Easy Halloween Snacks

Being from different culture where Halloween and Thanksgiving are not celebrated, I am little bit overly excited about this season. Now my son is old enough to understand holidays and seems pretty excited, which makes it more fun! As a parent of a toddler, I can say it is challenging to get your kids to eat healthy snacks during holiday parties. From now through the end of the year there is going to be candy and sweets galore. Which is great, but in moderation! As parents, we all try to incorporate healthy options yet still festive and fun at the same time! Even Halloween treats for school!

I will be sharing many healthy fun snack options for Halloween that you can make for your party or even send to school for Halloween treat. I made these at my Halloween party one week ago and turned out great!

Clementine pumpkins

They are so cute and pretty to eat! Most of the kids love oranges, so these were a hit! These are very quick to make. One clementine is a serving. Peel one clementine for each child and insert a small slice of celery or chives into the top to give it a look of a pumpkin.

Celery Caterpillar

These were so much fun and colorful to add on the plate! I wont lie but these are so easy to make, spooky and quite delicious! Cut celery into 3-4 inch pieces, spread almond or peanut butter onto each celery stick. Stick edible eyeballs on top and enjoy this fun treat!

Fruit Skewers

These are always easy and great way to add healthy option as a side along with other foods. Most of the people serve fruit skewers with caramel or chocolate or nut butter dip. You can get creative with your skewers and pick up fresh seasonal fruits. On the plate I have mango and blackberry skewers, because they are my sons favorite!

Banana ghosts

If you are making these, you definitely need to get a huge plate! These are most favorite in my household! Who doesn’t love chocolate and bananas? These are easy and perfect for an afternoon snack or even Halloween party! These are allergy friendly and can be eaten by all ages. Your kids also can help you make these. Cut bananas in half straight or zigzag, place flat side down on the plate. Add mini chocolate chips for eyes and regular size chocolate chip for mouth.

Apple bites

These are super fun and scary looking. It is great way to get some fruit and nuts into kids. I recommend sprinkle the apple slices with lemon juice to prevent them from browning prior making them. Two ways of making these…

Cut off the sides of an apple and cut them in half. Cut off the mouth in each apple quarter. Put 1 tsp of jam or nut butter inside & slice of strawberry to create a tongue. Place silvered almonds for the teeth. Take some nut butter and stick two edible eyeballs on top.

Cut the apples into slices, then cut them into smaller slices. Add tsp of almond butter or peanut butter on each slice and then put a row of mini marshmallows across one apple slice. Then sandwich them together. Press them firmly until they stick, and you have your teeth!

Mini pizza

Which kid doesn’t love pizza? These are fun and spooky! I love making them for quick last minute dinner or snack during work weekday nights. Black olives are perfect topping for these mini pizzas because you can make creepy black spiders with them! To make spiders – I simply sliced some large whole black olives in half lengthwise, this makes the body. Then thinly slice olives then halving them for the spider legs. I recommend placing the spider topping after the pizzas are baked.

You can make your own pizza dough, I have recipe here. However, if you are in time crunch, you can also use 1 can of Pillsbury grand jr biscuits. They are perfect for last minute pizza plans. Grease baking sheet and pat down biscuits into flat discs, spread pizza sauce on top. Sprinkle cheese on top or decorate thin cheese slices to make spiderweb. Bake at 375 F for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted or bottom crust is golden brown. Once done baking, decorate your toppings on top.


Along with homemade healthy snacks, its fun to add some store brought candy! Everyone should enjoy little in moderation! I hope you all make these halloween snacks for your kids, family and guest! If you then please don’t forget to share your feedback, I would love to see your pictures. Tag me on IG @Curryncornbread

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