6 Whiskies to Try for International Irish Whiskey Day

In the spirit of Whiskies Around the World Series—We celebrate International Irish Whiskey Day with 6 must try Irish whiskies.


International Irish Whiskey Day is celebrated on March 3rd. Apparently the number three has some significance in Irish whiskey-making, for example there are three styles of Irish Whiskey: Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot Still, it must be matured at least three years, and it’s triple distilled.

Since it’s still wintertime, and all we want to do is feel cozy and toasty, warming up the Irish way will surely do the trick. There’s nothing like sipping a smooth Irish whiskey in the winter. Here’s a complete round-up of Irish whiskeys to savor and sip into spring.

Teelings Brazilian Edition

Ireland and Brazil? No, we aren’t talking about a World Cup match here, just Teelings’ new riveting 14-year-old single malt Irish whiskey, aged gracefully in Virgin Amburana Brazilian hardwood. The result is an alluring sweetness and spice that dances between exotic and classic flavors. Think cardamom, coconut, baked apple, and vanilla. Just sinful, like carrot cake (which is an actual tasting note on the website, might we add.)


Teelings Brazilian Edition



Good ole Jameson cannot be skipped in an Irish whiskey round-up. It’s one of the originals, a tried-and-true bar staple that will get you through the chilliest of days. Its bright sweetness makes it very approachable, a friend to even the most novice whiskey drinkers. With Jameson’s easygoing body and classic spicy finish, it is quite easy to sip by itself or added to an Irish coffee or a hot toddy.





The oldest licensed whiskey distillery unsurprisingly produces some mighty fine and reliable Irish whiskey (centuries of work pays off, right?) Your glass or bottle of Bushmills represents 400 years of history on the North Coast of Ireland. This whiskey’s classic bottling is fruity and floral, reminiscent of the bourbon and sherry casks it ages in. It has this unique sweet saline undertone, a nod to the whiskey’s coastal roots.

Say hello to the first Irish whiskey made with only rye. It’s a recipe carefully crafted for over 200 years, so one could imagine it must be near perfect with that level of dedication. Well, we can confirm that Powers whiskey tastes pretty darn good in this century. Between its Irish roots and its grains, this whiskey is – as you imagine – peppery. But, do not see this as overbearing – this whiskey has a fascinating balance of acidity and sweetness that compliments its spice. It has an alluring aroma of candied orange and toffee, with flavors of clove, honey, and a hint of smoke.




Easy breezy is the name of the Clonakilty Irish whiskey game. Their lineup of double oak, single grain, and port cask gives you a wide variety of whiskey to savor. Every bottle represents the company’s dedication to sustainability, from grain to bottle, tracking their carbon footprint. Sipping into sustainability is fantastic, especially when the journey is smooth. The double cask go-to is approachable with its exotic banana flavors and nutty, vanilla-laced finish. What is interesting – though – is Clonakilty’s usage of NEOC casks – ex-red wine barrels charred once more to finish aging their selection of whiskeys.


Irish Coffee Day Recipe

Keeper’s Heart

Can’t decide if you want Irish or American whiskey? With Keeper’s Heart, you kinda don’t have to. This whiskey distillery proudly blends Irish whiskey with American rye or even bourbon. It’s an impressive pursuit, yielding whiskeys with original character. If you opt for their Irish + American, you will get a dose of caramel spice perfect for a Manhattan. Otherwise, their Irish + Bourbon is an ode to a winter night, warming your soul like eating homemade pie by a fire. And, this guy will thrive dutifully in an old-fashioned.


keepers heart

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