Complete Ninja Blender Buyers Guide: 2019 Reviews

This is the only Ninja Blender Guide you will need.

After you read my honest reviews and comparisons, youll know exactly which Ninja Blender to buy to suit your preferences and budget.

Choosing the right smoothie blender can be tedious, especially if youre aiming to simplify your consumption of whole foods just as badly as you aim to extract all the good stuff out of them.

Case in point: I have opted to incorporate protein shakes into my diet which required me to use a blender to liquefy fruits, nuts and veggies in one go.

However, I ended up discarding the blender sooner than expected because it doesnt grind well.

Worse, it leaves pulps behind, making for not only a messy meal preparation but also a watered-down version of a superfoodliterally and figuratively.

Did you know that 10-20% of nutrients are lost when the pulp is not fully consumed or extracted?

Thats right.

Because 80-90% of fruits and vegetables is water, you only get the portion that has been fully liquefied.

Not unless you dont want to throw those leftover pulps away and opt to scoop them up into your mouth.

However, that will defeat the purpose of a blender and you might as well munch on those stalks and slices of fruits instead.

This is why today I have decided to come up with a complete Ninja blender guide for those of you who prefer to use a blender from this brand but dont know exactly which one to purchase.

I have saved you the hassle of going through all the models of this particular blender giant so you could just focus on getting your ingredients and whipping them up for a meal.

8 Best Ninja Blenders: Ninja Blender Reviews

Complete Ninja Blender Guide: Vegan eco kitchen blender smoothie

1. Nutri Ninja Blender

The latest technology added to the Nutri Ninja is the best deal for your money and heres why: it helps preserve nutrients, taste and texture of the blended drink long after you blend your ingredients.

The Nutri Ninja Blender now comes with FreshVac Technology, which vacuums out oxygen from the container to help in prolonging the shelf life of your smoothies.

I have researched on this feature in food storage wares before and I can say that this claim is indeed backed by science of food technology.

Apparently, the absence of oxygen helps preserve texture, taste and aroma of the food for longer period of time.

This means that you can have the same refreshing experience from your first drink until the next morning.

Aside from this technology, the Nutri Ninja also comes equipped with Auto-IQ functionality which does the thinking for you.

I mean, based on your blending preference, you may opt to blend together fruits, ice and other liquids into a super smooth texture, or you may choose to extract as much puree as possible out of tough, leafy and fibrous veggies or lentils.

Perhaps a point against its favor is the fact that you cant re-vacuum your smoothie.

The vacuuming part should be carried out while the food is blending.

I totally understand that because you only have to do it once and then store the smoothie in the fridge if youre planning to drink the same in the morning.

Overall, I recommend this blender for making single-serve drinks since it is double-duty at its capacityit easily makes you a glass or bowl of smoothie while also ensuring its freshness for an extended period of time.

2. Ninja Blender 1000

This model of blender from Ninja is packed with 1000 watts that makes it powerful enough to grind through ice and frozen fruits in just under 30 seconds.

Its capacity is noteworthy since we all went through that difficult phase where the blades of a previously-owned blender have given up working on hard ingredients.

This time, you have a partner-in-crime in Ninja Blender 1000 since it is a professional-grade blender that can whip up a batch of smoothies and frozen drinks in a single use.

I recommend this blender for families who are planning to make smoothies a regular item in their diet, or just whenever you intend to reserve a few more glasses for later consumption.

3. Ninja Professional Blender

If you have recipes that call for ice crushing, mixing and blending, this blender is right for you.

Although most blenders from this brand do have the same functionalities, it is important to note that this one gets the job done by simply allowing you to throw in whole foods and wait for seconds until they are pulverized according to your preferred consistency.

In other words, it is a worry-free experience when you use this professional blender.

It can even make healthy ice cream and sorbets efficiently.

I recommend this blender if you are pressed for time and still want to be in control of the texture of your blended beverages.

4. Ninja Ultima Blender

This blender lives up to its name. It is the ultimate when it comes to results and speeds.

For smoothies, I only require the blender to have functions that help control the consistency of the food.

As much as possible, I want them, well, smooth.

This calls for a blender that can crush even the hardest nuts and cut through the thickest pulps and fibers.

Ninja Ultima is a best choice for these demands.

Its Total Crushing Blades feature ensures that the ice gets crushed and blended well, while its High-Speed Cyclonic Blades guarantee that a silky consistency is achieved which is ideal for making smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Currently, it is the only blender on the market that has Dual Stage Blending feature.

I recommend this model if you want to achieve professional-grade results for your smoothies that are comparable to those fitness beverages that come in powder forms and only require adding water.

5. Ninja Fit Blender

Another plus for me when it comes to choosing the right smoothie blender is its portability and sleek design.

Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds in Ninja Fit model.

It is a single-serve blender that comes with 700 watts and Ninja Blades that help extract most of the nutrients out of the whole foods that you blend.

If youre worrying about missing your daily green smoothie fix, you dont have to make excuses anymore since this Fit blender also comes with two Nutri Ninja cups and lids so you can take your drink with you wherever you go.

This model of Ninja blender is also a space-saver, so I highly recommend this for individuals who have small cabinets or limited countertop space.

6. Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve

This variation of the Ninja Professional Blender series comes equipped with 1100 watts and up to 72 oz. capacity pitcher that can fill a batch of glasses in one blending.

This makes it perfect for a big group of family or friends enjoying the health benefits of drinking smoothies.

To help you stay satiated while away from home, this blender also includes two Nutri Ninja cups and lids that can contain 16 oz. of smoothie each.

This is ideal for those who also want to whip up personalized smoothie recipes aside from the one made for a batch; very useful for individuals who have special dietary needs.

7. Ninja IQ Blender

We will refer to this blender from the Nutri Ninja series as the BL482 model with Auto-IQ functionality.

But instead of the usual Nutri cups, it comes with Tritan cups, which are BPA-free plastic and are extremely durable.

The cup sizes vary to allow you to choose how much smoothie you are going to make and take with you outdoors.

Each also has its own spouted lid to prevent spillage even during drives. Speaking of which, you can place it in a drink holder of your car as well.

Still, the real deal here is the Auto-IQ, which decides for you the pattern of pulsing, blending and pausing recommended for your preferred smoothie consistency with a simple press of a button.

I recommend this blender for its ideal inclusions and of course, its intelligent feature.

8. Ninja Intellisense

If youre worried about making mistakes with interchangeable vessels for your Ninja blender system, this one is right for you.

As the name implies, the Intelli-Sense is an intuitive technology that allows you to change the program according to which container you have attached into the motor base.

The Smart Programs are set for three containers namely the Total Crushing Pitcher, Single-Serve Cup, and Precision Processor. They are intended for blending ice, smoothies and making dips and doughs, respectively.

I only recommend this model if you want to perform more meal prep duties using a single model of a blender; that is, aside from making smoothies.

Where to Get Ninja Blender Parts

Complete Ninja Blender Guide: ingredients to make smoothie, banana and blueberries with blender

I highly suggest that you inquire first at the store where you have previously bought the whole assembly so you can easily find a replacement that matches your model.

Otherwise, you may choose among online sellers such as Amazon, eBay and from which to obtain your spare parts.

Of course, you may also directly purchase from Ninja Kitchen, the official distributor of Ninja Blender parts.

You just have to make sure that the particular store is an authorized retailer of the brand so as not to invalidate the warranty on the products that have been bought.

You can get Ninja Blender Parts Here

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Complete Ninja Blender Guide


Investing in your health also means investing in quality tools that can help you achieve your health goals.

As with the case of making smoothies, you need a good blender that can deliver expected results at a price that suits your budget and preferences.

Choosing the right blender is an important decision because youll be using it every day to keep you and your family healthy. Investing in the right equipment can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. I really hope this post has helped you to narrow down which Ninja blender is right for you.


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