Avocados that refuse to ripen? Turn them into fries

Avocado fries can turn an under-ripe avocado into an unexpectedly delicious party piece

The avocado has a large carbon footprint and extremely seductive texture, so no wonder it has become such an infamous commodity, especially considering it’s often wasted due to a short shelf life. If you’re a climavore who wants to eat for the planet, but avocados are still a must, eat them less often, as a special treat, and use European-grown and organic ones whenever possible.

Most importantly, though, don’t waste them. Avocados labelled as “ready to eat” cost more and are often overripe. That said, it can be tricky to ripen them yourself at home, but if you ever find yourself landed with an inedible, rock-hard avocado, it can still be saved – try ripening it alongside a banana, say –the ethene released by the banana will help ripen any fruit by converting its starches to sugars – or turn it into avocado fries, which are an unexpectedly delicious surprise that can convert an underripe avocado into a fun weekend dish or party piece.

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