BANOFFE PIE RECIPE, up your banana cream pie game

Want to up your banana cream pie game this Thanksgiving? Try out this easy,  decadent Banoffee Pie!

It’s the best of both worlds, imagine a banana cream pie but turned toffee. It’s delicious and your guest will be asking for seconds with this one.

It’s quite the popular pie in the British Isles so if you are a Master Piece Classics geek like me, whip one of these up to enjoy watching your favorite Downton Abby episode or Poldark😉. Or bring it to Thanksgiving dinner. (For transport I usually will ad the bananas and whip cream at the event so it stays fresh longer.)

The basics of this recipe is to make a homemade graham cracker crust, then a toffee Carmel filling, top it with whip cream, fresh bananas and shaved chocolate too. It’s super simple like that….or I think so at least. As long as you have a spring form pan it will make you look oh so fancy when bringing it to a dinner party. But don’t let that hold you back from making it even if you don’t own one. This can easily be made in a regular pie dish…you just will have to keep it in there for serving. No biggie.


Serves 8

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