The Best Weed Grinders for a Perfect Burn Every Time

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A grinder, used in the kitchen or the living room, is a great way to break up herbs into a finer texture. As any cannabis user already knows, the best weed grinders shred cannabis into smaller particles so they can be smoked in a glass pipe, vape, or joint more easily. Pre-shredded weed is a thing, but we don’t recommend it because it can get stale quickly, often lacks flavor and doesn’t reward the satisfaction that comes with cranking a grinder from side to side until the consistency is satisfactory.

Not only do weed grinders make dried plant products easier to ingest, but they also increase the surface area and allow the flavors and quality of the herb to be experienced more fully. For instance, if someone were to use these products when preparing marijuana, the greater surface area would expose cannabinoids and terpenes to the heat more evenly.

One thing to note, dear reader, is the best weed grinders contain multiple chambers. For context for the round-up below, here are the weed grinder types worth knowing about:

  • 2-Piece Single Chamber Grinder: This is the cheapest kind of grinder out there, but it’s not the most effective. It has a basic design with no inner filters or chambers to sift the weed. This means that crystals and pieces of flower can get stuck to the sides and between the teeth.
  • 4-Piece 3 Chamber: This is the most common kind of grinder. The first chamber grinds up the herb, while the second holds the ground up bud. Finally, the bottom chamber collects those coveted crystals known as trichomes, or “kief”. To input your cannabis, open the first chamber with teeth.
  • Electric Grinder: While the price can be high on an electric grinder, also known as a spice grinder, the convenience is unparalleled. Especially for those with wrist issues or arthritis. A battery-powered or rechargeable one is best, but beware that you can’t preserve the trichomes as well as you can with a manual grinder that has a kief-catcher.
A silver weed grinder deconstructed on a table

With 21 states giving the green light to recreational legalization, we’re on the way toward the plant being federally legal. Now that cannabis isn’t as underground, this opportunity for de-stigmatization is giving way to some of the finest cannabis accessories out there. Below, you’ll find some of the best weed grinders of 2023, some of which we’ve personally tested ourselves.

What The Experts Say

We talked to a couple of experts in the field to find out just what makes a good weed grinder. Jessica Cadmus, a grinder pro and the founder of cannabis accessory brand Rogue Paq shares, “A lot of different factors determine what makes the perfect grinder. Firstly: think about what purpose you want it to serve. Do you want something suitable for travel? Do you smoke alone, or with friends? How you answer those questions will impact factors like the size of a grinder. For me, 50mm is right for travel and on the go. If you often have people over, 60mm or larger might be better.”

In terms of what to avoid, Cadmus pointed out red flags to avoid when it comes to material, construction, and design while shopping for weed grinders.

“I detest plastic grinders. They feel awful and don’t perform well because there’s a lot of friction involved and precious trichomes on the plant stick to them. The whole experience isn’t pleasant. My preference will always be metal due to durability, particularly anodized aluminum, which Rogue Paq grinders are,” said Cadmus.

“Stainless steel is also excellent but is a little heavier. Personally, I love a ceramic-coated grinder. Our big 60mm grinder has a food-grade ceramic coating. Cannabis is super sticky by nature and can get gummy, but a ceramic coating makes it much easier to clean.”

“After material, you’ll want to pay attention to tooth style, the threading and the way the diamond is machined. If teeth are precisely cut, the grinder isn’t grabbing or gripping the weed, it’s finely shredding it so that it gives way to a fluffy, consistent grind and makes for a more even draw when smoking. Threading is important because there’s a lot of twisting, so that movement needs to be smooth.”

Amanda Smith, CEO & Founder of Canna Style, also has quite a bit of experience when it comes to designing the best weed grinders in the industry and shares her two cents on just how many pieces a grinder needs to be. Cadmus prefers a four-piece grinder and Smith agrees since it allows you to catch kief. Kief, otherwise known as trichomes, are valuable plant materials packed with potency.”

Smith expands, “I would suggest consumers consider if they would prefer a 2-piece or 4-piece grinder. Most consumers prefer a 4-piece grinder which includes a kief catcher. 4-piece grinders have a built-in mesh screen that the fine kief particles of the plant fall through and collect at the bottom of the grinder. Kief is the most potent part of the plant and people love to let the kief build up and save it for a rainy day. If you prefer to smoke all of the plant as you go, then a 2-piece grinder is your best bet, and my personal favorite.”

After being asked what her favorite grinder is, it seems that ceramic is the newest trending material for the best weed grinders in 2023; Smith pointed me towards the Non-Stick Grinder by Canna Style which is made from aluminum and finished with a non-stick ceramic coating, similar to Rogue Paq’s offering.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Weed Grinders

Material: Metal and aluminum are ideal, but wood is also acceptable. While plastic grinders aren’t as durable, they do provide a more portable solution. Co-Founder/CEO of cannabis accessory brand Hemper shares, “A grinder’s material can range from metal to plastic – metal is more durable and long-lasting, whereas plastic is lighter.”

Teeth: Both the shape of the teeth and their quality is important. You’ll want sharp teeth shaped like a diamond, although there are some toothless grinders that use blades or another mechanism to grind. Grinders with too many teeth can cause clogging, but not enough teeth can reduce the fluffiness of your grind.

Size: Do you like to grind up multiple grams and pre-shred or roll a bunch of joints ahead of time? Or are you a light smoker who only likes to grind up right before you’re about to smoke? This will all impact the size you choose.

Budget: While you can certainly get plenty of decent grinders for $30.00 and under, investing a little more is a better idea, since a good grinder will last you years, whereas a shoddy one might clog and get dull teeth within months.

While you can cut up your plant material with scissors or use your hands to break it apart, a weed grinder is by far the most efficient (and effective) method. Here are the best weed grinders 2023 has to offer, in every category.

Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder


Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder

This grinder, available in a range of sizes, does its job with ease, grinding your buds into perfectly fluffy results. It’s made from 6061 aerospace aluminum, making it one of the most durable models that you can buy. Additionally, it features a built-in kief-catcher and a magnetic seal, ensuring that no bud is wasted – even when you’re on the go. This grinder has a capacity of up to 2 grams at a time, so while it’s ideal for everyday usage, you can’t pre-grind very large amounts.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


Sackville & Co. Signature Four-Tier Grinder

After receiving a sample of their Signature Grinder and hefty Gilded Grinder in silver, SPY Editors recommend the Signature as an all-purpose, lightweight grinder. The magnet has power, and our editors are in love with the luxurious, tiered design that makes a statement and makes it easier to grip separate compartments.

The teeth are perfectly machined for a sharp and smooth grind, while the kief compartment is larger than most personal grinders. The kief compartment is also subtly rounded, which prevents trichomes from sticking to the grinder. If you’re hosting a party or socializing with a large group, the behemoth Gilded Grinder is a weighty beauty. However, the Gilded is only a three-piece, which means no kief-catcher.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


Groove Ripster Electric Grinder

If the act of grinding is painful for your wrists or hands, consider an electric grinder. Just make sure not to over-grind your bud as it can compromise the quality. The Groove Ripster, made from high-quality stainless steel, is designed to provide high-speed consistency and hold a large amount of flower – ten times more than the average grinder to be exact. With a see-through viewing window and a removable power cord, this is one of the best weed grinders for anyone with joint or hand pain.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


Rogue Paq Ceramic SendNudes Grinder

After trying one of their metal 50mm grinders, I was sold on Rogue Paq’s impeccable threading and sharp grind, but over the months, I noticed it didn’t twist as easily. The solution? Their larger ceramic-coated grinder doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. Not only is this ceramic and aluminum beauty the best non-stick grinder you’ll ever use, but it also comes in a cheeky pin-up style print.

This grinder features a food-safe ceramic coating that prevents flowers from sticking to the grinder, hence reducing friction and the amount of stuck-on gunk between the diamond teeth. If you prefer a ceramic grinder without the NSFW print, check out this non-stick grinder from Canna Style, which has a more discreet look.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


DoNugz Kitchen Krusher

Unfortunately, most of the cheap grinders out there are made of plastic, and based on what our experts have said, that won’t do. If you don’t want to degrade the quality of your flower or your grinder it’s better to opt for a metal grinder like this Kitchen Krusher from DoNugz. At just over $10, it costs around the same as plastic grinders but offers superior quality and a kief catcher. Despite the herb tray being a little shallow, compared to pricier four-piece models, this is one of the best weed grinders when it comes to bang for your buck.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder

If you dread rolling joints or simply don’t know how to do it, consider an electric smart grinder like the Otto, which grinds up your herb before conveniently dispensing it into a cone. The result will be the perfect joint with no canoeing or air pockets. It even contains artificial intelligence that senses density and consistency to better mimic human grinding. It’s ideal for traveling when you don’t want the mess of rolling up, and for impressing friends who also don’t know how to roll joints.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


TIRIRS Crank Top Grinder

A hand crank grinder can be easier on the wrists and hands. Beyond helping with joint issues, this grinder also has a clear top to let you see the progress as you grind. This diamond in the rough on Amazon is available in black, silver, and blue, and comes complete with a pollen chamber and sifting screen. The rotating arm makes the grinding process totally effortless, and for the under $20 price tag this is one of the most affordable options that’s still a crowd-pleaser.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2023


Canna Style Plant Grinder

If you’re a plant lover or buying gifts for plant lovers that also enjoy cannabis, this grinder is a must. One of the best prints we’ve seen thus far, it has five different plant leaves (including the famous “Swiss Cheese” plant) adorning the outside, with a gorgeous green hue inside. While it is made from high-quality aluminum, the print is achieved through a paint application. Therefore, it’s crucial not to bang the grinder together to get flowers out since this may lead to paint chipping over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grinders

Where can I buy weed grinders?

The best weed grinders are available both online and in stores. You can head to your local dispensary, tobacco shop or headshop using the information we’ve provided above. Some convenience stores may also sell grinders, but many of them are made from plastic and other low-quality materials that can degrade over time.

How expensive are weed grinders?

You can find some plastic grinders for around $10, but based on the quality and how dull the teeth will get in a short time, we don’t recommend that. Instead, spend a little more on an aluminum or steel body that will last years without degrading in quality. Some weed grinders on Amazon (including our picks from above) are made from aluminum and are surprisingly budget-friendly.

What are weed grinders made of?

Weed grinders are made from various materials, including metal, wood and plastic. Experts do not recommend plastic grinders, and if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight yet durable, aluminum is your best bet.

Are bigger weed grinders better?

This will depend on how you consume cannabis. If you partake with lots of people or have a high tolerance, buying a grinder with a larger capacity is a better idea. If you smoke alone or with a small group and are frequently on the go, a smaller grinder is better. It’s worth noting that not all larger grinders have a kief-catching compartment.

Can’t I just use scissors instead of a weed grinder?

In short, yes, but you might end up ruining the weed and getting resin all over your scissors. Chopping with scissors can lead to a chunky grind and won’t yield the consistent, fluffy texture that a grinder will. Plus, you’re opening your cannabis up to contamination – think of all the places those kitchen scissors have been! Also, scissors steal all those valuable crystals that a kief-catcher can preserve.

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