The Homemaker Plans Her Week: Taking Back Bits of Time


In my home this week, I'm going to try and take back bits of time.  I've been so focused on the Little One and his current needs that I've let a lot go, especially while I healed from this cold thing, which has now transitioned into my spring allergies, joy.  At the same time, I'm trying hard to pick up my pace with the Little One.

Friday morning, he was talking about bananas and monkeys.  This is something that he talked about all week long.  We looked up organ grinders with dancing monkeys, a couple of videos about spider monkeys especially, and finally we looked at Banana trees so he could see how bananas grew and on what type of tree.  This kept his attention for about 15 minutes perhaps.  It was the same basic approach I used with Josh when I was homeschooling him during the pandemic.  He found it interesting and learned a good bit more than just the rote exercises set by the school.  

I've looked at online developmental milestone charts for three-year-olds and from what I can tell Little One is right in the middle of development.  He hasn't got all the skills yet, but I see many that he's practicing, a few that we'll work at developing and some that he excels at.  I recall Josh was about in the same place at the same age, and Isaac not far behind Josh.  This brought me a great deal of peace.  I've read all the suggestions regarding help I was given and looked at websites related to the possible issues and I can say sincerely that being very objective, I don't see the signs/symptoms that would be of concern.

What I do see is a little boy who is a typical 3-year-old and needs one on one attention just now while he learns to calm and soothe his own anxieties and emotions.  We're working on it.  In the meantime, we're seeing a growing confidence as he tackles small chores on his own like putting away his clothes, helping to set and clear the table, 



Last week, in spare moments, I managed to empty five pots of dead plants, pruned one rose bush and got the front porch blown off.  I also got the kitchen floor mopped.  I consider that a big week considering where I've been for most of January.  I'm telling you I really struggled through this post-holiday period this year.  I do mean that physically, not mentally.   Mentally I've been rot for months now but I've grown mighty tired of my mental attitude and that too will be worked on this week.

I really need to work on pantry and freezer inventories.  The plan is to go grocery shopping routinely from here on out and between sales and various stores, I think we can do a complete restock without spending a small fortune.  We've literally been living off the pantry now for the past six months and it's starting to show how deeply we've gone into it.  I have outages and near outages of items.  Time to get things back up to level but I can't do that until I have a full idea of what is needed.  I know what sales cycles I'm seeing just now, and I'll know which of those items I require will likely be going on sale and which I need to just go ahead and purchase a little at a time.

That is my big task this week.  I'm not going to set any other tasks.  I am keeping up with basic housekeeping routines and the house is holding up well enough.

I want to find more opportunities to 'teach' as interest is expressed in certain things.  And to choose one thing from the basic abilities list where I know Little One is not strong and begin to work with him on that skill.

And of course, Potty Training.  This week, I'll try to take him every hour.  Admittedly we're missing out on weekends just now because he's often with his mom and I don't interrupt that time.  She's a little less vigilant about the whole potty-training thing.  I'm convinced at some point he's going to be going routinely and will inform her or go by himself.

Grocery shopping.

Try to empty a few more pots and prune the other two rosebushes.


In the kitchen this week I hope to make a few items ahead for quick and easy breakfasts. I  put a few corncakes in the freezer for breakfast one morning this week.  I have bread cubes to make a breakfast casserole.  I want to make up a few muffins and put in the freezer, as well as a bigger batch of biscuits.  You get the idea.  I'm going to 'work ahead' so that mornings can be more about sipping my coffee than scrambling to make a meal immediately upon awakening.  My gift to me.

I also want to jot down a few lunchtime ideas, so I have a ready list to pull from if we don't have leftovers on hand.   

Just as an aside, lunch is the one meal I reserve for John and me alone.  I feed the Little One ahead of time and while he's in quiet time we have a quiet meal together, our only one of the day.  The other two meals are a series of jack-in-the-box moments where Little One gets down to get a napkin or a spoon rather than the fork he's been given, or to grab a toy, etc.  Supper is a family meal.


Pizza, salad.  We have to go out to pick up Fried Chicken this afternoon and I may suggest we pick up a pizza while we're out.  I'll make a salad here at home.  Need to buy Ranch Dressing since Big Sister will be here this weekend and she can't even imagine a salad without Ranch dressing.  She gets that from her Daddy, lol.

Gramma's Fried Chicken, Mac n Cheese, Beans and potatoes

Chef's Salad, Soup, Bread.  This meal pulled from last week's menu.  It's one John suggested, and we simply didn't get to it as we went through the week.

Kitchen Sink Soup, Cornbread.  Ditto

Cottage Pie, Fruit Salad, Applesauce Snack Cake

Hungarian Goulash, Egg Noodles, Creamed Baked Cabbage.  I'll use some of the cubed pork shoulder in this dish rather than beef as I'd typically do.

Fancy Pants Burgers, Mashed Potatoes, Green Peas


Wardrobe...Seriously need to do this.  I'm getting dressed but I lack the finishing touches and creativity I like to incorporate into outfits.  

Up my grooming game.  A little makeup daily.  Work on manicure and pedicure.  I've been watching some makeup tutorials and I'm ready to stretch myself a little bit with updated techniques.

Find a new hairstyle.  Honestly love my pixie cut but either I've got to go to a higher end salon to have it cut or I've got to find a better hairstyle to work with at the cut rate place.  Hair is looking pretty rough lately and all I want to do is 'fix' it.  I'm not a stylist by any stretch of the imagination.

Reading.  I started Mary Stewart's last book in the Crystal Cave trilogy, again.  I think I made it through the first three chapters when I laid it aside last.  I'd like to finish it this time.   I've also been going through the 125th Anniversary edition of Good Housekeeping Cookbook looking for inspiration.  

(C) Terri Cheney

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