Froothie Evolve Review Cook Steam Blend

Im really excited to tell you about the Froothie Evolve. Its a new blender from the Froothie Group, but it is more than a blender, its the future of high-speed blending. It steams and cooks as well as being a super-powerful vacuum blender.

With the Froothie Evolve

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How is the Froothie Evolve different from other power blenders?

  • You can steam vegetables in the blender using the heating jug and the steaming basket.
  • You can make smooth or chunky soup in the heating jug, everything goes into the blender jug and the automatic programme does the rest.
  • Tempered Glass Jugs means no more plastic in contact with your blended food.
  • Vacuum Blending reduces oxidisation and blended mixtures do not separate or discolour.
  • Voice Activation makes choosing the right programme really easy.

Froothie Evolve Vacuum Blender

What is included with the Froothie Evolve?


Motor Power: Rated Power 1400W for blending. 900W for cooking. Maximum Blending Power 1800W.


Blade: 6 blade assembly in high-quality stainless steel


Heating Jug for all hot blending: 1.75l Tempered high boron glass jug. Use to heat to make smooth soup, Chunky Soup, baby food, sauce and steam.

Vacuum Jug for cold blending and vacuum blending: 1.8 l Vacuum tempered high born glass jug. Use the Vacuum to make smoothies with vacuum, Fruit & Veg with vacuum, sorbet, grind nuts and the clean function.

Steaming Basket

Stainless steel steaming basket for steam function.

DIY Function

Set heat from 30-100C, Time:4mins and speed from 1-9,H there is also a Pulse function.


2 jugs, 1 cleaning brush, tamper tool, soft spatula, measuring cup and steaming basket. You also receive an instruction manual and a recipe book.


Noise levels: 85 dBA

Dimensions (LxWxH) 410x200x475mm

Weight: Net weight 9.2 Kgs due to the 2 glass jugs and gross weight 11kgs

Colours: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, white

Menu Options

You will get a different menu of options depending on which jug you put on the base.

Bluetooth App

Froothie Evolve App Screen

The Bluetooth App allows you to set up the blender then activate from another room when you are ready to blend.

There are QR codes and full instructions for downloading the app for IOS and Android in the instruction manual. You can also download the app for the iPhone in the App Store.

Froothie Evolve Review

I tried out some of the new functions that come with the Froothie Evolve so I could tell you and show you how they work.

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Hey Froothie, make steam

I thought Id test the steam function first. I steamed one potato, cut into four pieces with the stainless steel steaming basket.

potatoes ready to steam

Cover the blades in the base of the heating jug with cold water. Place the potato pieces into the basket and place it into the jug.Close the lid.

Either press steam on the menu panel, on the app or say Hey Froothie, make steam

The blender started to heat the water, cooked for the time of the programme and the potatoes were perfectly cooked. You can use the manual instructions to change the temperature and time of steaming to suit different types of vegetables.

Hey Froothie, make my soup

It is so easy to make smooth soup in this blender. I decided to make one of my all-time favourite smooth soups, Easy Carrot and Tomato Soup

Carrots and Blender jug

I used half the quantities of my usual recipe and chopped the carrots a little bit smaller than I would when cooking in the pressure cooker.

It was so simple to put the chopped carrots, onion, a can tomatoes and a vegetable stock cube into the blender jug.

Top up the jug with boiled water from the kettle to cover the vegetables and about 25-30 cm more. I filled the jug up to the 1400 ml mark.

Press the menu button until you find smooth soup, then press on. You can also use the smooth soup and Start buttons on the Bluetooth App, or say Hey Froothie, make my soup

There is a lot of bubbling of the ingredients, then the Froothie Evolve blends the soup, cooks a bit more, blends a bit more and its all done in 30 minutes.

You can add some milk to this soup to make it even more creamy, as in the original recipe, or serve as it is.

A warming bowl of carrot and tomato soup made in the Froothie Evolve

Blend in the Froothie Evolve

You can blend in the Vacuum Jug without using the vacuum. Remove the vacuum insert from the lid and use the insert from the heating jug.

Banana Bread and Blender

I made another of my favourite blender recipes, Brilliant Blender Banana Bread to try out the DIY blending functions. There is no need to make any changes to the recipe this time.

Add the softened butter, sugar and two bananas, blend for 30 seconds.

All the ingredients for Brilliant Blender Banana Bread

Two eggs and half the dry ingredients go into the jug next. Blend for 20 seconds. Open up the lid and push down the sides with the spatula to make sure everything is evenly blended. Add the remaining dry ingredients and blend for another 20 seconds.

Making Banana Bread in blender

Remove the blender from the base unit and, use the spatula to gently mix in the raisins and whole slices of the third banana.

Pour the mixture into a loaf tin and bake according to the recipe instructions.

Brilliant Banana Bread made in the blender, it's so easy

The Blender Banana Bread came out perfectly. It was well mixed and rose well, the Froothie Evolve had no difficulty blending the ingredients, it was quick and efficient.

Vacuum Blending

Optimum Vac 2 Air Vacuum Power Blender Review and recipe for Pineapple, Carrot and Orange Juice

I have not yet tried the vacuum blending function on the Froothie Evolve, but you can read about the benefits of vacuum blending in my review of the Optimum Vac 2 Blender which I used to make this delicious Pineapple Carrot and Apple Juice.

Hey Froothie, Clean Blender

Brilliant Blender Banana Bread was the ideal recipe to test the cleaning function on the Vacuum Jug. The cake batter is thick and sticks to the sides fo the blender.

The cleaning cycle only takes 60 seconds and removed most of the sticky cake batter from the inside of the jug. I only needed to rinse the inside a couple of times and remove any batter on the edge and outside of the jug with a damp cloth.

Other Functions

You will see from the photo of the app, that there are also functions for making smoothies, baby food, nut butter, chunky soup, Fruit & Veg, sauce and sorbet.

There are recipes for these functions in the included recipe book.

Who is the Froothie Evolve for?

This is an ideal blender for someone who loves cooking and using kitchen equipment but perhaps doesnt have space for a steamer, a blender and a soup maker.

Its also ideal for people who simply enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. People who like healthy food made from scratch but are time poor and need to maximise the time spent in the kitchen.


  • The tempered glass jugs are really substantial and having tempered glass is both safer in use and also for health.
  • I really enjoyed using the voice activation which surprised me as I am not a fan of the voice activation on my phone or other items. This feature would also be useful for users who have a visual impairment.
  • The Froothie Evolve is easy to use and there is an option to suit everyone e.g. menu, on the base unit, voice activation, Bluetooth.
  • The cleaning function for the Vacuum Jug works well and is simple to activate.


  • The glass jugs are heavier to handle than plastic jugs, especially when full. This could be an issue for some users.
  • To use the leaning function for the Heating Jug, you cant use the voice activation. however, you can clean via the app or it by using the pulse function.
  • You place the jugs in the sink to wash or in the dishwasher as they have electrical connections in the base.

The Verdict

  • The Froothie Evolve is, like all Froothie blenders, a powerful and well-made blender.
  • The additional steam, cook and vacuum functions work well and reduce the need for additional equipment in the kitchen.
  • The soup and sauce making function is definitely something I will use. It is so simple and ideal for making a quick lunch with ingredients from your fridge and larder.
  • I love the look of the Froothie Evolve, it is chunky and it looks expensive and substantial. My review machine is a sleek and cool black, but the coloured blenders look really bright and cheerful. Theres bound to be one to suit your kitchen.

Blender Comparisons

You can read more about the Froothie Evolve and see how it compares to other power blenders on the Froothie website.

See the Froothie Evolve on TV

The Evolve can be seen live in action on the 20 November 2019, at 6 pm for 1 hour on Ideal World TV.

This is the ideal opportunity for you to see all the functions of this amazing multi-function blender.

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Froothie Evolvee Power Blender


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