Chocolate banana cookie cake

So I dropped it.

After dropping Lark at school and during Fitches morning nap, I strapped Bear on my front in a soft fabric wrap (as I spend most of my days lately) and I threw together a quick batter. I had some browning bananas so I naturally didnt want to waste them. Our kids love bananas but, with Hart and Daddy in America, we arent going through as many at the moment.

Now, we like a good local apple, a bit of rhubarb or berries in their season, but bananas are definitely a staple in our family. I cant quite bring myself to take them out of our diet. There doesnt seem to be a solid local, seasonal alternative to a good banana. We make a point of being sure we are buying them fair trade, but what is an easy soft fruit that is so transportable but still regional? If anyone can answer that, I definitely want to hear it.

I whipped up this batter in not too much time, baked it and took it out the oven. I wanted to try and cool it faster in order for the chocolate chunks to harden so I attempted to tap it out of the tin.
And I dropped it.

I dropped our cake.
After a sharp exhale, I picked it up and it was mostly fine. It just seems to be how things are right now. Everything is a little bit dropped cake.
This recipe is definitely a weighing one. You even have to do a little maths to figure out the flour ratios. Now, you can just use all self-raising, but I like how heavy and substantial rye makes this. I think its what makes it hybrid from cake to cookie.

Chocolate Banana Cookie Cake

What you will need:
1 mashed bananas, weighed
Equal weight of butter, or butter alternative
Splash of warm milk (I added a tiny pinch of saffron to it because its a great sweet earthy flavour for an autumn day)
Equal weight of brown sugar
Two-thirds the weight of self-raising flour
One-third the weight of rye flour
1 tsp baking powder (if you double this up, stick to just 1 tsp baking powder )
Squares of your favourite chocolate (we chose a fairtrade, fruity, bitter, dark baking chocolate)

How you can do it:
Cream the butter, milk and sugar together.
Add the mashed bananas and mix.
Sift in the flours and baking powder, and combine thoroughly.
Transfer mixture into a greased and/or lined 9 inch round cake tin.
Arrange chocolate chunks on top.
Bake at 400f/gas mark 6/200c/180c fan for 10-15 minutes.
Allow to cool and serve.

Give this one a go. Its a great just-got-home-from-school snack. Try your bestest not to drop it.
From mine to yours,
Mumma Alsum

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