Steal Alert: 50% off J. Crew Garment-Dyed Slub Tees and Polos

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J. Crew: 50% 55% off a small batch of stuff w/ 23HOURS

Sunday Update: They bumped this up to 55% off overnight with the new code 23HOURS. Prices below reflect the new extra cherry on top discount.

Anyone else feel like J. Crew saw their blood rival Banana Republic actually running a sale for once, and said to themselves:

“Quick! We gotta get something on OUR site!”

J Crew Steal Alert 31123

Plenty more colors on their site. Of which some are shared between the tees and polos. 

This 50% off select deal launched Friday afternoon. Which is… weird. And it’s a very limited selection, BUT! It’s a nice surprise to see their bestselling/fan favorite garment-dyed tees, as well as their garment dyed polos getting this half off deal. That’s rare. And it appears to be the full palette of colors. Not some leftover bits of the colors left at the end of a season and on clearance.

Fabric is a 100% cotton slub, so it has a bit of texture. Garment dye gives it that vintage look. Chest pocket keeps them from looking overly blank, even though the slub fabric really is visually interesting (but not odd) in person.

RE Fit: If you’re like me you may end up in-between sizes. Here’s what a large slim fit looks like next to a medium classic fit. Same 5’10″/190lb knucklehead, same garage door:

J Crew slub fit perspective duo 31123

Large Slim Fit  VS  Medium Classic Fit
shown on 5’10″/190
Note that these are from last year,
and the pale blue polo available now might not be quite the same shade.

NOT final sale. But returns through the mail/UPS will set you back a $7.50 pre-paid label, unless you can hoof it over to a brick and mortar location.

And to the particularly eagle-eyed J. Crew Fans: Yes their garment-dyed slub tees have gotten more expensive. MSRP this past autumn was $29.50. It’s now $36 for these slub garment dyed tees. Ouch. Polos have somehow stayed the same price though.

Outbound shipping is free for members of their “Passport” rewards program. Even if you get just one t-shirt, as long as you’re logged in, you should get free shipping at checkout.

Code ADDTOBAG 23HOURS ends Sunday 3/12.

Which is also when the Banana Republic Friends and Family sale happens to end.

Imagine that.

That’s all.

Carry on.

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