How to Take an Ideal Photo of a Mirror. 19 People Who Stood up to the Challenge

If you have ever tried to sell a mirror online, you must know how difficult it is to take some good quality photos showing the item. Some people came up with some really ingenious ideas not to reveal themselves in the images. You will roll on the floor laughing!

#1 It’s all about the composition and you’re doomed for success

#2 It is rumoured that photos of interior and items with some pets in there help to sell the goods faster

#3 It hides the photographer, but won’t it be too scary for some of potential customers?

#4 I just wonder about the story behind the photo

#5 ‘Crouching mirror, hidden seller’

#6 Another candid photo

#7 When you want to sell a mirror, ask your family for help

#8 What can I say…

#9 ‘My sister wanted to buy a mirror online. She asked the seller to send some photos. I must say she wasn’t disappointed.’

#10 It took me a moment to find the mirror

#11 When you don’t know how to describe the size of the mirror, use a banana as reference

#12 When you are too shy to take a photo of the mirror

#12 You don’t want to be in the picture? Use a chair and a self-timer. Don’t forget to escape the shot

#13 How to photograph a mirror. Episode 1342

#14 This photo is bound to attract some buyers. The thing is what they would like to buy

#15 A crouching daughter, a lurking mother

#16 Almost invisible

#17 This is the photos of the shy sellers that I find the most amusing

#18 Stay casual while taking the photos

#19 ‘Just act natural.’

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