Bear Messy Play Ideas for Kids

These bear messy play ideas are perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten kids any time of the year! Be sure to check out my BIG list of messy play ideas once you’re done here.

You’ll find art, crafts, sensory, and science activities for your next bear unit below. Each of the bear-themed ideas can get a little messy as the children are playing and learning. But that just makes it even more fun, right?

In fact, the messy bear activities allows your students to really use as many of their senses as possible. And that just adds to the playful learning!

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Yes, these ideas are messy. But don’t let that scare you too much. As we all know, young kids can make a mess pretty easily. So why not embrace how that adds to what they’re learning? Have a good clean-up plan, explain your expectations up front, and help guide the kids throughout all the messy fun.

Bear Messy Play Ideas

I’ve collected bear activities that explore a variety of early learning concepts. You’ll find some art and crafts, as well as science and sensory play ideas. Literacy skills will show up in many of the activities, as will math. All while the kids are exploring and playing.

Supplies for the Bear Activities

Here are some of the materials you might want on-hand for the bear messy play ideas (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

Of course, you can change up the items you use depending on your preferences and the kids’ interests and needs. I highly recommend taking a peek at your favorite messy bear activities first. See what materials they need and go from there.

12 Bear Messy Play Ideas

Click on the links (underlined, blue text) to read more about the individual ideas! I’ve included collages that show sneak peek images of each bear activity, too.

3 bear messy sensory play ideas
  • Don’t let the pompoms fool you! This bear messy play definitely belongs here.
4 bear messy play ideas for kids
  • Put together some bear soup for the kids and watch as they tell stories as they scoop and play.
  • A goopy bear hunt is just what the kids need after reading the classic book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.
5 bear messy art ideas for kids

Now, the question becomes which of these bear messy play ideas are you going to try first? Be sure to save this post for future reference. And check out my Bear Theme Pinterest board for even more bear activities for the kids.

Goldilocks & The Three Bears Lesson Plans

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Bear Books for Kids

I love to pair children’s books with activities! If you’re the same, here are a few books that pair well with all the fun bear messy play ideas:

Do you have any favorite books you like to read during a bear theme?

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