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The Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake oreo

Craving some delicious cheesecake?

The Cheesecake Factory is turning 45 this year and they want you to celebrate with them – with a promo code for a FREE slice of cheesecake!

Through March 3rd, you can get a free slice of cheesecake with any pick up or delivery order over $45 when you use promo code 45YEARS at checkout! You can use this promo code and place your order on The Cheesecake Factory website or through DoorDash.

slice of celebration cheesecake from the cheesecake factory

There are even more ways that you can save when you eat at The Cheesecake Factory (even without a Cheesecake Factory coupon)! Whether you’re heading out for a shopping spree at the mall or plan to dine at The Cheesecake Factory restaurant for your next night out, here are 10 clever tips to save you time and money – and there are no coupons are needed!

Save a ton with these money-saving tips…

1. Order water at Cheesecake Factory instead of a $2.50 soda.

stetson drinking glass mug of water

It’s no secret that ordering water is a good tip for saving cash at any restaurant and if your entire family of 5 skips the extra drinks, you can save about $12.50 off your entire bill!

2. Get the complimentary toddler plate.

person holding toddler plate with banana and brown bread

One thing I loved about dining at The Cheesecake Factory when my kids were little was the complimentary toddler plate! It’s not only free, but it will likely fill them up enough, and then if you don’t mind sharing a few bites of your food, you save on an extra meal.

For our youngest guests (those in a booster or highchair) we offer a complimentary “Baby Plate” with slices of banana and fresh bread to keep them busy and happy.

Hip Tip: Speaking of complementary, who needs expensive appetizers when they offer delicious, warm bread? Make sure to take advantage of the bread and butter whenever you dine in.

3. Drink up during Happy Hour and save on appetizers.

stetson and bartender holding drink in cheesecake factory bar

Most Cheesecake Factory locations have a Happy Hour from 4 pm – 6 pm, Mondays through Fridays in the Bar. You can score deals like $3.50 beers or $6.50 handmade cocktails. Plus, you can enjoy their appetizers for $6.50. This may not be your biggest savings, but it’s a great way to save on your favorite drinks and beat the dinner rush.

4. Save on time and do curbside pick-up.

curbside pick up sign with cheesecake factory leftovers bag

Ordering curbside pickup won’t save you any money, but it sure will save you time! Normally the wait at any Cheesecake Factory during lunch or dinner is pretty extensive, so order online, pick it up, and take it home to enjoy without the wait.

Hip Tip: Do you live close to a Cheesecake Factory? Make sure to check out so you don’t even have to leave your house or office. Oftentimes, they’ll add free delivery services during specific times and even special discount codes!

5. Order from their skinny menu for $8 meals (no coupon needed!).

three salad tacos on plate with glass of iced tea

Consider ordering off the Small Plates and Snacks or the Skinnylicious menu the next time you head to The Cheesecake Factory. As an example, you can get this delicious chicken lettuce wrap taco meal for just $8.95 whereas a generous bowl of chili on their main menu will run you over $15.

And if you’re worried about being hungry, don’t worry, there’s plenty of complimentary bread to go around!

6. The brown bread will transform your club sandwich.

complimentary bread basket at cheesecake factory

You know that beautiful basket of complimentary bread you get at The Cheesecake Factory? Yeah, that warm brown oat bread is what dreams are made of, so next time you order that club sandwich make sure you sub for the brown bread – FREE of cost – you’ll thank me later! 😏

7. Celebrate your birthday with a free sundae.

stetson with cheesecake factory servers

While you may be holding out for a slice of cheesecake on your birthday, just know you can also get a free ice cream sundae instead while being serenaded by the amazing staff at The Cheesecake Factory.

8. Split one of their larger dishes with a friend.

plate of lasagna

It’s no secret that a lot of The Cheesecake Factory’s main dishes come with a massive serving amount. Not only will you save on calories by splitting a dish with a friend, but you’ll be able to leave with a full belly at half the cost!

9. Make your own cheesecake and skip the restaurant altogether.

blueberry cheesecake on plate

If you’re just craving some delicious cheesecake, you don’t need to go all out at the restaurant to enjoy it! For starters, you could try this incredible blueberry cheesecake recipe or we have plenty of other easy dessert recipes to curb your sweet tooth.

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