Comes in 3’s!

Saturday 24th February 2023
One step at a time.

Started my day yesterday with time in the pool, half walking / half swimming, my pain isn't as bad when I'm in the water so I'm happy to stay there.  My pain has moved around my body the last few days, I think it's partly to do with exercise, the massage and I'm trying to correct my posture by sharing my weight equally between both feet as it was pointed out to me that I lean to the bad side by Nikki when I went for my treatment.  

I knew we were going out for a late lunch so I wanted to have a decent breakfast, I really enjoyed this, I love veggies, I really do and this was lush, bit of salt and pepper (I'm getting better with pepper, realising it really adds flavour as I get used to the taste).  


I snacked on a banana (making an effort with the fruit too!)  I'm actually making an effort full stop, is it easy - hell no, worth it, let's hope so.  

Well the day went a bit awry from there!  We went for lunch, we should've changed our mind when we were told that even though we'd booked there would be a wait for food as they were busy, we later found out the one chef had walked out that morning.  I had planned on having Asian Singapore noodles and asked if there were prawns in it as I was allergic, she went and checked and said no.  Aryn fancied prawns for starter and I said, have them because at least here I don't have to cook them so it's safe - famous last words.  Our meals came, Aryn ate half my starter too, he really enjoyed them.

They forgot my garlic mayonnaise, they were obviously struggling, the waitress was lovely and doing the best she could with what she had. 

Then the mains came, they were overpowering with flavour, the sauce on my noodles was like those stir fry sauces you get from the supermarket, too strong and too much of it, the fish would've been better without the sauce.  Aryns cajun rice tasted like they'd just poured a pot of cajun powder over it.  Aryn tried to eat my noodles but even he couldn't.


I'm sure this was mostly down to pressure, whoever had ended up in the kitchen maybe wasn't used to cooking those meals, the waitress again was lovely, when she asked if we enjoyed our meal, I said honestly, not the mains, I'm not one to complain about a meal and I wasn't complaining, I was just honestly answering her question, she insisted on refunding us a meal so I gave her it as a tip.  As we pulled out of the car park space, I heard that noise, you may never of heard it, but it's when you know your bumper has got stuck on the kerb, normally it doesn't do any damage, but hell not this time, this time, it did this; 


What is it with me and bumpers, that's two BMW's and a Range Rover I've done the bumpers on now, one I did the front and back bumper on - deep sigh!  

As we pull out the car park and head down the street I feel my face start to feel hot, I look in the rear mirror when we stop at lights and the right side is swelling up and going  very red, I've had an allergic reaction to the prawns, I'm guessing the chef who dished up our starters, did Aryn's then mine without thinking about the fact I'd said I had an allergy!  Hey ho, I won't die, but it caused me an afternoon of discomfort.  I poured some bottled water on my sleeve and wiped my face down, took two antihistamine's when I got home even though it says 1, took the car to have the bumper put back on, I love our mechanic and he loves me too lol,  it'll need replacing at some point but no urgency.  

So that was the 3 things!  The worst of it was wasting almost 800 calories on something I didn't enjoy - gutted.  I did still end my day on track though, the tablets took effect and I went up to bed at 6ish to watch tele, but of course that never happened.

I woke up when my phone started ringing and I've had 10hrs 21m sleep apparently! 

I think the antihistamines definitely had something to do with that, my face is still a little tight and uncomfortable but I'll live thankfully.

Looking forward to the morning ahead at huddle, we also have a posh meal booked as a treat for Aryn has he didn't get a holiday with us, hopefully it'll be more of a success!

Here's to making it through the weekend on track, I'm gonna start with the last of my breakfast muffins, the tables booked for 1.45pm so they'll keep me going till then.

Enjoy your day, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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