Spinach and Banana Pancakes

Vegetables for BREAKFAST!

Yes, that is correct. Vegetable. For. Breakfast.

Incorporating veggies as part of your meal and snack routine is a very important part in helping toddlers and children learn to like these foods.

Rather than pushing vegetables off until dinner time, I highly encourage you to look for opportunities to include them at both breakfast and snack times!

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Breakfast Time! Spinach & Banana Pancakes (recipe ) mango yogurt topped with @hannahfromcalifornia homemade strawberry chia jam (see her page for details) - Swipe over to see what Jax(2yo) ate! - *We start all meals with SMALLER PORTIONS however he is able to ask for MORE of ANYTHING we are eating at that particular meal- this reduces food waste and teaches intuitive eating. See portion size highlight for more information* Veggies for breakfast! Staring off the day with some iron rich pancakes mango and strawberry jam (vitamin c to help absorb the iron better), & the yogurt and chia seeds add healthy fats and protein! Thats a power packed breakfast For the adults, we add a little maple syrup to the top of these however Jax really hates anything sticky on his hands so I didnt add any to his and he didnt seem to care at all. Hes in a phase now where anything that touches his hands he instantly needs a napkin to wipe off I love how tidy he is but mama is tired of getting more napkins I never knew I would one day complain about having a toddler who is too tidy but thats Jax! He loves to wipe up spills in the kitchen, meticulously lines up his toys in perfect rows, and has more fun cleaning up his toys at the end of the day then he does playing with them all day and Im so glad hes my little guy So what do you think- Would you mr family try green pancakes? Let me know

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