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Green tea

I often use green tea as the base for my smoothie because the heat of the boiling water helps my frozen spinach to defrost more quickly and make it easier to blend.

Green tea is excellent for speeding up metabolism and many other health benefits.

This is the brand of green tea I often use.

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13. Date Syrup

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); dates

Adding dates to your smoothie makes it ultra-sweet and delicious. Dates have a benefit over other types of sweeteners as they are a whole fruit so have an abundance of benefits and fiber, which other sweeteners do not contain.

Adding date syrup to your smoothie is a really fast way of getting the dates into your smoothie without having to pit and chop whole dates.

Whole dates can also be covered in nasty syrup, so make sure you read the ingredients before buying them.

This date syrup is organic and pure.

Or sometimes I like to make my own raw, vegan date syrup. Get the recipe here!

And these are the dates I use for my syrup.

14. Mango

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Fresh mango on a wooden tabel with tropical background. Soft focus.

Mangos are perfect for weight loss as they are filling, low in calories, contain many essential nutrients such as vitamins A and C and they are utterly delicious.

Fruit should provide the majority of calories in all smoothies, and in all honesty, all fruit is equally as good for your health and weight loss.

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15. Banana

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Bunch of bananas on wooden background

Bananas are the perfect natural sweetener for smoothies. They are incredibly filling, very cheap and easy for most people to get hold of.

I use frozen mango chunks and bananas as the main calorie source in almost all my smoothies, with some extra berries and other ingredients thrown in there.

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16. Cucumber

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Sliced green cucumbers.

I have started using less liquid in my smoothie and just blending up a whole cucumber with my smoothie instead.

Cucumbers are mainly water so they provide a great liquid base for your smoothie.

The amazing thing about cucumbers is how well they hydrate the body.

Studies were done that compared people drinking cucumber juice to those who drank an equal amount of water. The people who drank cucumber juice had way more hydration than the water group.

Thats why I chose to get most of my liquid from my food as its so much healthier than plain water.

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17. Rosewater35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Tempting Turkish Delight Smoothie (1)

Half the battle when it comes to losing weight is to make sure you are making delicious food. If you hate what you are eating, you wont stick to a healthy diet.

Rosewater is one of those ingredients I add to my smoothies to turn it into a luxurious sweet treat.

If youve never added rosewater to your smoothie, you are seriously missing out. I cant imagine anything tastier.

Get your rosewater here.

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18. Almond Extract

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Sweet almond oil in glass jar and kernels

This is another natural flavor enhancer. When I add almond extract to my smoothies it reminds me of eating chocolate covered marzipan at Christmas with my family.

Thats why I created this smoothie. It is pure, healthy indulgence at its best.

Buy your almond extract here.

19. Basil

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Basil leaves

This might sound a bit weird, but adding basil to your smoothies actually tastes amazing.

Have you ever had a mango and basil salad? Or strawberry and basil? It really does work.

Basil is amazing for clearing up your skin and for detoxifying your liver.

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20. Mint

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Mint

On a hot summers day, theres nothing more refreshing than adding mint to your smoothies. Its a taste sensation!

Mint is really good for your digestion and for preventing gas. If you struggle with gas after drinking smoothies, what I would suggest is to slow down and chew your smoothie. This prepares the stomach for digestion.

If fresh mint is not available you can use this Young Living mint essential oil.

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21. Cayenne Pepper

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Close Glass With Powdered Paprika, Cayenne Pepper. Heap Of Brigh

If you want to warm yourself up in the winter and dont fancy a cold smoothie, a great tip is to add cayenne pepper to your smoothie.

It actually gives the smoothie a very rounded taste and it is actually really nice.

Cayenne pepper has the added benefit of boosting your metabolism.

This is a good brand of cayenne pepper.

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22. Spirulina (loch ness monster)

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); bowl of spirulina algae powder

This is another ingredient I use every single day because its such a powerful detoxifier and contains many nutrients not found in other foods.

Spirulina is also a great plant-based protein source.

Get your spirulina here!

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23. Ginger

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); High Protein Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

I cant get enough ginger in my diet.

Ginger is great for boosting the immune system, reducing sickness and even for pain reduction. It certainly works for me.

In case I cant get fresh ginger, I always have this ginger powder in hand.

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24. Quinoa

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); cooked quinoa

If youve never thought of adding grains to your smoothie, this is a great way to increase the calories and fill you up until your next meal.

Quinoa is gluten-free and contains all 9 amino acids and many other nutrients.

You will either need to soak or cook your quinoa before you add it to your smoothie.

I like to buy this organic quinoa.

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25. Oats

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Oats nuts berries

This is one of the first fillers that I ever added to my green smoothies to turn them into a Green Thickie. A Green Thickie is a complete meal, and meals contain enough calories to keep you going until your next meal.

Oats make your smoothie so sweet and creamy. They are high in protein and very low in fat which makes them a perfect food for weight loss, as they reduce your appetite.

I would recommend these oats to you.

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26. Zucchini/ Courgette

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Fresh zucchini on wooden board

This is another weird and wonderful ingredient that you might be hesitant to add to your smoothie.

Did you know that zucchini is actually a fruit, and it has a very mild flavor that makes it perfect for either savory or sweet dishes?

When you add zucchini to your smoothie you wont be able to taste it at all.

Not only does zucchini provide numerous essential nutrients, but it also thickens your smoothie without adding a lot of extra calories.

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27. Chia Seed

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Chia seeds in jar

Chia seed provides essential fatty acids, they are rich in iron, calcium, and antioxidants.

Chia seeds are amazing at keeping you hydrated all day long, and they really thicken your smoothie.

Be careful not to add too many chia seeds to your smoothie if youre not going to drink it straight away, as it will make your smoothie solidify in the fridge.

You can buy your chia seeds here.

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28. Butternut Squash

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); View on raw halves of butternut squash on a kitchen table. Seasonal vegetable food, still life.

Similar to zucchini, butternut squash is actually a fruit that has a very sweet taste. It is perfect for adding sweetness, extra nutrients, and thickening properties to any smoothie.

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29. Rhubarb

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Rhubarb cut on board with sheet

Many people think you cant eat raw rhubarb, but thats not actually true. It is only the leaves that are poisonous. The fruit can be eaten raw.

Rhubarb contains an abundance of vitamins C and K and essential minerals.

Rhubarb adds an amazing tang to any smoothie and can be too tart unless you pair it with sweet ingredients.

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30. Lemon / Lime

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); detail of lemon and lime

Lemons and limes are small but mighty. They are great for detoxing the body and happen to be incredible at providing taste.

My mouth waters just thinking about my lemon meringue pie smoothie or my key lime pie smoothie. Heavenly!

31. Grapefruit

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Grapefruit and Tequila Paloma Cocktail

Grapefruit reduces your appetite which makes it the perfect weight-loss food.

For a very long time, I didnt enjoy the taste of grapefruit in my smoothies and found it too overpowering.

That was until I found the perfect combination of weight loss ingredients that tasted so good I actually started craving my weight loss smoothie and drank it non-stop for months.

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32. White Beans

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); High Protein Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

Another strange ingredient, but one of the best ingredients you can ever add to a smoothie.

Beans contain so many nutrients including a lot of protein and they happen to be very low in fat.

Believe it or not, but white beans are naturally sweet-tasting and when blended in a smoothie, you cant taste them at all.

When I was in a phase of gaining weight at the gym, I increased my protein and lowered my fat by replacing nuts with beans in my smoothies.

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33. Avocado

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Fresh avocado fruit

Avocado is one of the very few fruits that are high in fat, which makes this the perfect source of fat for the body because avocados are dripping in nutrients.

Avocados also turn any smoothie into a creamy delicious treat. Just go easy on them as they are high in calories. Half an avocado in a smoothie serving is plenty.

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34. Broccoli

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); cut fresh broccoli on cutboard

There are compounds contained in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that cant be found in any other vegetables. So it is vital that you get a daily dose of broccoli, kale, or cauliflower in your diet every day.

If you just include a small amount of broccoli in your smoothie, you wont be able to taste it.

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35. Cinnamon

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); High Protein Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

Cinnamon is another taste providing ingredient that warms you up on a winter day, but it also happens to be great for weight loss.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and is great for those with diabetes.

Just make sure you get the right type of cinnamon for health benefits.

This is the type of cinnamon I suggest.

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Drink Your Smoothies Slowly

35 Best Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss (List & Recipes); Why you should drink you smoothies slowly

Please feel free to share this infographic on social media or your website with a link back to this post.


Here is the list ofBest Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss again at a glance:

  1. Frozen Spinach
  2. Coconut Butter
  3. Coconut Milk
  4. Almond Milk
  5. Peanut Butter
  6. Spinach Powder
  7. Homemade Protein Powder
  8. Homemade Superfood Powder
  9. Sprouts/ Microgreens
  10. Turmeric
  11. Detox Water
  12. Green Tea
  13. Date Syrup
  14. Mango
  15. Banana
  16. Cucumber
  17. Rosewater
  18. Almond Extract
  19. Basil
  20. Mint
  21. Cayenne Pepper
  22. Spirulina
  23. Ginger
  24. Quinoa
  25. Oats
  26. Zucchini/Courgette
  27. Chia Seed
  28. Butternut Squash
  29. Rhubarb
  30. Lemon/Lime
  31. Grapefruit
  32. White Beans
  33. Avocado
  34. Broccoli
  35. Cinnamon

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