Old Navy’s cheap pants stacking sale, UNIQLO coats, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Old Navy: Extra 35% off (works on their chinos)

old navy Handful 11923

Old Navy a few different kinds of what most of us would look at and say: “that’s a pair of khakis/chinos.” And they’re pretty much all on double sale right now. Meaning they’re on sale, and then the extra 35% off at checkout cuts the price down to “okay now we’re talking” territory. Rotation = classic 98% cotton + 2% stretch chino fabric. Ultimate is one of their all time best sellers, with a bit more poly woven in. Tech is a cotton nylon blend, with double the stretch in the blend.


Brooks Brothers: Up to 70% off End of Season Sale

Brooks Brothers Handful 11923 10 box

A few more picks because while this sale has gotten plenty of run here on our particular corner of the interwebz, it’s still one of the better clearances going at present… although stock is starting to sell out in common sizes depending on the item/color you’re after. Do remember that free shipping doesn’t kick in until $200.


Timex: Extra 20% off Sale Items w/ EXTRA20

Timex Handful 11922

It’s not the biggest selection but the inclusion of the American Documents series is a bit of a surprise. Those are assembled in the USA from U.S. parts & materials, aside from the Swiss Quartz movement. Full review can be found here. Code EXTRA20 runs through Sunday night.


UNIQLO: Select coats are on sale

uniqlo Handful 11923

Boy howdy is it ever cold weather clearance season. RE that “chesterfield” topcoat… remember that they changed it from a standard 3 button front to 2-button this year. And while the fabric is super soft, it’s not that warm. Best for warmer climates that see some cooler (not cold) weather in the fall and winter.


J. Crew: Extra 60% off FINAL sale styles w/ SALETIME

J. Crew Handful 11923

Things are relatively quiet at J. Crew right now. Even their Final Sale section is pretty picked over. But a few diamonds in that rough seem to still be lurking about. No returns though. Final means final.


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