Blue Zones Challenge: Breakfasts and Soup

Checking in again on my 19th day of the Blue Zones Challenge. You can read all about my January reset goals here. And here are a few yummy recipes I've made from the Blue Zones books.

For breakfast last week, I made a batch of Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies. These were a 7th Day Adventist recipe, and they're super quick and great on the go. Basically, it's just oats, mashed banana, applesauce, chocolate chips, nuts, and vegan honey. Some of the recipes call for honey, so I've been subbing Single Origin Vegan Un-Honey.

I also made the Pumpkin Pancakes from the Blue Zones Challenge. These were just okay, but that's my fault. I added protein powder to the oat flour pancakes, and the texture was off a bit. But it's because of the protein powder, I'm sure! They tasted good though. I had some vegan sausage on the side because pancakes without sausage is just sad.

It's been pretty chilly here with temps in the 30s and 40s some days, so I made this Potato Leek Soup from the Blue Zones Challenge to keep us warm. This was a hit with Paul, which is great! He's been trying to get healthier, but he's so picky. So it's nice when he actually likes something made with vegetables.

And finally, here's my favorite recipe on the plan so far! The Ikarian Longevity Stew is from the Ikrarian Blue Zone, and it's fantastic. It has blackeyed peas, fennel, tomato, and lots of fresh dill and olive oil. Paul and I both loved this one, and I was sad when it was gone. This will become a staple in our house for sure.

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