Banana Republic 40% off, Cheap Amazon Essentials winter gear, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Banana Republic: 40% off full price 

Banana Republic menswear

Is BR (drops needle on Airbourne) back in the game? The every-so-often 40% off game? Most of 2022 was an absolute desert when it came to what us long time customers had been used to. Stuff was stuck at full price for months on end. Yet here during the holiday push they’ve dropped 40% off with some relative frequency. It’s not constant like it used to be (they used to be perpetually 30% – 40% off)… so it’s still a good deal when it happens. But is this the new norm? If so, those Italian Nailhead wool signature suit sep-ar-ates (see what I did there?) are a real steal at $360.


Oak Street Bootmakers: New colors for their 1975 NATO watch caps – $32

Oat Street Bootmakers Watchcaps

Made in the USA. Free domestic shipping for a limited time. (Which might as well make them on sale… have you tried to ship anything lately? Wow it’s not cheap.) These hats aren’t replicas but instead a re-issue of the original watchcap made and issued to NATO forces. Same specs, made on the same machine. 100% wool. Already produced in navy, maroon, and olive, and they just released the above three: “signal red,” field tan, and forest green.


Amazon: Amazon Essentials Select Winter Items Sale

Amazon Essentials menswear

There’s basic, there’s real basic, and then somewhere 2000 miles beneath the earth’s crust washing about among the liquid hot magma of utter and complete basic-ness… is Amazon Essentials. But WOW is some of this stuff cheap right now.


Allen Edmonds: Up to 40% off Holiday Sale is on

Allen Edmonds

The sale isn’t nearly as eye popping as their Black Friday event or the long-gone Rediscover America sale, but it’s not bad all the same. Especially when it comes to the Daltons. Sub $300 is worthy of one of those major sale events (Rediscover, or the spring’s Anniversary sale). No word on when this sale runs out of time.


Nike: Members get 20% off select w/ HOLIDAY

Nike athletic gear

One of the best ways to make sure you stick to a New Year’s resolution is to start… now. Yes now. Weeks in advance. But the key is for now you allow yourself to fail and bail and screw up in between now and the first. Because it’s all troubleshooting. That way, when you hit New Year’s Day you’ve figured out what can trip you up, and you’ve since adapted. Also, having the right tools for the job (whatever that resolution is, not just fitness related) helps. Nike makes good tools for workout-based resolutions. *ends lecture*


Also worth a mention:

  • Todd Snyder: $100 off $300 for those who get their paper catalog. Check the back cover. Should be a user specific string of letters and numbers/gobbledygook. And yes exclusions apply.
  • Charles Tyrwhitt: 20% Off + $9.95 Premium Tracked Shipping (remember they ship from the UK) w/ code DASH

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