35 Conspiracy Theories That Some People Believe Are Completely True

Although X-Files told us that we should want to believe in UFOs and conspiracy theories, some of them are so ridiculous and common sense-defying that we just cannot bring ourselves to trust the tiniest bit of them. As luck would have it, you’re just about to see for yourself what we are rambling about here. This is our glorious list of conspiracy theories - from believable, to hilarious, to plain outrageous, these stories will either make you laugh or want to dig deeper. 

Of course, this list just wouldn’t do without some of the most popular conspiracy theories, like the one about the iceberg, JFK, or mister Dillinger’s death. However, if you’re somewhat of a connoisseur of these tall tales, you’re also bound to find some new stories here that were shared on Reddit by people from all walks of life. And if you’re here purely for entertainment, there are also some pretty funny conspiracy theories that will amuse you in their absurdity. Yet, who knows, it might just be that the crazy conspiracy theories are, in fact, the ones that are real… 

Now, before we burst from anticipation to read these famous conspiracy theories, we should all probably just scroll down below and check them out, shall we? Once you are done reading them (and there are loads to read through - great material for a cold winter’s evening!), vote for the conspiracy theory that made you doubt your own beliefs or made you laugh until your tummy started hurting. And after that, share this article with your friends! 


"Our politicians want us divided against each other to keep us from turning on them."


"Modern art that sells for millions is a way for criminals to launder money. I refuse to believe someone paid over 100k for a banana duck taped to a wall. Someone is using that grift to launder their drug money or something."


"There is only one yawn on earth and it constantly travels from person to person…"


"Celebrities aren't actually giving their kids absurd names, they just aren't publicizing their legal names."


"The woman's clothing industry is a conspiracy. Winter cardigans are intentionally thin so they have to buy more to layer them, no pockets so they have to buy bags."


"That there are people rich enough to disappear. There must be some billionaires we've never heard of."


"Adam Sandler makes movies as an excuse to go on vacation with some friends."


"Disney's frozen is only titled like that so when you Google "Disney frozen" the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories."


"Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space, just the first man to live through it."


"Starbucks trains its employees to spell names wrong on coffee cups to get pictures of their brand on social media."


"Facebook and Google are monitoring everything you type, post, and say. There are so many stories of people talking about, say cats, and getting ads for cat food within an hour. They never searched for cats or cat food then or in the past, just said the word a few times. "Reply All" did a podcast episode debunking this theory, but all it boiled down to was an email from Facebook stating they didn't do this."


"Toothpaste and shampoo commercials show using way too much of the stuff. You need a pea-sized bit of toothpaste but the ads always show it covering the entire brush and then some."


"During Hurricane Katrina, the Murphy Oil refinery in St. Bernard parish, just outside of New Orleans, had a container rupture and leak oil on a lot of the surrounding neighborhood, including my grandparent's and aunt/uncle's houses. After the cleaning up the land was deemed uninhabitable and the oil company was able to purchase all the land for very, very cheap. Many people that were affected and in the area believe that the oil company did it on purpose, and I tend to believe them."


During the '80s and the '90s, America became convinced that here was an underground network of Satanists working to kidnap and torture children. While none of it was real, the theories destroyed many lives and livelihoods.


"The "coup attempt" in Turkey was faked in order for Erdogan to consolidate his power and purge the opposition."


"Planned obsolescence everywhere in the industry. If everyone stopped replacing their cars and smartphones, imagine the."


"I believe that there are people richer than the people we know as the richest people in the world."


"The CIA killed Marilyn Monroe because Kennedy had been disclosing classified information to her."


"Mattress firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme. They are everywhere and always empty. I remember seeing 4 mattress firms all on each corner of an intersection once, there is no way there is such a demand for mattresses."


"That laundry detergent companies suggest using more detergent per load than necessary in order to force people into buying more often."


"The government had a hand in creating and/or popularizing some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories in order to make questioning the official story seem inherently crazy by association."


"Lip balm makes your lips dependent on lip balm. Just seems the more you use it the more you need to use it. Not sure if that's an actual conspiracy but that's the best I can come up with on a Monday morning."


"That Sprite changing their bottle from green to clear doesn't actually help the environment, they are just doing it cuz their green bottles in the water are immediately recognized."


"The CIA first gave black communities drugs in the 70s as an experiment."


"Pope John Paul I was assassinated for trying to uncover corruption in the Vatican Bank. He's the only Pope whose body was cremated and I believe it was done to hide the evidence of being poisoned."


Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, but some think there is more to the story. On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. stepped out onto his balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, and was shot. The civil rights leader died at the Memphis Hospital at 39 years old. The killer, James Earl Ray, was caught and pleaded guilty a year later. However, many people, including King's own children, do not believe Ray acted alone.


Even if you haven't heard about Centralia, Pennsylvania, you have probably still heard about Centralia, Pennsylvania. It's the most infamous ghost town in probably whole world because of its underground fires burning there indefinitely since 1962. Although the origin of the fires is known, it still didn't deter people from coming up with their own juicy explanations.


"Elon Musk is actually a Martian who has been exiled to Earth and he's just trying to find his way home."


"Trader Joe's parking lots are terrible and small to make the store seem like it's always busy."


"CSI television shows purposely over play the forensic capabilities of various law enforcement departments to help project an image of total competence."


"Michael Jackson was chemically castrated as a pre-teen, which is why his singing voice remained so high pitched, and a major contributor to many of his other odd behaviors as an adult."


"New Coke was a cover for switching to high fructose corn syrup."


"The Colombian government is actively performing criminal activities in all the country in order to remain rich."


"Snapchat selfie filters get sent and stored to the NSA for facial recognition."


It's July 4, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Mac Brazel went out to his sheep pasture only to find unusual objects, like metal sticks, foil pieces, and paper scraps strewn around the area. Not knowing what it was, Brazel called the police and soon enough armored vehicles showed up to pick up the litter. This, of course, sparked some awesome theories about UFOs.

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