AskTheChef recipe Avocado wasabi spring rolls

A savoury evolution of the banana spring rolls we developed a few years ago. Avocado and crab make a fantastic combination and by using a technique in which we freeze avocado and crab together, these spring rolls are very reasonable to prepare. Serve as a snack or as part of a dish.

This recipe is perfect for a snack or appetizer :D If you have questions about this recipe or others or you just want to know more about cooking in general? Dont hesitate to ask!


2 avocados
150 g crab meat (fresh, canned or frozen)
1 tsp wasabi powder
1 lemon
filo pastry
egg whites
peanut oil for deep-frying
spring rolls

Preparation method

  • Slice the avocado and flatten between two layers of plastic foil. You can do this with a butchers mallet or a saucepan.
  • Lightly roll with a rolling stick or pin to ensure that the avocado is now of uniform thickness.
  • Transfer to a suitable plate and top with a thin layer of crab.
  • Cover with plastic foil and freeze.
  • Make the wasabi paste by gradually adding water to the powder until you have achieved the desired consistency.
  • Spread a very thin layer of wasabi paste onto the avocado side of the frozen sheet of avocado-crab mixture.
  • Cut the sheet of avocado-crab filling into small triangles (approx. 4 cm on each side).
  • Cut the filo pastry into long strokes (approx 4 cm width).
  • Spread with liquid egg white.
  • Roll up with the avocado-crab triangles and ensure that it sticks well.
  • Store in-between layers of plastic foil until ready to deep-fry.
  • Deep-fry the spring rolls in peanut oil at 180C until golden brown and hot inside.

Serving suggestions

  • As a snack with tomato-chilli sauce.
  • As a snack with lemon mayonnaise.
  • As part of a starter or main course including fish, crustaceans or shellfish.

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