End Of Summer Picnic

 Both girls are back to school today!  They were very excited to be going back to in person finally and I can't wait to hear all about it when I pick them up but before school began we had our annual End of Summer Picnic.  This tradition started ten years ago right before Kayla began Kindergarten.  I can't believe how long we've been enjoying this simple and fun tradition.  The girls still enjoy it!  This year we packed a little snack type lunch and hung out on the blanket, playing cards, reading some classic back to school kid books that we've had forever and we laughed, A LOT!   These two crack themselves up and have so much fun together.   We were all laughing at their silly antics of trying to catch alphabet cookies in their mouths.  I love spending time with them and will miss them a lot this year. I've been so used to having them home with me all day, everyday it's going to feel a bit strange being apart but I'm so happy for them to back with their friends and in the classroom again!

They are such a joy to be with!

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